Automobile Sector Giants want Change in Indian Auto sector

We can say confidently that India is the place where automobile industry has grown speedily. The growth happened here within a short time it is actually incomparable. And that is why big automobile manufacturers are targeting India for a good profit. One thing is also remarkable that not only overseas Companies but, India has its own car manufacturer business in native-like TATA. Here one thing we should not forget that the car market of India is Price sensitive. Means, the locality of India are calculative in terms of Big Purchase. Even in India, there is huge competition in Automobile sector. Most of the big car makers are launching their products in India. Even they are making their Production plant units in India, to complete the demand of Indian car buyers.

Car Makers airbags issue

Automobile manufacturers Issue

But despite above all positive aspects, from last some time the case has been changing due to some circumstances. For example the Diesel Fuelled ban issue in Delhi, the Capital of India. We can consider this issue as a big deal. Actually, the yearly consumption of Diesel Automobile is height in Delhi. So by this decision, it will directly effect on the Demand as well as Supply of Diesel cars.  Apart from this specific issue, the controversy of Airbags, Also effects. It increases the expenditure of Automobile makers. From last few years, the CNG fuel oriented Vehicle campaign also effects. The CNG fuel is reasonable in rate comparatively. And for car makers, the Kit the makes for CNG is a little bit expensive. So these all cases made a deep effect on the Car makers companies in India.


Now the thing is that big automobile giant is looking for a change in India. TATA, Fiat- Chrysler, Honda, Chevrolet, Renault etc. are searching for change in India. They also want the Policy changes.


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