Chevrolet Adra Price in India, Interior, Specs, Colors & Mileage

In the era of Indian compact SUVs, Chevrolet presents its Adra Concept SUV which is a nice blend of style and performance. If you are in search of below 10 Lakh SUV, then you should not miss the upcoming Adra Chevrolet car which is the forthcoming alternative of many typical compact SUVs. The most expected Adra India price is 7.5 Lakh.

Chevrolet Adra India

Chevrolet Adra Specification

For growing and digital India, a bold car companion is coming soon, named Chevrolet Adra with high tech specifications and nextgen features to meet faster growing compact SUV car segment of India. General Motors India first time going with whole Indian car design, made ready in Chevrolet’s own Bangalore design studio, technical and engineering centre. Chevrolet Adra Concept was revealed in 2014 and currently, the car is in the production house and very soon hit the Indian tracks with its all-new look and smart specifications. More specifications of new Chevy Adra will come out if the car is represented at Delhi Auto Expo.

New  India compact crossover Adra will come with simple idea but phenomenal product to provide ideal Indian road solutions to give you feeling of solidness and car attitude. Check out some specifications of new Adra Chevy first India concept compact SUV car by General Motors. It will come with likely 1.3 or 1.2 litre SD diesel and 1.5 litre petrol engine to give India solid performance with good mileage in its type. The length of this car will be around 4m, can’t say about tax saving in India. It looks tiny and tall, will come with higher ground clearance, enhanced boxy profile, and high visibility.

Hard and smart work are only options for General Motors to get good success in the Indian car industry, in last five years they were very down and this car is company’s new hope and it is exclusively designed keeping Indian youth and next generation in mind. The carmaker is well aware with mini SUV India segment’s cutthroat competition, so they will give definitely something worth in the segment to make their place steady and to reach some good sale numbers.

Chevrolet Adra Features

Check India’s upcoming first Chevy own designed concept compact SUV car, Chevrolet Adra features to make next generation of India happy with new square styling and SUV stance.  it will join the Indian terrains with a new confidence that smart generation car needs these days to tackle city streets and off-road as well. Simple India based concept is this car’s key features, and this Adra concept will help General Motors India to overcome in the hot Indian car industry. Very few features of new Chevrolet Adra had been revealed in 2014 and from then there are many accurate, likely and rumour type talks running about this car and some choosy people are excitingly waiting for this upcoming  Indian compact crossover car.

In Delhi  Auto Expo, India is expecting to watch Adra’s production version for nation and more features about engine, interior, exterior, mileage, ground clearance, boot capacity space, expert reviews, Australian and Brazilian Adra reviews, latest Chevy Adra pictures, on-road prices, ex-showroom prices, CSD prices, Adra dealership locations, showrooms, and many more things which matters the new car taste of New India Generation for what this car is coming soon exactly. As per experts, General Motors India is focusing in Adra for top speed, great pickup, and enhanced handling with powerful road gripping to give tough competition to current mini SUVs, really in demand in the fastgrowing compact SUV segment.       

Brand new Chevrolet Adra 17 is not only a great looker, but it will also prove itself in performance. Another attractive feature of this car is its distinct look, never seen in Chevy’s range, but India will enjoy it in upcoming days as a new styling. As more features will come, this online platform will update you for it.     

  • Distinct dual port front Grille
  • 7 inch Chevrolet MyLink system  
  • Body colour front & rear bumper
  • Chrome Door Handles
  • Auto Climate Control
  • ABS & EBD for better safety
  • 2 airbags
  • Smart parking sensor
  • Advanced suspension
  • Leather Upholstery (Seats), Drive height adjustable seat
  • Enhanced Instrument Cluster and many more features to enjoy each ride.

