Car Steering Mobile Holder India

When you are driving your complete focus must be on the driving because it may lead to you to danger. But suppose at that time, you have to pick up an emergency call and you don’t have enough patience to park the car on side and then receive that call, then it is really advisable to you to purchase a Car Steering Wheel Mobile Holder instrument. Such instrument will help you not only to answer the call but for using GPS system it will be helpful to you. Here we are presenting Best Three Car Steering Wheel Mobile Holder devices which are in good demand.

Best Car Steering Mobile Holder India

#1. Universal Car Steering Wheel / Bike Handlebar Clip Mount Holder

Universal Car Steering Wheel or Bike Handlebar Clip Mount Holder Stand Cradle

Now you can guarantee yourself by relaxed driving because of this device in all way. The primary body of this is produced using the flexible elastic band, the measure of the portable holding bands are movable. There is no need any extra instruments to utilize it. We can consider this system as a multi-useful Steering wheel mobile phone holder as it is. The weight and heaviness of this thing are around 82 gms. Measurements are 5 by 7.3 by 3 cm. The red shading is great in appearance. Cost is around 100/ – .

Compatible for Apple iPhone 5 5S 5C 4S 4, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Cell Phone, Mobiles, Smartphone, Android Phone, PDA, MP4, MP4, GPS, PAD

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#2. Mobile gear Car Steering Mobile Holder

Mobilegear Car Steering Mobile Holder

This device is holding your mobile gently; you can install this instrument on the steering wheel of your car. The diameter size of the tube is around 3cm to 4cm.the with of the appropriate mobile phone is advisable for 54mm to 75mm. This device is strong and trusty. No other tools are required to make use of this device. You can easily apply and remove this instrument for you steering wheel.  The weight of this item is around 82 gms. Dimensions are respectably 6 by 5 by 3 cm.  The red colour is good in appearance. Price is around 100/-.

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#3. SDO™ Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Socket Holder

Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Socket Holder

With the price range of 145/-, you can assure yourself by comfort driving.  The main body of this is made from the elastic rubber band, the size of the mobile holding bands are adjustable. There is no need to have any additional tools to use it (Apart from Mobile). We can consider this mechanism as a multi-functional car steering wheel universal phone holder. About the flexibility, the maximum openings of the bands are 76 mm, 5.5 inches mobile phones are easily set in it. There is no risk in the usage of it, this device is made for the steering wheel.  There are five colour options are available in it, Blue, red, black, pink and yellow.

Compatible for Apple iPhone 6 6S Plus 5C 5S / iPhone 4 4S /Samsung Galaxy Xiaomi Lenovo Huawei Coolpad Zenfone LeTV Micromax YU and suits all Smatphones, Mobile phones upto5 inches

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