Car Dealers are Happy in This Season

The monsoon rains in most parts of the country continue. This way, the government and the various industry-related businesses people are happy, but the nation’s car companies have not fully been terminated.

Car Dealers are happy in this season

Indeed, in July, the last month has seen a remarkable increase in domestic sales of cars.Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, Mahindra, Renault’s car sales have plenty up.Now, companies feel that good monsoon will yield better.More people buy cars and two-wheelers in the rural market.Another significant monsoon excited because the car companies, the Seventh Pay Commission that government employees get salary increases.

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Car Dealers are Happy in This Year’s Season

According to the order of the central government increased the first instalment of arrears of salary is to be given to employees in August.This effect on car sales is expected to fall.Many companies offer employees better by giving them the option to easily car sales have started to freak out.In July, the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki has sold 125 778 cars.

Car Dealers are happy in india

Launched by the company during the last year’s Cross and Brezza in maintaining the momentum of the most help.The Ertiga sales are increasing. Maruti’s small cars are known for.But its small car sales have declined by seven per cent. This figure of sales in July 2015, nearly 14 per cent more.The company has never sold so many cars in a month.

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