Chevrolet Adra Release Date

Tiny but powerful SUV from Chevy is all set to run on typical and advanced Indian roads in or early. No exact release date is declared by General Motors India, but there is a chance to unveil India launch date of Adra in  Delhi Auto Expo. General Motors does well in many countries, but its magic is not working in India properly and car maker knows it very well and that’s why they are bringing India design concept compact SUV Adra to get good grip on Indian car industry because it is one of the world’s largest car marketplace which can’t be ignored if company want to grow in upcoming days.

India Chevrolet Motors wants that India will explore the next generation car features in own style, Indian style and they will offer all their words in upcoming new Chevy Adra 17 compact sport utility vehicle. If you have own business and not working great or average, no need to tell you, you do worry and trying your best to improve by solving the mistakes or with brand new efforts. Herein, the same thing is about the Chevrolet India cars. This car company’s brand new product Adra is their new efforts and hope and they are doing their best to bring it in the Indian market as early as possible to catch the hotness of compact crossover segment.

Nothing is permanent, even the trend may change by the time, but people never forget some good products, and new effort will be Chevy to offer something forever type with new styling and stance.  or early will be a little bit delay, but better late than never, and if the product is noteworthy it can change the game without any doubt. Take a look at new Adra pictures, specifications, and features, you will realise its new mini SUV stance and solidness. Get ready for the new Chevrolet Adra, book a driving test today!

Chevrolet Adra Color

India has become a new hub of beautiful, luxurious, and sporty cars. Chevrolet is going to join this marketplace by its upcoming pixel perfect new Adra, will be available in beautiful colours to meet various lifestyles where a car play a vital role. With nice shades, this concept compact SUV car’s entry is expected in or early in India and. Youth-friendly new generation Chevy Adra is currently in production house with own Indian design and concept to make it more personal. Adra car colours will leave a lasting impression on the mind and soul. Have you ever think about a yellow car? Who says yellow not impress, Adra will change this mentality.

The most expected new Chevrolet Adra compact SUV car colours will be pearl white, metallic yellow, metallic blue, light green, dark black, and orange. General Motors India will try to provide a smart range of shades for new Adra as this product is very important for the company’s Indian Chevy Portfolio. Most common and India’s favourite car colour white will be available for new Adra, while some eye-catching sports type shades will also join the party to justify its advanced boxy profile. Its solid look and stance will match major shades and it is the plus point of this Chevy car and India will enjoy various shades of Adra very soon.

New Generation Looker Adra Chevy car is just perfect in a matter of colours and company sounds confident about the amazing engine, quality interior, and high position seating to enjoy vintage point with new stance. Can’t skip this tiny & tall compact SUV, wait few months otherwise you will feel regret. New Chevy Adra is coming soon to make your family happy and stylish in a matter of car!

Chevrolet Adra Review

Chevrolet India’s compact concept SUV car new upcoming Adra has earned a good reputation and reviews before its launch due to its squarish profile and India based design. As an honest car buying guide and online car information provider Indian platform, we would like to provide you with some Indian car lovers’ comments and Adra car expert reviews, first look reviews, test drive reviews and later on user reviews after the launch to help others to buy a right car. In 2014 its first look was happened in Auto Expo, while in 2015 it went to under production in India with help of Indian and Australian engineers, and chance to make its debut on Indian Chevrolet showrooms early.

One car expert from Brazil says India bound Chevy Adra model is more than just looker, it will handle the city tracks and offroad with a new ease, it means India will get peace of mind behind the wheel with latest technical features and driving comfort technologies. One Indian car lover from Navi Mumbai (Vashi) says, he got a good job in 2014 in a chemical company with 30k monthly salary, his mind is searching a right family car with new trend and when he first watched the picture of new upcoming Chevy Adra, he decided to wait for it and will buy with easy car EMI option to run the home as well as trendy car. One college girl from Baroda says, she has Maruti Swift right now, she is in the first year of college and wants to go in the third year with new Chevrolet Adra to make her new personality and make her friends happy with the enjoyable and stylish ride.  

