Best Mileage Scooty in India 2019

When it comes to the Indian two-wheeler market, especially scooters – most of the users are more focused on speed, mileage, fuel efficiency than anything else. In fact, the first thing that you are bound to inquire any salesman at a dealership is about the mileage.

List of Best Mileage Scooty (Scooter) in India

So if you looking to purchase a scooter with the best mileage available, then you should know that there are more than a few choices available. Do check out our collection of some of the best mileage Scooty in India for 2019.

5. Okinawa Ridge

OKINAWA RIDGE is an electric scooter and truth be told, it is also one of the few electric scooters to stand out for the right reasons. It certainly looks similar to Honda Dio, at least the smaller version of the same. This scooter, comes with a sharp front apron with LED headlight, with turn indicators neatly ensconced by wrap around, clear lens compartment. The paint quality and the overall finish is impressive and it comes in various shades, so you can choose one for your scooter. It also comes with a top speed of 60 KMPH and comes with a mileage of 90 Kmpl

This electric scooter comes with a steel chassis which is very strong in terms of structural integrity. In addition to this, the wheels are 10 inches in size. Apart from the Okinawa Ridge has 60 V 24 Ah VRLA battery. The cost of the standard variant of Okinawa Ridge is Rs 42,400. There is not much of difference between riding an electric scooter and a regular scooty. The only difference that you would probably notice is that the electric scooter is much quieter. This electric scooty is available in 4 colours.

4. TVS  Wego

The TVS WEGO is what is usually termed as an entry level scooter, at 110 CC and yet it comes with some fantastic mileage at 70 Kmpl. The TVS Wego comes with a more updated design with sleek lines, with a tall and lean look as well as metal body panels that make it weigh less and therefore easier to operate. This is one of the reasons as to why this brand is more popular among the younger generation. It comes with a well-balanced body frame with high rigidity, with a wheelbase of 1275mm.

The Wego also comes with a 109.7CC engine, which can crank up 8bhp as well as 8Nm of torque. The top speed of this scooty is 84 Kmph and the ride quality is also quite stable. You can choose from 9 different colours in TVS Wego and that is what makes it really awesome and funky looking. You get two variants in Wego, one comes with the standard disc brakes which are tagged at Rs 53,448 and the second one comes with Disc brakes which are tagged at Rs 54,469.

3. Yamaha Fascino

The Yamaha Fascino certainly looks great; it comes with unique styling elements such as its headlamp, grabs rails as well as interesting colour choices. The model is certainly eye-catching with its unique look and appearance. It also comes with swooping lines, wide seats, as well as lightweight metal panels on the side, with chrome detailing. The overall effect is impressive, to say the least, and it also happens to be lightweight as well which makes it easier to operate this scooter. The model comes with 113 CC engine with an engine output of 7 bhp and 8 Nm of torque. It also comes with 130 mm drum brakes for both the front and rear wheels.

The best part about Yamaha Fascino is the 21 liter space under the seat. That makes it possible to store a bag as well as helmet under the seat. In addition to this, the mileage offered by Yamaha Fascino is 66 Kmpl. You get an option to choose from 7 different colours while you are purchasing Yamaha Fascino. Talking about the price, Yamaha Fascino is priced at Rs 56,682.

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2. Suzuki Access 125

The SUZUKI ACCESS 125 is tiny, compact and comes with advanced functionality; the front fascia of this scooter gets revamped with a sharper front apron with a more refined headlamp as well as integrated LED turn indicators. It now sports a rectangular headlamp with chrome bezel; the overall look is indeed stunning and coupled with the smooth body lines and the neat rear end, and its LED taillight, it certainly looks impressive. What’s interesting is that exhaust muffler comes with a chrome cap, which looks much better this time around.

It also comes with a 124 CC, air cooled single cylinder engine that comes with a power output of 10.2Nm of torque as well as 8.5bhp. Apart from this, Access 125 has a CVT gearbox and CVT gearbox are known for their reliability. Also, the mileage of the Access 125 is around 64 Kmpl. You get 8 colour options in Suzuki Access 125 and the base variant with drum brakes starts at Rs 57,647. The variant with CBS and Drum brakes is priced at Rs 58,337 and the variant with Disc Brakes and CBS is tagged at Rs 61,996.

1. Suzuki Let’s

SUZUKI LET’S comes with an impressive design that is unlike most other scooters; it comes with fine body lines, sharper front apron, and the overall look is both trendy and stylish. The scooter comes with bold colours, trendy graphic designs, with a sleek circular headlamp, as well as a stylish tail lamp.

It comes with 112.8 CC single cylinder engine which comes with a power output of 8.2bhp and a peak torque output of 8.8Nm. It also comes with a mileage of 63kmpl. Talking about the colour options, you can get Suzuki LET’S in 3 colours and all the options are dual shades. There is just one variant available in Suzuki LET’s and this variant costs Rs 50,908.s

These are some of the scooters that provide you with the best mileage among all the rest. So if you are looking for scooters with some of the best mileage, do check out the various scooters listed above. You can then select one based on your current performance.

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