Top 10 Best Skoda Cars in India with Price & Specification

Skoda India is all set for 2019 with several facelift car models and several whole new upcoming cars which can enhance their poor portfolio in the Indian car market. Without any doubt, Skoda has to face solid competition with other big players, but this time, they are sure enough with their upcoming products. Let’s explore, what Skoda bringing for new generation Indian car buyers in the year 2019.

#1 Skoda Octavia VRS Price: Around 18 lakh

Skoda is all set to introduce its Octavia vRS in India which is much better than the earlier generation Octavia vRS model. In the International market, this product is doing very well, but now their eyes are on the Indian market where they must need to prove. The new Skoda Octavia vRS may continue the European market engine in India, means India will get 2 L turbocharged 220PS petrol engine, while 184PS diesel engine. In the matter of interior, exterior, top speed and pick up, the new vRS Skoda Octavia sounds very confident and that will delight the young generation of India. Base price will be around 18 lakh for this upcoming Skoda sedan.

#2 Skoda Rapid Facelift Price: 8.50 lakh

It is confirmed that Skoda Rapid’s facelifted version is coming soon in India with several interior and exterior changes. To attract young buyers, Skoda India will launch a facelift Rapid car with a revised grille, bumper, and headlights. Also, they are bringing a new infotainment system and class upholstery. No change in engine, it will carry on with 1.6 L petrol and 1.5 L diesel engine. Adaptive cruise control, better safety features and several passengers and driver comfort-related features will be added to make it indeed facelift model. The estimated starting price of new Skoda India Rapid facelift will be 8.50 lakh.

#3 Skoda New Laura Facelift Price: 12.9 – 16.5 lakh

The updated model of Skoda Laura is coming soon in India to delight Skoda fans and plenty others new car buyers. New facelift Skoda Laura will come with the latest technology and latest features to perform well in the segment. In compare of the previous version, upcoming facelifted Laura car sounds much better with outstanding grille, stylish cabin, impressive dashboard, extremely comfortable seats, and 140bhp power engine. On the whole, the new Laura facelift is all set for a long journey and dynamic performance. Its expected price is 12 L for the base model.

#4 Skoda New Fabia Facelift Price: 7.5 lakhs

Skoda India is bringing Fabia hatchback with premium quality and several new features to join the current hatch trend. Previous Fabia model has been discontinued in India, but forget the old things. New Fabia Facelift is all set to join the hatchback segment of India with something trustworthy features and class of Skoda. It will come with new design language and will remain under 4m. In comparison to the older version, new Fabia will offer more interior space. The carmaker will not do any compromise in the matter of engine as they know there is a very tough competition is going on in Indian hatch market. In very few words, if you want to join a Skoda family, then this upcoming Fabia is just a perfect family car.

#5 Skoda Citigo Price: 4.0 Lakh

Compact yet roomy, Skoda Citigo is coming up in India. This car has won the award for the best city car and now it will delight Indian car buyers who are in search of the just perfect city car. This 5 door car will come with 1.0 MPI engine with 999 cc capacity. Car experts admire this upcoming car for its top class wheelbase, compact design, and sufficient interior space. Citigo’s extremely flexible engine will give remarkable power, speed, and quality driving experience. Not only in the city, but you will enjoy Skoda Citigo also on open roads as well as normal off-roads. The most expected price will be 7.5 Lakh for the base model.

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#6 Skoda VisionD Price: 10.0 Lakh

New pictures of the Skoda VisionD concept car are quite impressive and many people are waiting for its launch in India. New Skoda VisionD hatchback car will come with crisp lines, new grille, appealing headlights and foglights, long wheelbase design, admirable interior space, and unique rear profile. Design of this car is as per next-gen Skoda design language which will make it different than typical hatchbacks. Without any doubt, it is a good looker, wait for the driving test and then go ahead for your new car buying decision.

#7 Skoda Joyster Price: 6.0 Lakh

If you are in search of an affordable car which can give you and your family a class comfort and quality performance, then you should check out upcoming new Skoda Joyster car. It is also good in a matter of mileage. However, there is no official information for the new coming model, but as per car experts, it will shine in the Indian car market. 6 Lakh will be the base model price for Joyster Skoda. Ask your nearest Skoda Showroom in India for more information.

#8 Skoda Roomster Price: 16.0 Lakh


In the UK, Skoda Roomster mini MPV car is doing very well. Now, this Skoda car is coming up in India to delight many families. As per major car experts, this car offers a supermini driving experience. From outside, it sounds small, but inside in it is spacious. India coming Skoda Roomster will offer flexible cabin, awesome drivability, and all these with low running cost. Large boot and driving dynamics are plus point of this small MPV in compare of other small MPVs.

#9 Skoda MissionL Price: 8.0 Lakh

Skoda MissionL is a concept car and will come with sharp lines, 18-inch alloy wheels, winged arrow logo, awesome grille with chrome frame & vertical slats, appealing shaped headlamps & foglamps, and many other segments first features. New MissionL Skoda car will also offer a nice panoramic roof, illuminated textile upholstery, and admirable interior kinds of stuff. Get ready for its sporty expression.

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#10 Skoda Lauretta Price: 8.0 Lakh

Skoda is all set to present a just perfect mid-side sedan in India named Lauretta. This compact sedan will come in the Indian market in both petrol and diesel variants. As per current demand, Skoda India will not do any compromise in Interior and outside look as it is the matter for the young generation. 1.6 L engine will provide power to this compact sedan which can offer 105 bhp power. In very simple words, this upcoming Skoda car is a just perfect mixture of look and functionality, which you can’t say no.


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