5 Cars for Doctors – Choose Among Sedan, Hatchback & Compact SUV

There are cars which basically suits the profession of the people. A lot of people consider this as a myth but we would say that it is true. For example, a civil engineer would want a rough SUV which can be taken on rough terrain while he is working on a project. So, in such a case, the 4×4 would remain to be a perfect choice. If you talk about a journalist, then it would be the same choice for them as well.

Similarly, there are some cars which meet the need of doctors as well. These cars are basically based on some of the criteria. For example, a doctor would want his car to be quick and at the same time, it should be easy to park as well. While doctors do take care of the life of other people, the car should also provide protection to the doctors. In addition to this, the car should be low on maintenance as the busy schedule of doctors do not let them take time off for visiting the service center Considering all these factors, we came up with a list of 5 best cars for Doctors in India. If you are a medical professional and if you are planning to purchase the car then check out this article before you make the final choice.

List of Best Cars for Doctors in India

#1 Honda City – Diesel Version with Automatic Variant

For the people who are looking for comfort and reliability, Honda City proves to be the perfect car. The car had been around for decades and it is now loaded with the features as well. It is quite a luxurious ride and the car is spacious as well. Now, the Honda City is also available in Diesel Version with an automatic variant which is certainly something that people wish for. If you are still looking for something better then you can opt for Honda Civic which is expected to be launched in the coming months.

As you might know, Honda City comes fitted with the reliable CVT gearbox and the car is capable of offering a mileage of anything between 17 Kmpl to 25 Kmpl. The company has also introduced the diesel variants for Honda City and there are 5 colour options available for the car. The price of Honda city is between Rs 8.77 Lakh and Rs 14.05 Lakh which sounds like a fair deal.

#2 Maruti Suzuki Swift – Diesel, Automatic as well as the Petrol Variant


Next on our list is Maruti Suzuki Swift. The facelift version Swift is a treat to eyes and again, there is no compromise on quality as well. The car is known for reliability because of the brand associated with it. The diesel, as well as the Petrol variant of Swift, are tried and tested in Indian markets. It is a perfect car for doctors and it is also very easy to park your Swift even in crowded streets. You can choose between the manual and the automatic transmission as well.

This popular car from Maruti Suzuki also comes in Diesel and Petrol version. Both the engine options come with a manual as well as automatic transmission. In addition to this, you get to choose the car from the 6 colour options available. Talking about the mileage, the new generation Swift offers a mileage between 22 Kmpl and 28 Kmpl which is quite fuel efficient. The price of Maruti Suzuki Swift starts at Rs 4.99 Lakh and the top variant costs Rs 8.85 Lakh.

#3 Maruti Suzuki Baleno – Top Selling Hatchback

If you do not like Maruti Suzuki Swift and if you want something flashier then you can also opt for Maruti Suzuki Baleno. This new model has launched a couple of years ago with a totally new design. The new Baleno was not a sedan anymore but it was a hatchback. It is a top selling car which is available in 11 different variants. The interiors are very posh and you will fall in love with the car easily.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is also available in Petrol and Diesel variant. Once again, you can choose the transmission type as well. We would recommend you to opt for Automatic Transmission as that can help you in the city traffic. The car comes in 6 colour option. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is quite fuel efficient as it is capable of offering a mileage of 21 Kmpl to 27 Kmpl. Lastly, the base variant of the Baleno starts at Rs 5.46 Lakh and the top variant costs Rs 8.77 Lakh.

#4 Tata Nexon – Safest Car in India

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable ride then your search should stop here. Tata Nexon is undoubtedly the safest car in India and with the batch of Tata, it also becomes reliable. The car got a 5-star rating from Global NCAP during the crash test. The car is loaded with features you will be surprised to know that there is a choice of 22 variants in the car.

With Tata Nexon, you also get 8 speaker sound system from Harman. This is the best music system that you can get in this segment. You can choose from 6 colours in Tata Nexon. Talking about the engine, this is also available in Petrol and Diesel with the option of an automatic and manual transmission. This compact SUV can offer a mileage of 17 Kmpl to 21 Kmpl and lastly, you can get this car for a starting price of Rs 6.36 Lakh. The maximum price of Tata Nexon is Rs 10.80 Lakh.

#5 Mahindra XUV300 – With Great Features

On number one we have a new entrant and this is XUV300 from Mahindra. It is the younger brother of XUV 300 and it makes its presence felt on Indian roads. The car comes with petrol as well diesel engine but the downside is the absence of Automatic transmission. There are a total of 10 variants available for Mahindra XUV 300 and all of them are loaded with features as well as safety tech.

Mahinda XUV 300 is also available in petrol and diesel option and we are hoping that the company also launches an automatic variant soon. As of now, you can choose the manual variant of the car which offers a mileage of 17 Kmpl to 20 Kmpl. There are 7 colour options for Mahindra XUV 300 and the car is priced between Rs 7.90 lakh to Rs 12.14 lakh.

These are some of the best cars available in India which are suited for medical professionals. You can check out more information about these cars and choose the ones which suit your need.

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