Big Differences between Auto Giant Models Tata Hexa and Tata Aria

Tata Hexa is about to launch in the market, and the vehicles are delivered to the showroom dealers too. The main news that is coming up is of the Tata Hexa being the dressed model of Tata Aria. However, the Tata Hexa model by the automakers carries the endless list of premium vehicle features as it has been introduced in the market as an SUV vehicle. Therefore, here are some of the big differences between the Tata Hexa and the Tata Aria.

Tata Hexa Vs Tata Aria – Design of the Cars

Big Differences between Auto Giant Models Tata Hexa and Tata Aria

As Tata Aria was not able to satisfy the Indian customers completely, so from the van Tata Hexa was developed into a crossover. The sheet metal of the Hexa has been developed into a newer form, and its shut-line is moved a little higher as compared to Aria. The engine of the Hexa is slightly powerful than the Tata Aria. The brick-like units in Hexa replaced the slender tail lamps, and it has 19-inch wheels that complete the designer base.

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Tata Hexa And Tata Aria Comparison – Watch out the Interiors

Tata Hexa gives away the great feeling to the driver and passengers as soon as they step inside the vehicle. The chunky trunk in Tata Hexa has replaced the cluttered stack in Aria.  Moreover, it has a Harman 5” touch screen infotainment system. Other stunning features include the 10 speakers JBL audio system, six airbags, graceful lighting, and terrain system. On the other hand, though Aria was spacious but passengers were not able to get their own space in the second row.

Compare Tata Hexa With Tata Aria – Check out the Gearbox and Engine

The customers will be happy with the new variants that are offered in Hexa like the XT, XM, XTA, XMA and XT 4X4 variants will have updated version of the engine, i.e. 400Nm and 156 PS. Even with the added torque, it has been paired with 6-speed manual transmission instead of the previous 5-speed unit. The Hexa also provides the automatic transmission so customers are looking forward to Hexa.

Tata Hexa And Tata Aria – Compare Safety Features

While Tata Aria also had sufficient safety features, but Tata Hexa has gone through one-step further in providing tech-related safety features. It includes six airbags, electronic brake force, hill ascent, and descent control system, etc. Best adds more to its safety a new-generation ESP has been installed with corner stability control and traction control.

Lastly, it can be seen that Tata has improved the Aria, and the Hexa model is going to provide tough competition as it has features of MPV and SUV.



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