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Bikes are one of the major modes of India and according to several studies, as of today, India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market and consumer. This to be precise is one of the main reasons why we saw the presence of international brands on the Indian market.

However, when it comes to the trend Indian two-wheeler customers follow, the majority of customers prefers and considers purchasing two-wheelers that have better fuel efficiency, performance, style, and reasonable price. If you are an Indian citizen then you will understand what reasonable price in India means. However, based on the trend and factors here is the list of 5 best bikes available on the market with a price less than INR 80000.

1. Honda CB Unicorn 150cc Price – INR 74000 /- approx

Are you looking for a commuter motorcycle that looks stylish and at the same time fuel efficient, then Honda CB Unicorn 150 is one of the best options for you. The bike comes with a 150 cc engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox designed to navigate the Indian roads with utmost comfort.

With a powerful 150cc air-cooled engine capable enough to produce the power of [email protected], the Honda CB Unicorn 150 is a perfect buy for those who are looking for a powerful bike. With the top speed of 101km/h and efficient disc brake in the front and drum brake at the rear, you can completely keep the vehicle in control even at the higher speeds. The alloy wheels make the vehicle stable and offer great control. Telescopic suspension at the front and monoshock suspension at the rear makes it one of the most comfortable bikes in the range. With a brilliant fuel efficiency of 60kmpl, this is a brilliant choice for the youth.

2. Honda CB Unicorn 160 Price – INR 78000/- approx

Honda CB Unicorn 160 when it comes to the Indian market is a premium commuter bike that comes with a 163cc engine that delivers a maximum 14.7 bhp power. This bike comes in five different colour variants, even though, this bike has a 160cc engine that has reasonable fuel efficiency.

The Honda CB Unicorn 160 is loaded with brilliant specifications like a powerful 162cc engine that produces the power of [email protected] The unique air-cooling system keeps the engine cool even after a long run. The brilliantly designed 5-speed gearbox enables to user to achieve a high speed of 106km/h. The tubeless tires and alloy wheels make the bike more stable and the telescopic front suspension along with the spring loaded hydraulic type suspension in the rear make it a comfortable bike to ride.

3. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Price – INR 66000 /- approx


Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been on the Indian market for a very long time, however, since its initial launch has undergone several updates including the overall exterior design. This bike was always on the list of top fuel efficient and stylish bikes in India.

Bajaj Pulsar has been the first choice for many buyers who are looking for a tough, reliable bike for themselves from past many years, and the reason behind the popularity is the bike’s specification and trust on the brand. Pulsar is powered by a highly reliable 150cc engine that produces maximum power of [email protected] With efficient body design and powerful gear technology, the bike can easily reach the top speed of 110 km/h in a jiffy. And although the bike has a bigger engine, you won’t have to compromise with the fuel efficiency, Bajaj Pulsar 150 provides a fuel efficiency of 65kmpl in real life conditions. Moreover, the front disk and rear drum brakes, the bike is relatively easier to control the other bikes in the range.

4. Hero Glamour FI Price – INR 69000 /- approx

Hero Glamour FI could come with either a carburettor or FI fuel delivery system. This bike is stylish and comes with sharp looking lines on its exterior making it look unique. Hero Glamour FI is powered by a single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke engine.

With a fuel-efficient and reliable 125cc engine, Hero Glamour FI is one of the most innovative bike you can buy in this range. The engine produces the maximum power of [email protected] which is a great figure for the bike in this range. The alloy wheels and telescopic suspension for the front and hydraulic shock absorption for the rear provides great comfort to rider even in the worst road conditions. You can easily achieve the maximum speed of 97km/h from the bike and brilliant fuel efficiency of 72kmpl makes it a great buy for the buyers who love to travel on a bike.

5. Yamaha Saluto Price – INR 61000 /- approx

Yamaha Saluto is a premium commuter bike from Yamaha that comes with a 125 cc engine designed to deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 78 kmpl and could deliver a maximum power of 8.2 bhp.

Equipped with a performance-oriented 125cc engine, the Yamaha Saluto is a perfect buy for the buyers looking for a blend of power and performance. The engine is capable enough to deliver the maximum power of [email protected] and the efficiently designed 4-speed gearbox makes the bike to reach the highest speed of 110km/h in no time. For the comfort, Yamaha Saluto has telescopic suspension in the front and swing arm suspension in the rear.

All the bikes listed above comes from brands that have strong roots on the Indian market and this, in turn, helps the brands to manufacture bikes that suit India road and traffic conditions. You can consider purchasing any one of the bikes listed above and you will not regret it.

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