Best Bike Under 40000 in India 2019 – Check Price & Review

Bikes offer students and young adults with cheap alternatives when it comes to transportation. The challenge lies in picking out a good bike that comes with all the advanced functionality that you would ever require. And of course, with most bikes retailing at Rs 30000 and above, finding top performing bikes under Rs 40000, was challenging to say the least. But we did exactly that, so do check out the top performing bikes listed here, and choose the right one.

Best Bike in Range of 40000 to 45000

#1 Hero HF Deluxe


The Hero HF Deluxe certainly comes with a bit of aggressive styling and manages to look elegant in the bargain. What makes this entry level bike is that it comes with all the requisite functionality that you would ever need in a bike. It comes with an integrated braking system now, which was part of its recent upgrade. The overall design is ergonomic and you can pay for additional perks if you require the same. As it is, the bike comes in 7 variants and 11 different colours. It comes with a 97.2 cc engine and comes with a mileage of 82.9kmpl.

The engine of Hero HF Deluxe is quite reliable and the bike also has a good resale value even after the long term usage. The top speed of the bike is around 85 Kmph and it doesn’t compromise on the comfort of the rider. You can get Hero HF Deluxe at a price of Rs 38,900 ex-showroom. As mentioned earlier, there are 7 variants available in this so the top-variant costs Rs 48,275. In addition to this, the 4-speed transmission of the bike is also very smooth even when you are riding in traffic.

#2 Bajaj CT 100


The Bajaj CT 100 boasts of being one of the most affordable bikes in the market and to an extent they are true. And if you are wondering if Bajaj can really deliver a highly functional bike at extremely affordable rates, then the answer is a yes. This bike was mostly designed for rural customers and comes with few frills and the overall basic design. That being said, it does offer you an easily affordable transport solution that you can put to good use. The bike has phenomenal acceleration.

It comes with a classic design, with the requisite headlamps, guard rails and the works. In addition, it also features a 99.3 CC single cylinder engine which cranks out power at 8.1 bhp as well as 8.05Nm of torque. The mileage offered by this bike is around 89 Kmpl. In addition to this, the bike is priced between Rs 32,384 and Rs 41,267. You can choose the variant as per the features that you wish to have in your bike.

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#3 TVS XL100


Being launched by the TVS group, one expected this bike to cater to the low-end market and to that end; it is just what the bike did. It came with the basic functionality, design without all the frills and caters exclusively to the budget market. It is powered by a 99.7CC four-stroke engine and quite effectively at that. It comes with a basic design and you can always add any perks or extra functionality to the bike later on. It comes with a power output of 4.1 bhp with a top speed of 60kmph.

The engine in this bike is actually air cooled and the four speed transmission helps in power delivery to the rear wheel with help of the chain drive. The bike is efficient and the starting price of the bike is Rs 35,198. The price may vary according to the model and hence you need to choose that as per your need. You can also check out different colours available in this bike.

#4 TVS Sport


If you were looking for a bike with a sporty look and yet one that falls within the affordable range, then this is that bike. The TVS Sport comes in three main variants with different colours, metal alloys and spokes in the wheels. It comes with the same design as before, as not much had changed in that regard. But what makes this bike stand out is its electric start, as well as its ease of use, and not to mention functionality.

It comes with two pod instrument cluster and features drum brakes for both the front and rear ends. It features a 99.7 cc engine, which comes with 7.4 bhp as well as 7.5 Nm torque. It also features a mileage of 95 Kmpl which is highest in the segment. You won’t get such a high mileage with any other bike in this segment at this price. The 4 speed transmission used in TVS Sports is smooth and it doesn’t trouble you in traffic. The ex-showroom price of TVS Sports starts at Rs 38,712 and it goes up to Rs 50,697.

#5 Avon E-Bike


The Avon E-Bike has got to be the least expensive bike in this category; this bike was recently launched and comes with a 220 W BLDC battery and comes with a maximum speed of 20 Kmph. What makes this bike all the more attractive is that it provides you with a comfortable way to travel and one that’s affordable as well.

You can charge your Avon bike for a couple of hours and then you can travel easily. In terms of per kilometre cost, Avon Bike stands to be the most efficient product on our list. Since the speed can’t exceed 20 Kmph, the drum brakes offered by the bike has good stopping power. The price of this electric bike is Rs 20,000. It should be noted that the bike can be fully charged in 4 to 8 hours and you can ride 40 Kms in one single charge. This can be used for your daily commute to the office if it is less than 20 Kms one side.

These are some of the top performing bikes under Rs 40000, where each bike is different from the other. Do check out all the bikes and select one that looks to be a good fit and one that matches your current requirement perfectly.

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