7 Types of Vehicle Number Plates in India

We live in a country where our roads are full of various types of vehicles. The things about these vehicles get more interesting when we spot different registration plates of a different color. Many people love to check these plates as a hobby but only an expert can spot the difference and the meaning of various colors on these plates. If you are someone with the same hobby or simply curious to know the reason behind these colorful registration plates then you have landed on the right place my friend

7 Types of Vehicle Number Plates in India

#1 Personal Vehicles Number Plates

If you own a vehicle then it is compulsory for you to go with a standard registration plate.  According to the code, you have to go with black lettering on a white background.  Right now the Road ministry has mentioned the size and type of lettering to be used for these vehicles. If you are not following the code then you can easily be caught and have to pay a fine. And the latest plate also ensures the security of the vehicle as they are loaded with the security features.

#2. Commercial vehicles Number Plates

You can easily spot the difference between a personal and commercial vehicle right by the color of their registration plates. The commercial vehicles, especially   Taxi, Autos, Trucks etc which are in service will have a Yellow background and black text on it.  These vehicles are very common in both village and cities and they also follow the code of the transport department.

#3. Self-driven Commercial vehicles Number Plates

These vehicles are really special as you can just pay the rent and you can drive it yourself all over the city or wherever you want to. Many services providers are available in this segment and these vehicles will have yellow lettering on a Black background which is just opposite to the color and text of the commercial vehicles. Try not to be confused.

#4. Embassy Nameplates Number Plates

India has diplomatic relations with a lot of countries and many embassies are located in the capital city, Delhi. To spot what an Embassy nameplate which is provided to the Ambassadors of different countries, you just need to check the color and it should be Blue and with white lettering. These vehicles are provided with these special plates to provide the Diplomatic immunity & Consular immunity to the Ambassadors.

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#5.  Military Vehicles Number Plates

The code is also applicable to Military vehicles too. The Military vehicles are designed only for the Army’s official use and the Registration plates have a Black plate with White numbers. The special thing about these plates is if the Vehicle is used for Military purposes then the number of these plates will begin with an arrow in an upward direction. The plate number will also be noted down with the arrow.

#6. Test vehicles Number Plates

If an automobile company is testing a Test vehicle on Indian roads then it also needs to follow a code. They can’t use a Yellow or White plate and hence they are allotted with a different color, Red.  If you can spot a vehicle with a Red plate then it is possible in the testing phase.

#7. A plate with The National Emblem Number Plates

If the National Emblem of India is spotted by you on a red plate then it means the vehicle belongs to President of India or the Governor of a state.  It is only The President of India and state governors who can travel in their official cars without having license plates.

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