Best Cars with 6 & 7 Airbags in India 2019

Accidents are a common sight on Indian roads and there are various reasons for that but the good part is that the cars are becoming safer. No, we aren’t just talking about luxury cars but we are talking about budget cars as well. For example, Tata Nexon is one of the safest cars on Indian roads and it is not expensive either. There are many such examples of the safest cars in India. In addition to this, the government has also made it mandatory for the car makers to include features like ABS and Air Bags in the cars.

Airbag works like a balloon when there is a crash. It quickly expands and protects you by cushioning your body. The airbag also increases the time of collision which basically reduces the impact of collision for you. Most of the automakers are offering features like Air Bags, ABS and Electronic Stability Control as standard but there are some automakers who had it optional. In any case, it is better to have safety features in the car as few thousands can save your life in a critical crash.

You might be glad to know that there are many Indian Budget cars that offer more than 6 airbags. If you are planning to buy a new car and if safety is your prime concerned then you must go through this list to find out about the Indian Cars with the most number of Airbags. So, here is the list of cars with most Airbags in India.

Top 5 Cars with Most Airbags in India

#5 Ford Aspire – 6 Airbags

Our list begins with Ford Aspire which is quite a reliable car. Ford Aspire has proven itself in the market over and over again. With a large customer base and a good service network, Ford Aspire becomes one of the best choices in terms of security as well. The car is available with 6 airbags in total and the ex-showroom price of Form Aspire lies between Rs 5.55 Lakh to Rs 8.70 Lakh.

Ford Aspire is available not just in Petrol and Diesel but also in CNG Variant. In addition to this, you can get the option of choosing between the manual and automatic transmissions. The automatic transmission is surely more comfortable to drive in the city. The mileage offered varies with the variant and you can get anywhere between 16 Kmpl to 26 Kmpl. lastly, there are 7 colour options available in Ford Aspire.

#4 Ford Eco Sports – 6 Airbags

On number 4, we have another car from Ford and this time, it’s Ford Eco Sport. Eco Sports was one of the first compact SUV launched in India and it changed the dynamics of the Indian market. The car became an instant hit. Recently, the 2019 model was launched for Ford Eco Sports and there are many facelifts in this car. In addition to this, you can also find a lot of variants of Ford Eco Sports. As per the information available, the car houses a total of 6 airbags and the price of Ford Eco Sports is between Rs 7.82 Lakhs to Rs 11.82 Lakhs.

You get Petrol and Diesel option in Ford Eco Sports and you both the engines are available in manual as well as automatic transmission. The mileage claimed by Ford for Ecosports lies between 14 Kmpl and 23 Kmpl. In addition to this, there are 7 colour options available in Ford Eco Sports as well.

#3 Hyundai i20 Active – 6 Airbags

We don’t need to talk about Hyundai i20 much because the car itself speaks about the popularity. Hyundai i20 is another Indian car which is loaded with the features and it is also one of the safest cars in India. The car is also very powerful when it comes to power output. With a 1400cc engine, the beast roars on Indian Roads. Hyundai i20 comes with a total of 6 airbags and the price varies between Rs 7.71 Lakhs and Rs 9.91 Lakhs. It is another option that you can consider.

Hyundai i20 is also available in Petrol and Diesel variant but there is no option for an automatic transmission in this car. The car is available in 7 different colours including the dual tone colours.  The mileage that Hyundai i20 Active offers is between 17 Kmpl and 21 Kmpl.

#2 Mahindra XUV300 – 7 Airbags

This is a new entry in Indian markets and the car was launched recently. This is the compact version of XUV 500. Mahindra has a proven track record in SUV Market and this is another model launched by the company to conquer the compact SUV Market. As per the information available, XUV 300 has a maximum of 7 Airbags and the price of this compact SUV lies between Rs 7.90 Lakhs and Rs 12.14 Lakhs. You can choose the variants as per the features and requirements.

There are many variants available in Mahindra XUV300 but the engine offered is the standard Petrol and Diesel engine. The car comes only with a manual transmission. It is believed that Mahindra will soon launch the Automatic version of the car as well. Just like other cars, this also has 7 colour options and the mileage claimed by Mahindra stays between 17 Kmpl to 20 Kmpl.

#1 Toyota Yaris – 7 Airbags

On number 1, we have Toyota Yaris and this car really changed the dynamics of the Indian market. There are many features which were offered by this car at a very affordable price. From ventilated seats to straight backspace, a lot of new features were added to the segment by Toyota. The company had also been quite concerned about the safety of Indians as the company offers 7 airbags with Toyota. The car is priced between Rs 9.29 Lakhs and Rs 14.07 Lakhs.

Toyota launched Yaris only in Petrol version but the good part is that you get automatic as well as a manual transmission with Toyota Yaris. In addition to this, you can choose from 6 colours available if you plan to purchase a Toyota Yaris. Lastly, the mileage offered by Toyota Yaris is around 17 Kmpl.

These are the best Indian cars with a maximum number of Airbags. So, in this list, we had all the budget cars which are below Rs 10 Lakhs. There are many options available as you go up in the price. The maximum number of airbags offered are 9 and 6 has become more like a standard security feature.

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