Top 5 Best Cars with Sunroof in India You Can Buy Under 10 Lakh

When it comes to purchasing a car, it is important that you do all the required research as in determining the right car dealership to approach and to find out how other customers had rated them. This should provide you with a good indication as to how ‘good’ they are; the next part is where you go over the various choices that are currently available. These days, cars come in all shapes and sizes and the same holds true for any dealership. You can go in for the budget cars that come with zero frills as well as the premium end which comes with all the extra features. So if you want to purchase a car with a sunroof, then you may want to check out our collection of some of the top performing cars, with sunroof in India.

Top Cars with Sunroof In India – Sedan & Automatic Cars

#5 Hyundai Creta


The Hyundai Creta is an SUV which has just gotten a new upgrade; as an SUV, it is the perfect family car and has more than the required space you need for your family with extra storage space. The car comes with several trims as well as the recently introduced SX (O) Executive trim which offers you ventilated seats and other premium perks that you can look forward to. What makes this car stand out is its body line, its design and colour patterns and the fact that the car’s panels contour around the body frame perfectly, make it stand out for the right reasons. The car comes with a refurbished interior, along with ventilated seats, digital instrument control within easy access as well as a sunroof that you can use. The model also comes with upgraded software such as safety notifications, speed alert system, rear parking sensors and more.

The car comes outfitted with differing engines for the trims, the two options in terms of displacement are 1396 cc and 1591 cc. The mileage offered by the car remains between 15.29 Kmpl to 21.38 Kmpl. This basically depends on the version that you purchase. Also, the car has an eco-coating for the HVAC system. You get Petrol as well as Diesel model in Creta in automatic as well as manual version. Lastly, the price of the car starts at Rs 9.6 Lakhs and it goes up to Rs 15.65 Lakhs. You can opt for the variant you like as per the features you need.

#4 Jeep Compass


If you thought that all SUVs epitomize that “complete box look”, you may want to do a rethink after viewing the Jeep Compass. As the SUV is one of the top selling categories for the Indian auto industry, it seems that consumers prefer their SUV’s without the bulky look. And that’s why the Jeep compass, ever since its last upgrade looks svelte and elegant, with smooth body lines where the side panels contour gracefully around the frame. The Jeep Compass comes with softer hues, a design that stands out for the right reasons, a great looking sunroof and a front fascia that makes a good impression.  The wheels look a tad smaller this time around which results in the car looking muscular when you take it in from the sides. The Compass still maintains the same interior with digital instruments in a cluster within easy reach and with enough head and leg room to make you comfy.

The petrol engine of Jeep Compass comes with a 1368 cc capacity and the Diesel engine has a capacity of 1956 cc. In addition to this, the peak power generated by the diesel engine is 173 ps. The car looks really aggressive and it is one of the best selling cars from Jeep. The car is also available in Petrol and Diesel variant with both manual and automatic transmission. The mileage of Jeep Compass is between 14.1 Kmpl to 17.1 Kmpl. There are 7 variants available for the Jeep and the base variant starts at a price of Rs 15.45 Lakh whereas the top variant starts at a price of Rs 22.96 Lakh.

#3 Hyundai Verna


The Hyundai Verna is a midsized sedan which seems to have bucked the trend with a nearly complete makeover last year. Since then, it has certainly gone from strength to strength, with more than 20,000 units being delivered to customers. If you are in the market for a sedan with advanced functionality, then this is the one that you need to take a closer look at. The car comes with all the state of technology that you need, with the digital instrument cluster, infotainment system with touch screen, power windows, ventilated seats and much more. The car certainly seems to come with all the works, and do note, that the features between different trims can vary, since one may contain more user-centric features. The car also comes with cruise control, sunroof, as well as 1.6-litre petrol and a diesel engine which come with a power output of 90 PS as well as 219.66 Nm of Torque.

Apart from the 1.6-litre engine that we have talked about, the car is also available in the 1.4-litre engine. The 1.5 litres one is the diesel engine whereas the other one is the petrol engine. The power varies with the engine but the good part is that you get options for automatic and manual transmission. The mileage of Verna is claimed to be between 16.66 Kmpl to 24.75 Kmpl. Talking about the price, it starts at Rs 8.08 Lakhs and it goes all the way up till Rs 14.04 Lakh. Hyundai Verna is available in 7 different colours.

#2 Honda City


Honda City is fast turning out to be one of the most popular brands; what’s more, it had recently undergone a facelift over the last two years and looks all the better for it. The Honda City comes with more than a few changes over its previous variant; it still comes with the same trims but with better fuel efficiency with its mileage rating at 17.4 Kmpl. The car comes with a bolder front fascia, with the retuned front grille, with bolder accents to the same and as a result, it manages to stand out for the right reason. It also comes with all LED headlights, DRLs, state of the art fog lamps, and a sleek chrome bar has been added to the grille in the front. The car is also outfitted with 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines with a power output of 117 PS as well as 145 Nm torque.

Honda City also comes with petrol and diesel engine but both the engine has the same displacement capacity of 1498 cc. In addition to this, the car is available in the automatic and manual variant. It must also be noted that Honda City can give you a mileage between 17.4 Kmpl to 25.6 Kmpl. This is a good number considering the feature you are getting. Finally, talking about the price, the Honda city starts at Rs 9.91 Lakh and it goes up to Rs 14.29 lakh.

#1 Mahindra XUV300

The 2019 Mahindra XUV300 had just been rolled out with the latest upgrade; this SUV has already managed to cause quite a hype mainly on account of the popularity of its earlier variants. The new SUV does not disappoint; it should provide you with adequate storage space and is quite spacious on the interior. It also comes with retuned front fascia with the front grille getting a little bolder, and with chrome accents. It certainly manages to stand out and to add to the mix, you have the LED headlights, fog lamps for the premium trims, and a larger wheelbase this time around. The body panels come with a dual colour tone which makes the SUV stand out for the right reasons. The car is also outfitted with three cylinders 1.2-liter petrol engine as well as 1.5 liters four-cylinder diesel engine; it comes with a power output of 115 PS with 300 Nm of torque.

Mahindra XUV 300 is available only in manual transmission but the transmission is quite smooth. The car is loaded with features and this compact SUV from Mahindra starts at a price of Rs 7.9 Lakhs. The top model goes up to Rs 11.99 Lakhs.

These are some of the best cars that come loaded with a sunroof. A sunroof is often an indication that the car in question is an SUV but other types including sedans have started incorporating the same. If you are still all set to purchase a car with a sunroof, then do check out the various cars and choose one that’s the right fit.

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