Chevrolet is all set to rock with new Adra Chevy compact concept SUV car, choice of youth!

Chevrolet Adra BHP

Meet and Explore Adra. With sufficient bhp horsepower, new Chevrolet Adra, a new urban mini SUV is coming to give India a new enjoyable ride, every time. Not only urban power, but it is also designed smartly for the next generation to enjoy in city streets as well as to tackle off-road. High seating and its squarish look meet the 1248 cc 87 bhp power engine which generates 114 Nm maximum torque power. For this tiny and tall compact Adra SUV, this is some serious horsepower and torque to give new strength and power to all wheels. It is called Chevrolet’s innovative model where many hopes of car maker and Chevy lovers are wrapped.

As per car specialists, new Chevrolet Adra 17 model is a good looker and with new engine, it will perform well, they just need to offer a good price tag for Adra and need to release as early as possible to meet the young generation with new stylish look which is admired very well from Adra’s pictures. If production-ready version comes in  Auto Delhi Expo, then you should wait for just a few more days, it will hit the Chevy showrooms then after. If it will set in under sub-4-meter length (3990 mm), the price tag will be more remarkable which can help the General Motors India for better sales.

Around 85 to 87 bhp and good safety features will help the new Adra to run worry free on Indian tracks with good ride height and powerful suspensions. Mileage of Adra is good and very close to current mini SUVs, so no worry for it, plus it’s big five-spoke alloy tyres add the beauty at the bottom. Prebook new Chevy Adra today at discounted prices in your city!          

Chevrolet Adra Boot Space

The pure Indian design concept has been merged with Holden design for all new Chevrolet Adra which is a spacious, tiny, and tall car with sufficient boot space for luggage storage. It is all set to take entry in India’s most appealing compact SUV segment with ample boot value. Just press the single button for remote boot release and you will find around 340 litres bootspace. The most expected release date for this brand new stylish car will be in, maybe after  Auto Expo, Delhi. By using this luggage storage boot space, you can easily and safely store around 2 big travel bags and other small clothing bags.

The boot space of the new Chevy Adra car is more than many hatchbacks and close to many mini SUVs. This feature is for passenger and family comfort, the car does not want to compete by it to others, it has a lot more first segment things which make it superior in its type. With a guarantee, it will be different than other cars in traffic signal, railway crossing, parking zone, in city streets and on highways with its stunning side, front, and rear profile and unique squarish shape, and last but not least, high seating position to keep your vision high than others.   

General Motors India is trying its best to launch new Adra India  Model as early as possible to spread it’s stylish and performing magic at the right time. The new entry will definitely affect the other mini SUVs in India and the price tag for Adra will be around 8 lakh, means people can choose a new style without any doubt. Stay tuned to get total Chevrolet Adra 17 car information, pictures, features, prices, and specifications.

Chevrolet Adra Battery

A new car battery online purchase guide and battery replacement service provider finder is herein with all new Chevrolet Adra compact concept SUV car. The new Chevy Adra will be first India designed General Motors product dedicated to Indian youth and next-generation car lovers buyers who are thinking out of the box. This platform will provide you Chevrolet Adra diesel battery and petrol battery information with all required specifications. What battery will come in new Adra Chevrolet car? The answer is here. You no need to worry about it; this upcoming ideal compact SUV has no space for worry and dull battery moments.     

Brand new Chevrolet  Adra mini SUV will come with a standard 12V battery with sufficient CA and maximum CCA with higher reserve capacity to give you finest battery performance in extreme conditions. General Motors India ensures for Adra battery capacity. Your new Adra model will hold factory charged maintenance free battery for maximum driving comfort and to deal with inner electrical battery operated power functions. Chevrolet is superior in some matters and it never compromises for interior layout and battery quality.

