5 Mistakes New Car Buyers Must Avoid

Man work so hard to earn all the necessities and the leisure in his life. He sweats out blood in order to fulfil all the needs and wants of his family. After a certain economic level, man thinks of focusing on some other leisure of life. Though nowadays most of the leisure has turned into a necessity and hold an important role in every body’s life.

One such luxury turned into necessity is having an own car. You need to own a car in order to fulfil your daily chores. Buying a new car is a decision that excites every member of the family. While some consider it as a status symbol the others find their comfort in it.  Whatever the motive be a new car makes every member of the family have a pleasured feeling.

However, it has been noticed that amidst of all this excitement the new car buyers often make some mistakes. These mistakes may happen because of the pressure to buy the best or may be due to the over-excitement of taking the prized possession home. The Car selling agencies take new car buyers as the prospective targets as they know that the new buyers lack in experience and confidence. And because of all the complexity, the car buyers become prey to them.

Here are 5 most common mistakes that the new car buyers do and how to avoid them:

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#1. It’s infatuation, not love:

While in your high-school you must have a crush on someone, however, later you must have realized that it was just an infatuation, not love. Same is the case with new cars. In between all those glittering new cars showcasing expensive and advanced features you may easily get attracted to any car.

We understand that you want to buy the most striking automobile but this doesn’t mean that you may buy the most expensive piece available. Rather we suggest you analyze your needs and the budget that you have set for your new car. You can always take your budget up by certain bucks but a drastic shift may cause you trouble for a long time.

#2. Take the second-hand route:

There is a general perseverance that the used cars are more money consuming as they may break down any moment. This is very much wrong as you never know why the other person wants to sell his car to you. It is not necessary that the owner is selling his car because it has a fault but maybe he has got a better option or his needs have changed and the old car does not fit in anymore.

It is always advised to consider the option of buying second-hand cars. The new car company may give you a warranty for years but you might save lots of money if you get a right deal of buying some used car. However, we recommend you to assess the used car very well before buying it.

#3. The inexperienced:

This is the most common mistakes made by the new car buyers. They go to the agency completely inexperienced which is why they are a soft target for them. You must take an experienced person with you who is able to make a mature decision and has some experience about car buying.

An experienced person may be able to see the things inside out and assess the reasons for buying the car more carefully. Car buying is for long time decision and you need to have tough discussions before making any decision.

#4. The web of the paperwork:

Usually, the new car buyers are in no hurry to take their chosen car home that they forget to pay attention to the most critical part of the purchase; the paperwork. When you buy a car you are asked to sign some odd numbers of pages which contain all the points about the deal. And in the excitement, the new buyer just takes it very lightly.

As a new buyer, you must always read the document carefully, understand it well and then sign it off. There are various taxes and additional hidden charges associated with the basic price of your car. You need to check them out and evaluate their applicability. If you think that the seller is falsifying something you may walk away at any moment.

#5. The credit game:

How bad is it that you wish to buy something so badly and you get to know that your pockets are out of money? This happens when you do not undergo a financial planning. It is very important to plan your financial strategy before buying yourself a new car. It has been noticed that the new car buyers ignore getting themselves a pre-approved loan and to check their credit eligibility.

 If you are a first-time car buyer and you do not have a car loan history the chances of you getting a car loan easily are a little tough. The loaning authority may ask you to keep some mortgage or a co-signing authority to be a witness of your purchase. It might be quite embarrassing to get the news about your financial ineligibility after finalizing the car you wish to buy.

It is always advised to check your financial history and credit eligibility with some lenders. Once approved you must buy your favourite model.

Does research play a vital role in deciding which is the best option for you in terms of price, durability, and other long-term benefits? If you have gone for buying a car and you feel trapped in any moment just walk away and buy on your own terms.  There are many companies that sell the same product with some of their additional terms and conditions. Just check the information about your chosen model and buy the best car for yourself.

Azher Memon is an auto blogger having a passion for cars. He is writing about the cars for 6 years and developed a skill which helps him to identify the best car among the option. Carwaar.in is his brainchild and dedicate attempt to provide nothing but best.

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