Best Car for Taxi in India 2019 for Business Purpose

India from the beginning had a great demand for taxis and cabs; however, even today the demand is consistent. The only thing that has changed is the number of car models available on the market. Nissan, Hyundai, Maruti etc are few of the top players that manufacture and market cars that are best suitable for using a cab or taxi.

Cars For Taxi ( Ola & Uber Cab ) in India

Nowadays Ola and Uber Taxi Services have taken India by a storm. In India, these App-based Taxi Services are present almost in every major city. There are many different models of 2019 cars that you can purchase specifically for driving on Ola or Uber in Taxi Service. As a result, a lot of young professionals have now taken to driving an Ola or an Uber part-time for extra money. Here is the New 2019 list of 8 best cars available on the Indian market that could be used as a taxi or cab.

#8.Hyundai Eon – Price – INR 3.5 lakhs /- 

Hyundai Eon was launched to compete the Maruti’s legendary model Alto 800, Alto K10, and Chevrolet Spark. However, this model is comparatively better looking and suitable to be used as a taxi or cab in India.

Eon is loaded with an 814cc engine, which makes it not the most powerful car in the market but is great for buyers looking for fuel efficiency. With an amazing efficiency of 21.1kmpl and a great design, Hyundai Eon is the best option to travel a longer distance. The vehicle is capable of producing the max power of [email protected] For travelling the highways, the vehicle has 5-speed gearbox that can help the buyers to easily reach the top speed of 135km/h.

Fuel Option: Petrol / External CNG

#7 Hyundai Elite i20 Price – INR 5.5 lakhs/-

Hyundai Elite i20 unlike most of the cars on the market today come with an excellent sporty look. This car comes at a reasonable price and comes with an engine that could deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 18 liters. One of the notable things about this car is that the engine is designed to deliver a maximum power of 82 bhp and luxurious riding comfort.

The i20 is equipped with a 1197cc engine that is efficient enough to be used as a daily driver and produces the power of [email protected] that is enough for the car of this size. Moreover, the 285-liter boot space also makes it a great companion to travel places. With a decent fuel efficiency of 18kmpl, the i20 elite would be an ideal buy for you.

Fuel Option: Petrol, Diesel  / External CNG

#6.Maruti Suzuki Dzire Price – INR 6.5 lakhs /-

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire after the facelift in 2018 comes with excellent looks and is one of the best-recommended cars that could be used as a taxi or cab. This car has recently replaced the Alto as one of the highest selling cars available on the market today.

Apart from having a reliable brand value, Maruti Suzuki Dzire also has a powerful 1197 cc engine that makes it a powerful companion ([email protected]) for travelling a longer distance. With a boot space of 378 liter, Dzire is one of the best options to go for travelling with family. With a fuel efficiency of 22kmpl and a top speed of 140km/h, this is an ideal buy for travellers.

Fuel Option: Petrol, Diesel & CNG

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#5. Hyundai Xcent Price – INR 6.4 lakhs /-

Hyundai Xcent unlike most of the cars out there comes with comparatively large boot space and an attractive exterior looks.  This car comes specially designed for delivering fuel efficiency and withstanding cruel terrains.

Hyundai Xcent houses a powerful 1.2 liter engine capable to produce the power of [email protected] Also, the bigger boot of 407 liter and the comfortable size of the vehicle makes it a great option for the Indian travellers. You can except the fuel efficiency of 20.14kmpl from Xcent, and with efficient 5-speed gearbox and smoother ride quality, you can easily push the speedometer to the mark of 172km/h.

#4.Honda Amaze Price – INR 5.9 lakhs /-


The Honda Amaze is one of the best-recommended car or taxi cars available on the market today. This car not only comes in a diesel and petrol variants that offer excellent fuel efficiency combined with reasonable power delivering an engine.

Honda Amaze is another brilliant 1200cc vehicle that is smooth (5-speed gearbox) and efficient (20kmpl) specifications. With a brilliantly designed body and aerodynamics, the vehicle can easily reach the top speed of 140km/h. Another great thing about the Honda Amaze is its ample boot space of 420 liters.

#3.Toyota Etios Diesel  Price – INR 8.1 lakhs /-

Toyota Etios has been on the market for a long time, this car has been used as a cab or as a taxi by most of the top cab service providers in India today. The car has larger boot space and at the same time comes with 1364 cc engine.

Unlike the other cars in the list, the Toyota Etios is equipped with a 1364cc engine that produces [email protected] which clearly make it a winner in terms of power. However, Etios also score pretty well in the other fields like fuel efficiency (23.5kmpl), top speed(170km/h) and gearbox efficiency.

#2.Tata Tiago Price – INR 4.3 lakhs /-

Tata over the last few years gained a reputation for manufacturing top safest cars on the Indian market. The Tata Tiago is supposed to receive a facelift by March 2019; however, the car comes with excellent mileage and is designed to navigate through rough and tough terrain with ease.

Tata Tiago is another 1200cc beast that is perfect to travel a longer distance. With a lighter body and efficient aerodynamics, the vehicle can easily reach the top speed of 140km/h with the help of easy to use a 5-speed gearbox. The efficient (17kmpl) and powerful engine ([email protected]) makes it a great buy for the travellers.

#1.Nissan Sunny  Price – INR 7 lakhs /-


Nissan Sunny is one of the best cars that could be used as a taxi or cab available on the Indian market today. This car comes with a taxi or cab like the look and comes with a powerful engine that could deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 17 kilometres per liter of petrol.

Powered by a 1.5 liter engine, Nissan Sunny has an adequately powerful engine that is capable to produce the power of [email protected] Also, for the buyers looking for efficiency, the vehicle can be expected to achieve the fuel efficiency of 17kmpl. With a top speed of 175km/h and brilliantly designed 5speed gearbox, this is a great buy for the travellers who want to travel in comfort.

All the cars listed above are the most fuel-efficient car that could be navigated through rough terrain with ease. However, remember all the cars listed above are not specially designed for use as a cab or taxi.

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