This platform is not just limited with new Adra Chevy car; you will get the right battery options for replacement or new purchase for any Chevrolet India car model and cars from other companies as well. Great details, new kind of exterior, and new height you will get inside out to enjoy a new journey, unlike other cars. Don’t skip the Adra, a new style standard of Indian compact SUV segment, coming very soon.  

Chevrolet Adra Power/CC

To play a crucial role in mini SUV India segment, all new power-packed Chevrolet Adra is coming up.  Chevy Adra model is quite distinct than other compact sport utility vehicles in power and styling manner that really matter. In  Adra car model, General Motors India is going to offer some serious power to provide unmatched driving ease and enjoyable ride without any worry of outside conditions. This car is exclusively designed on Indian concept in Chevy’s Bangalore design studio with the help of Australian and India car experts as per Indian road conditions with a simple idea, but out of the box product for mini SUV car segment.

Good looking car is not always a performer and if both things in one car, prices may be high, but General India Motors is going to offer all these things in new Adra with a highly comparative price tag to leave a lasting impression on current high growing car segment of India. To give outstanding power to new Chevy Adra, it will have 1.3 litres 87 bhp diesel engine with 1248 cc displacement. If you want to get petrol performance, you may go for its 1.5 litre petrol engine that produces 114 Nm maximum torque power.

Besides engine power, there are many first in segment features, specifications, and small details that make this small Adra SUV, bigger in its type. In the first look, we couldn’t judge its right price, it sounds expensive car with a stunning look, but in fact, it is dedicated to India’s next generation and the price tag is also affordable. Plan your new Chevrolet Adra with authorised Chevy dealer or get a nearby Chevrolet showroom location with us.          

Chevrolet Adra Interior

Get update all-new Chevrolet Adra Interior pictures and features with accurate information you should know about the cabin of this high-class compact SUV car. India coming to new Chevy Adra sounds stunning in a matter of its roomy interior cabin where driver and passengers can enjoy the utmost whether it is a small trip or long journey. When you are planning for the 5 lakh above the car, the interior should be beyond the normal, and for this new Adra will not give you single chance to complain. Feature packed interior of Adra is waiting for you and your family with pure Indian concept.

First India concept compact SUV car by Chevrolet is here and it will please India in with its awesome interior and many other first in segment features. Without any doubt, you can say this car’s interior, a next-generation interior which is smartly designed to match car’s brilliant exterior, high seating position, and keeping maximum comfort of driver & passengers in mind. One Manager of ceramic tiles company from Kota, Rajasthan says, he checked interior pictures of Adra and impressed thoroughly, he has two cars already one is Chevy Cruze and Toyota Innova, he is planning for the third one in the mini SUV segment and waiting for Adra’s launch in India.  

New Adra cabin interior features height adjustable driver seat, classy leather upholstery with fine stitches, armrests, digital odometer, 7 inch Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system, range of essential consoles, storage compartment, sufficient boot space for luggage storage, and better in legroom, shoulder room, knee room, and in height so even a tall person can get maximum seating comfort in new Adra unlike others.          

Chevrolet Adra Exterior

New Chevrolet  Adra car is not modern just by words, it is indeed and its first look says much more about its modern exterior for what many Indian car lovers are waiting. The exterior of new Chevy Adra differs than others as it contains Holden design with simple Indian concept that makes the product extraordinary in the compact SUV segment. As per Indian and global car experts, New Adra’s exterior will be plus point as it is double capable to attract the youth of India and also it is a point where it can give tough competition to current mini SUVs of India.

In 2014 Auto Expo, this car had displayed the first time and there it got massive attention due to its squarish profile and higher seating position which sets you apart in the crowd of cars. India concept design and manufacturing will be another good reason to attract many buyers for Adra. If you check some pictures of new Adra, you will get an overall idea about its distinct exterior. We are India’s online buying guide and car information provider platform and we would like to suggest this car without any bias to India’s new generation who are always in search of something unique in the matter of look and styling, and here it is in form of mini SUV, a current hot trend in Indian cars.    

