Best Five Seater Car in India 2019 – (For Small and Medium Family)

The Indian market was not about cars for a very long time since the introduction of cars in India market. India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market today and when it comes to cars until a few years back India was not a big market for cars. However, since the past few there has been an increase in the sale of cars, as there is an improvement in the financial status of Indian people and more people could now afford a car today. Yet another important reason is that the condition Indian road has improved. Here are the list 5 best 5-seater cars available on the Indian market right now.

5. Mahindra XUV 300

The Mahindra XUV 300 is one of the best cars on the Indian market today; this car comes with attractive features that would stand second to no other cars on the market today at this price. The engine is designed to deliver a maximum power of up to 110 bhp at 5000 rpm.

The displacement capacity of the engine that XUV 300 comes with is 1197 cc. In addition to this, the engine is very powerful and it feels peppy at the lower as well as higher rpm. Talking about the transmission, you get a 6 speed manual transmission with the car. In terms of stopping power, the car can quickly come to a halt and you can also get the safety feature like ABS and Stability Control. In terms of the overall dimensions, the car has dimensions of 3995 x 1821 x 1627 mm. Lastly, the fuel tank of the car has a capacity of 42 litres. The price of the car starts at Rs 7.9 Lakhs and it goes all the way to Rs 11.99 Lakhs.

Price – INR 7.90 lakhs /- approx

4. Tata Harrier 

Tata Harrier is one of the best 5-seater cars available on the market today. A Tata new Kroytec 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine designed to deliver a torque up to 350 Nm. The engine incorporated into this car is coupled to a 6-speed gearbox.

The engine of Tata Harrier is 1956 cc in terms of displacements and it generates the power of 138 bhp. In addition to this, the harrier is available in 5 speed manual transmission. The dimension of this SUV is 4589 x 1894 x 1706 mm. Talking about the fuel tank, it can hold 50 litres of fuel as well. This modern-day SUV starts at the price of Rs 12.7 Lakhs and the top variant costs Rs 16.37 Lakhs.

Price – INR 13 lakhs /- approx

3. Hyundai Creta 

The Hyundai Creta is one of the most stylish cars available on the market right now. This car comes with attractive LED daytime running lights and headlamps placed lower on the bumper.

Create competes with all the compact SUV in the Indian market and this Compact SUV has an engine with the capacity of 1591 cc. In addition to this, the power output of the engine is 121.3 bhp. Creta, unlike XUV 300 and Harrier comes with a manual transmission as well as automatic transmission. The fuel capacity of the car is also higher as it can hold 55 litres of fuel. Lastly, the dimensions of the cars are 4270 x 1780 x 1665 mm. Hyundai Creta is priced at Rs 9.60 Lakhs for the base model and the top model is priced at Rs 15.64 Lakh

Price – INR 13 lakhs /- approx

2. Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon is one of the safest cars available on the Indian market today. When it comes to safety, Tata has a reputation for maintaining the highest standards that stand second to none. One of the notable things about this car is that it is all made in India.

This safest car in our list has an engine displacement of 1198 cc which delivers an output of 108.5 bhp. The car is available in the manual and automatic transmission and the car can hold the fuel up to 44 litres. In addition to this, the car is loaded with safety features so, you are not just buying a Compact SUV but when you buy Tata Nexon, you are buying one of the safest cars in India. Tata Nexon starts at Rs 6.46 lakhs and the top of the line variant is priced at Rs 10.86 Lakhs.

Price – INR 8 lakhs /- approx

1. Ford Ecosport 

If you are looking for a car that looks different from other 5-seater cars on the Indian market today, then Ford Ecosports is one of the best options for you. The car comes with a 1497 cc engine that could deliver 121.3 bhp power and excellent fuel efficiency.

Once again, this car also comes with options for the automatic and manual transmission and both are equally good. You can opt for automatic if you usually use your cars during peak hours. In addition to this, the fuel tank of the Ecosports can hold 52 litres of fuel. The dimensions of Ford Ecosports are 3998 x 1756 x 1647 mm. Ford Eco Sports can be yours at Rs 7.82 lakhs but for the top model, you will have to spend Rs 11.89 Lakhs.

Price – INR 9 lakhs /- approx

All the cars listed above come from the best brands and have features that stand second to none and could fit five passengers maximum.

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