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We’re witnessing the most escalating increment in automobiles, with new automobile industries emerging and the production of new vehicles which was estimated at 77.7 million units produced worldwide in the last year 2017. The need for road safety education is ever increasing and the automobile industries are working on cutting-edge technology to make their cars safer than ever. The Automobile industry has grown exponentially since the groundbreaking innovation of the first road car, so has the technology and safety tools used in automobiles. Here are some of the major advancements in vehicle safety technology.

Collision Avoidance System:

Collision avoidance system is a warning and emergency braking system used in modern-day automobiles to avoid the severity of a collision. This system uses radar, laser and a camera to detect an impending crash and either warn the drivers or acts autonomously by braking and/or steering the car. This system is very effective and the 99% of American car manufacturers have agreed to make this system a mandatory safety feature in all vehicles produced by 2022.

Electronic Stability Control:

Electronic Stability control is a computerized vehicle safety technology that minimizes the loss of control over the vehicle caused by the deprivation of traction. This computerized technology works by identifying the risk of losing traction and going into a skid and then applying the brakes on individual wheels. Electronic Stability Control is essential especially for high-performance cars as they have a higher tendency to understeer or oversteer. The ESC is efficiently safe and can avoid the risk of crash accidents caused by loss of control in events such as evasive emergency swerves, wet or slippery roads and ice. This system works on both wet and dry surfaces.

Driver Drowsiness Detection:

This car safety technology is amazing. We all have experienced drowsiness while driving at some point in life. The driver dozing off while driving the vehicle is a major cause of road accidents around the world. This technology uses Vehicle Safety Technologies such as Steering Pattern Monitoring, Lane Monitoring, and Driver Eye/Face Monitoring to detect the driving behavior and alert (by means of buzzer or a vibration in the driver’s seat) or advice (by a beep or graphics signal) the driver to take a break and rest. This technology is used by companies such as Audi, BMW, Bosch, Citroen, Ford and Mazda to name a few.

Wearable Safety for Bikers:

Safety for bikes is an issue that is getting less attention from the manufacturers. Motorcycle clothing is a major part of vehicle safety for bikes, such as leather jackets, protective gear suits, riding boots and gloves. Some companies have developed a riding suit that deploys airbags like the Misano 1000 and a suit that deploys a parachute-like Moto-Parachute safety gear. Motorcycle jackets for women can also be found at markets and online on stores such as Some companies have tried the road safety by means of innovative illuminating wearable.

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