Selfie with new Chevrolet Adra India model will give you more compliment comments, so get ready for the new styling sport utility vehicle sensation. Chevy Adra’s neat and rugged exterior features stylish lines, chrome accents, mind-boggling front grille, thick chrome plated slat, lower bumper with trapezoidal grille, elegant fog lamps, wider rear view glass, spoiler, flat roof rails, big five-spoke alloy wheels, and many more details to justify the latest car trend.

Chevrolet Adra Cruise Control

The brand new Chevrolet Adra 17 India model is expected with an adaptive cruise control system and car experts says, it will come with the same cruise control system you will find in new  Chevy Cruze. Many diehard fans of Chevy cars know the specifications, interior and other luxurious features, but it is not sufficient for Chevrolet for the Indian car market as in last five years it was very poor response excluding the Chevy lovers. The carmaker wants to overcome in the Indian car industry and this time does not want to take lightly the Indian buyers and that’s why they move to Indian design Adra concept which is well admired by car experts and critics.

As per major well-known sources, the new Chevrolet Adra compact SUV will come with a nextgeneration satellite navigation system and advanced cruise control with speed limiter function. Having cruise control in new Adra, you will get new ease of driving and can give the rest of your right leg while driving. On open roads, you can go with prefixed speed by using speed limiter, no more gear changing hassle, easy speed resuming. The other main benefit of a radar-based cruise control system is traffic follows. Yes, the driver can set small speed to follow the ahead vehicle in a traffic situation, once ahead vehicle will move, your car will resume at the prefixed speed and when it stops, it will stop automatically. In short, a smart system that will help you in India’s traffic problem, you never know where you will get it, but your Adra has a solution for it.      

Visit nearby Chevrolet dealer to book a driving test for upcoming Adra and get the feature brochure and many more details.

Chevrolet Adra Dimensions

Brazil and India are eagerly waiting for new own style Chevrolet Adra car and after these two countries, it will make global. What new Chevy Adra’s dimension saying, let’s check it out. Expert reviews of Chevrolet Adra are on the whole well and some features are well admired, and also it is declared perfect for its length, height, and width. This mini SUV is small and tall and it will give you new ease of parking with a smart rear camera and ideal dimensions. For city streets, the dimensions of new Adra are just perfect, but length is in the discussion, whether it remains in under 4 metres or above 4 meters as this thing affects the taxes, and if it will stay under the 4m, India will get a very comparative price for it.

The length will be new Adra Chevrolet in between 3990 mm to 4010 mm, GM has not declared the exact dimensions of Adra yet, but this length is expected to come. New Adra measures around 2055 mm width and 1655 mm height. The tentative wheelbase will remain 2510 mm and around 5.0 m turning radius to make the handling even better. You will find around 50 L capacity fuel tank and sufficient boot space around 340 litres. The compact Adra is all set to give you even better comfort inside.     

For security, Adra Chevy will offer remote central locking system, seat belts for front & rear seats, electronic brakeforce distribution, electronic stability control, advanced suspension, antilock braking system, 2 airbags, and many small details that affect major. Prebook your new Adra mini SUV car at discounted prices in your city.

Chevrolet Adra Dashboard

The Chevrolet Adra concept crossover will come with an outstanding dashboard to add new value in its stunning interior. Find new dashboard pictures of Chevy Adra car and know how it will give beauty with a nice control panel. This car is smartly designed for Indian youth and high-profile folks where every details matter. Major sources are comparing the new Adra with Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport, without any doubt, the dash details of new Adra are better and rich than both rivals. The dashboard layout of the new Chevrolet Adra mini SUV is quite different than EcoSport & Duster, plus the gear knob looks amazing in Adra.

