The Clash of the Big Mean Wheels – Compare Honda BRV and Maruti Vitara Brezza

The Herculean battle between two SUVs from two major brands is here – Honda BRV and Maruti Vitara Brezza. The fight is tough, and the buyers are surely having a tough time to choose either of these. While in few points, Brezza is counted high among the small families, Honda BRV is being touted as a great crossover car, and gets compared to the likes of Duster too. However, this said, let us now compare Maruti Vitara Brezza and Honda BRV.

Compare Honda BRV Vs Maruti Vitara Brezza

Compare Price of Brezza Vs BRV

Ex-showroom price

The Ex-showroom price at New Delhi for Honda BRV and its various other variants range between Rs. 8.75 and Rs. 12.90 lakhs; whereas Maruti Brezza on the other hand, is a lot lesser between Rs. 6.99 and Rs. 9.68 lakhs only.
On-road price

The on-road pricing of Honda BRV EP in South Delhi is around Rs. 9.73 lakhs approximately whereas that of Maruti Brezza is Rs. 7.96 lakhs approximately for the LDI variant. So, the price of Honda BRV might seem a little higher on the overall basis but now let us check out different specs and get our facts ready.

Compare Engine of Brezza vs BRV


The Honda BRV has an engine similar to the Mobilio. The six-speed gearbox and the petrol and diesel variants of the engines with different torque and spark power are sure to win your heart. The diesel version produces power of [email protected] and that of IVTEC variant is [email protected] Brezza has a power of only [email protected] from its diesel engine.

Fuel capacity and Torque

Honda’s 1.5 liter iDTEC engine of diesel produces a torque of [email protected] and that of 1.5 liter IVETC produces [email protected] As a crossover vehicle, it needs a bit of care for driving on rough terrains. But still, if you are a good driver, it should not be a problem at all.

Maruti Brezza on the other hand, has just the diesel engine with 1.3 liter capacities and yet produces [email protected] of torque with a five-speed gearbox. Only negative thing is when you drive on high speed, the engine might become a little noisier.

Engine Displacement

The engine displacement of Honda BRV is 1498cc whereas that of Maruti Vitara Brezza is around 1248cc.


In terms of Mileage, Honda BRV falls short in both the petrol and diesel variants. So, the petrol 1.5-liter engine gives a mileage of 15.4kmpl and the diesel one offers 21.9kmpl on city roads. Maruti Brezza on the other hand, with the 1.3-liter diesel engine offers an impressive 22kmpl on city roads, which is pretty good for Indian roads.

Compare Dimensions BRV vs Brezza

Ground Clearance

Honda BRV offers ground clearance of 210mm, which is pretty impressive and in comparison, Maruti Brezza offers a slightly lesser clearance of 198mm.

Seating capacity and turning radius

Honda BRV is a seven-seater Crossover vehicle whereas Maruti Vitara Brezza is a five-seater compact SUV. While Brezza has a turning radius of 5.2 meters, Honda BRV has 5.5meters.

Length, width and height

The length of Honda BRV is 4453mm, whereas Maruti Brezza is 3995mm only. The width of Honda BRV is 1735mm whereas that of Maruti Brezza is 1790mm. Honda BRV has height of 1666mm, and Brezza has 1640mm and so Honda wins in this regard.

Fuel Tank capacity

Honda BRV has a lighter fuel tank of only 42 liters, whereas Maruti Brezza has it at 48 Liters! There is no difference in the size or type of the tires of both Maruti Brezza and Honda BRV.

Compare Safety Features of Maruti Brezza & Honda BRV

Anti-lock braking system

Honda BRV has Anti-lock braking system while Maruti Vitara Brezza does not have one.


Though both the vehicles have central locking system and driver airbag, Honda goes one step ahead to give passenger airbag too.


Honda BRV and Maruti Brezza have front suspension of McPherson Strut Coil Spring and rear suspension of Torsion Beam Coil Spring.


Vitara Brezza has ventilated disc brakes on the front au contraire whereas Honda BRV has Disc brakes on the front only.

Comfort and Entertainment – Comparision


Honda BRV’s second-row seats are foldable 60:40 whereas the third-row seats can be split into 50:50. The seats are foldable and with split and recline functions too both in Honda BRV and Maruti Brezza. Both the vehicles have power steering and are with air conditioners that work fine too. The roof-mounted rear AC in Honda works superb along with the Dual SRS Airbags. The piano-gloss finish on the all-black themed interiors work fine for Honda BRV and with Maruti Brezza. The matte finish on the handles makes the Brezza’s interiors very attractive.

Dashboard illumination

The speedometer in Honda BRV is done with 3D Backlighting making it stand out on the fine glossy finish of the dashboard and multi-information unit. The speedometer has neon lighting the color of Maruti Brezza, which can be changed as per your wish.

Music and connectivity

The Bluetooth enabled audio system and hands-free telephone makes Honda BRV a driver’s favorite. Now talking about Maruti Vitara Brezza, Audio system has CD player slots and 2DIN Music player for entertainment. The four-speakers in the vehicle and the touch-screen display give a slightly smarter finish and appeal to the driver. Brezza also has SMARTPLAY infotainment system and APPLE Carplay that make it rank a little high when it comes to infotainment.


In terms of performance and Active-Solid Motion exteriors, Honda BRV wins, but as per the infotainment or the plenty of features in the interiors, Maruti Brezza is too good for the price. Honda BRV has already come in various models of E, V, S, and VX, the electrically foldable OVRM, the projector lamps and better engine and performance might win your hearts if you love to go on uncharted terrains. Even Brezza comes in various variants like LDI, LDI (O), VDI, VDI (O), ZDI, and ZDI+. Brezza has better sturdier pieces and if you are looking for a bouquet of modern features, then this is the one for you.

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