In front of driver’s seat, new Adra Chevy city smart car holds digital odometers. A/C vents sound silent under the rich dashboard and front layout, but no worry, you will get a powerful auto climate feature to set the temperature as per inner temperature condition. The main stuff of Adra’s dashboard is its 7 inch Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system where you can enjoy videos, movies, video songs, USB songs, etc. with powerful music system. It offers an AUX port, USB port, and charging port. Moreover, you will find small storage compartments and bottle holders in the new Adra. On its infotainment system, you can connect Bluetooth, access the Internet, get essential alerts, and rear parking camera.

Height adjustable steering and driver seat let the driver feel the peace of mind and also you will find audio controls and adaptive cruise control buttons on its sporty looking small steering wheel. For booking and test drive schedule, contact today your nearest Chevrolet showroom or dealer or canteen store department.      

Chevrolet Adra Engine Specification

More standard and less optional, new Chevrolet Adra is coming soon in India and Brazil with powerful engine specification to give you noteworthy performance on city streets and off-road as well. Let’s take a closer look at the new Chevy Adra’s engine. Many excited people are ready to experience new Adra Chevrolet compact crossover concept car in India. General Motors India bringing 1.3 or 1.2 litre SD diesel and 1.5-litre petrol engine with 1300 cc engine displacement. Both petrol and diesel engine seems powerful and able to provide more traction in offroading. It is a spacious car but there is no space for worry, so be ready for the worry-free and enjoyable ride, no matter the outside condition.

The new Adra’s engine power will be 85 to 87 PS and will work smoothly with smart and lasting battery and 5-speed manual transmission that gives 2WD front power. Maybe mileage may vary but if we compare the engine displacement and power of Adra with Duster and EcoSport it is very close. So in upcoming days, with the smart price and its new look, new Adra will give solid competition in the current Indian mini SUV segment. Power of 85 to 87 bhp and a maximum torque of 114 Nm are new wings of this upcoming new stylish bird that will cover the large trendy consumers, many potential buyers, and typical Chevrolet fans.

The new Tall & Tiny and trendy GM India Adra product sound solid and very neat with available colours plus its dual tone front grille with golden Chevrolet insignia offers the best front view and look stunning from the side with new height to set a new standard with its squarish layout. What are you waiting for; plan your new Adra with trust and own new India Style of Chevrolet Concept.     

Chevrolet Adra Facelift

Chevrolet Adra facelift model, not right time this is to think about it, let India first enjoy the brand new Chevy Adra, 17 model, then General Motors will decide about facelift version for the global platform if need only, otherwise it will continue in Brazil and many other countries with left side steering and minor variant changes. Gradually Indian car owners or those who are planning the new car are getting the right meaning of facelift and also different between the new car models, facelift versions, and used cars. Facelift in simple words ‘updated’. Updated with error correction, problem solves or adding new features for extra ease or to meet the latest completion.

Sometimes we get a notification on our smartphone to download an updated version of the game or application. In car it is not possible to get such alert, but carmaker holds powerful market research team to study where users are facing problems or what they want new in the same car model, and then if all these things go perfectly, facelift model born and launch in car market to attract more buyers sometimes company allow buyers to exchange old model with the new facelift model to enhance their experience.

By General Motors in  Chevrolet Cruze, facelift and other one or two versions will be released for better performance and impression. For India portfolio, new Chevrolet Beat and new Chevrolet Adra will get fresh launch in 17. Get complete Chevy  Adra information, facelift details, engine specification, mileage, on road prices, ex-showroom prices, expert reviews, models, boot space, ground clearance, and latest images.

Chevrolet Adra Ground Clearance

The new compact and tall Chevrolet Adra is ready with higher ground clearance for Indian tracks with new Chevrolet philosophy design concept. When you go in a huge mall or tall corporate building or theatre, you will find underground parking, the other thing, when you go in village, on the way you will find height packed bumps and many small obstacles, what about offroad, railway crossing, and parking limit. At these entire places car’s ride height, ground clearance matters! Currently, you can’t say anything about the India car industry. In just two years Renault Duster car has become popular in India, before this car, Renault’s portfolio is very poor in India. The same about the Ford with its EcoSport, and now Chevrolet wants this magic with its new Adra.    

New Chevy Adra is a little bit tall than its rival compact crossovers and holds extra inches for higher ground clearance to tackle almost every Indian terrain with good stability and traction. The all-new Adra ground clearance will be around 210 mm to say goodbye to ground clearance problems and welcome the solution. Along with higher ride height, this compact sport utility vehicle holds advanced safety features, means no space of worry, just pure stylish performance with a new stance and look, in fact, unique look.

This car is General Motors India’s big hope as they have designed it exclusively Indian concept with simplicity and all inclusive for next generation ride. After Delhi Auto Expo, more things will be revealed by Chevrolet for its upcoming Adra car. Check out its concept video and you will say wow. Get ready for your new vantage point, this time with unmatched styling!   

Chevrolet Adra Highest / Top speed

If a solid looker gives a solid performance with top speed, then how can Indian youth miss it? This kind of looker and performer is on the way of India, Chevrolet Adra. Top speed is not only for racing purpose, sometimes we need good pickup and highest speed to enjoy on open roads or national highways, isn’t it right! Every detail is carefully taken for new Chevy Adra 17 car whether it is look or acceleration. This upcoming mini SUV is dedicated to Indian youth and next generation and that’s why General Motors bringing India based design concept which is simply awesome and give the new speed to this product in India’s currently hot car segment.       

In this tiny yet tall squarish Adra, you will find 1.5 litre power plant with a smooth five-speed manual transmission and it will let you reach a top speed of 180 kmph with great stability. You can accelerate new Chevy Adra from 0 to 100 kmph in around 12 to 14 seconds. For a compact SUV car, this top speed and acceleration are just perfect. It is an ideal family compact SUV car with 7 personal seating capacity and the other good thing is it offers new height to view the tracks and around like Toyota Fortuner.      

With this acceleration and highest speed reach capacity, many Indian car lovers are ready to welcome new Chevrolet Adra. The good price tag will help this city smart compact crossover in the Indian car market to earn good value and sales. Let’s join the new hopes of Chevrolet to complete your car dream without compromise in performance, style, and budget.

Chevrolet Adra Mileage/Average

Chevrolet’s first India design concept car new Adra is all set to give you decent mileage on Indian tracks. Excluding some very rich folks, India is still a mileage loving country whether it is a bike or car. As a neutral car buying guide and online car information provider of India, here we are talking about upcoming Chevy Adra car’s average. Some people install gas kit to get extra average but they forget that in such cases around five years, the engine loses the real power and demands maintenance. If you go for gas kit for business purpose then it is fine, otherwise, drive your family car with petrol or diesel to get the engine’s good and lasting performance.   

As per engine experts and car experts, the new  Chevrolet Adra compact SUV will deliver 12 kmpl mileage on the city tracks, while 15 kmpl on open roads. It is a really good average for this kind of looker, so no reason to skip it. So far, Chevrolet Optra and Cruze made happy Chevrolet lovers in India and now General Motors want to give something unique in compact crossover segment so that new generation can enjoy the Chevrolet Car will new styling. For good looking and mileage friendly cars, Indian folks are ready to pay, rich consumers purchase with cash, while middle-class folks go through car loan to live their dream of good family or personal car.

Drive your car with steady speed and change the gear smartly to continue good mileage. Cruise control of new Adra will help you enjoy speed limiter function to move on with fixed speed. Prebook your Adra car today and get early delivery when it launched!

Chevrolet Adra Models

Get India car models with the user and expert point of view. Herein, it’s all about the upcoming Chevrolet Adra 17 model. This is Chevy Adra’s fresh startup model with an Indian design concept to make it more Indian. All new Adra Chevrolet compact SUV model will come in both petrol and diesel variant for Indian tracks and giving assurance of high-tech performance with great mileage. First Adra Chevy model was opened in 2014 Auto Expo and got the very good compliments on new look and launching date related comments. However, General Motors India is a little bit delay in the launch but in your wait will get the end.

Many car models confuse the buyers, but there is no issue with brand new Chevrolet Adra model as it is just beginning with a fresh one, in future we can get facelift version or other international countries can get the distinct model as per their road condition. Interior and exterior are just perfect for the segment and offers many first in segment features to make this car unique and to set it with new height to give good competition to its rivals. It is one kind of no compromise model for new India generation and it is big hope of car maker to get targeted sales as they have lost the grip over the Indian car market, which is very vital for every car maker these days as in India, the car shopping is dramatically increasing due to new arrival models and easy EMI car loan facility.

Get complete Chevy Adra online information with class accuracy. Your car is ready, are you? Book a test drive to realise the real style and power of Chevy Adra.   

Chevrolet Adra Price in India

Find the accurate new Chevrolet Adra price in India and a lot more you should know before making the deal.  all new Chevy Adra is coming soon in India with a smart price tag to overcome and compete for its rivals. Only lowest car price is not working in India Car Industry and we can see the examples of lowest price but lack of features type cars, once you purchase such a car, you get the regret when watching someone’s affordable yet good quality and feature packed car, and resale value of such a car is not good without any doubt. Waste of time and money, and finally move to the new search of affordable yet quality car. Unbiased herein, we are recommending you upcoming Chevy Adra car, a new smart compact cross over to meet budget and trend as well.

If new Chevy Adra goes more than 4 meters long, the prices in India will be around 8 lakh, and if cuts the duty under a sub4 meter, the India price will be around 7.5 lakh. Don’t think it is a tiny car; it is a city smart car with good higher seating capacity and unique exterior design and awesome interior where Adra’s rivals will stay behind. However there is no declaration of Delhi ex-showroom price yet by General Motors India, but after  Auto Expo, there is a chance of many things to reveal about upcoming Adra and its launch.

In between 7.5 to 8 Lakh, you can without any doubt go for the new Chevy Adra. If this car will launch for Canteen department stores later on, then eligible consumers can purchase it around 7 lakh price. These prices are tentative, once we get accurate Adra price in India, we will inform you soon.   

Chevrolet Adra Seating Capacity

Seating capacity of new Chevrolet Adra is comfortable with 7 persons. Good wheelbase and roomy interior give such a nice seating capacity in this compact SUV, coming very soon to give you new driving and riding experience. Whether it is a bike or car or any vehicle, a number of seats and seating comfort play a big role. No more adjustment in a matter of seating position in this smart compact crossover as it is designed for utmost driver and passenger comfort. Excluding driver, six other passengers can enjoy the ride with great calm. Every detail is taken seriously in its spacious interior where seat arrangement is ideal with perfect legroom, knee room, shoulder room, backrest, footrest, and headroom so that even tall person can get the right seat.

Not just good seating capacity, the new Chevy Adra mini SUV car offers high seating position to get a vantage point from all seats to enjoy the ways and around even better. This car is perfect for city ride and offroading with its powerful and advanced suspensions and high tech safety features to give this car premium stability and traction to tackle rough landscapes and unwanted road obstacles.

By keeping its basic, advanced, and first segment features, it is confirmed that it will rock in the segment in upcoming days and get the buyers from almost every sector as it is more than just a looker and India design concept makes it more enjoyable car for India. Plan your next car or first one as a Chevy Adra, every reason to grab it and no reason to skip it. For booking and test drive, contact your nearby Chevrolet dealer or showroom today.      

Ansul Guptaa

Ansul Guptaa is an auto blogger having a passion for Cars & Bikes. He is writing about the cars for 6 years and developed a skill which helps him to identify the best cars & bikes among the option. is his brainchild and dedicate attempt to provide nothing but best.

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