Zoom in and Compare Tata Tiago vs Renault Kwid

When it comes to hatchback today, there is a tough competition between the two great brands, Tata and Renault. With Kwid, Renault Company is aiming at a market share of 5 percent by the end of 2017. Tata too has come up with smarter line finish and other drastic features in their Tiago to be Fantastico too! So which one is just going to be right for you, let us find out the difference between Tata Tiago and Renault Kwid.

Compare Tata Tiago vs Renault Kwid

Compare the price of Tata Tiago with Renault Kwid

Ex-showroom price: In Delhi, the ex-showroom price of Renault Kwid is between Rs. 2.6 lakhs and Rs. 3.57 lakhs only, whereas, Tata Tiago comes at Rs. 3.20 lakhs only. So, Tata Tiago might be on the higher range as compared to Kwid.

On-road price: Renault STD costs just around Rs. 3.06 lakhs and Tata Tiago Revotron XB is priced at Rs. 3.74 lakhs.

Compare Price Renault Kwid

Tata Tiago

Ex-Showroom Rs.2.6lakhs Rs.3.57lakhs
On-Road Rs.3.06lakhs Rs.3.74lakhs

Compare Mileage of Tata Tiago with Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid has a mileage on city roads at 23 kmpl and can give a mileage of 25 kmpl on highways. Tata Tiago offers mileage of 20 kmpl on city roads whereas 23 kmpl on highways. Tiago is available in petrol and diesel variants and are already quite well-known for that. So in this fuel efficiency, Tiago loses out to Renault Kwid, which is already making name as the most fuel efficient car in the country.

Compare Mileage City roads Highway
Renault Kwid 23kmpl 25kmpl
Tata Tiago 20kmpl 23kmpl


Compare Engine Specifications between Renault Kwid and Tata Tiago

The two brands have become famous through their quality and performance and when it comes to performance, the engine plays a vital role. Let us compare Tata Tiago and Renault Kwid based on their engine, torque, transmission and the overall specifications that matter.

Renault plays it safe with 0.8 liter SCe-Smart Control Efficiency Engine. The engine capacity is 799cc. It has three cylinders and works on Manual Transmission. The power is [email protected] and the torque is [email protected]

On the other hand, Tata Tiago has the 1.2 liter Diesel engine of Revotorq, 3 Cylinder engine, CRAIL with MULTIDRIVE (Eco and City modes) makes this 1047cc engine an impressive one. The power is [email protected] and the torque at the maximum is [email protected] to 3000rpm.

Renault has a top speed of 130-135kmph whereas Tiago has top speed of 150kmph, which is remarkable!

Engine specs Renault Kwid Tata Tiago
Engine type 0.8liter manual transmission 1.2 liter Diesel manual transmission
Displacement 799cc 1047cc
No. of cylinders 3 3
Max. power [email protected] [email protected]
Max. torque [email protected] [email protected]
Top Speed 130-135kmph 150kmph

Compare the Dimensions of Renault Kwid and Tata Tiago

The most important thing that comes to the mind when you buy a hatchback is to know the dimensions.

Length: The length of Renault Kwid is 3679mm and that of Tata Tiago is 3746mm, which makes it a little smaller in comparison to the Kwid.

Width: The width of Renault Kwid is 1579mm whereas that of Tiago is 1647mm, which makes it a little wider than Kwid.

Height: Renault Kwid stands at a height of 1478mm whereas Tata Tiago is 1535mm high.

Wheel base: Renault Kwid has a wheelbase of 2422mm while Tata Tiago has it of 2400mm. Renault’s five-seater hatchback has ground clearance of 180mm while Tiago’s five-seater has only 170mm.

Turning Radius: The turning radius in both the vehicles remains same at 4.9 m. Renault Kwid has higher boot capacity of 300l while Tiago falls back with 242l only.

Dimensions Renault Kwid Tata Tiago
Length 3679mm 3746mm
Breadth 1579mm 1647mm
Height 1478mm 1535mm
Wheelbase 2422mm 2400mm
Turning Radius 4.9m 4.9m
Ground Clearance 180mm 170mm
Boot capacity 300l 242l

Comparison of Safety Features and Exterior Design between Renault Kwid and Tata Tiago

While talking about the comparison of Tata Tiago with Renault Kwid, we should also talk about the features and exterior designs and specifications.

While Renault Kwid has no airbags and no ABS even in the advanced variants, Tata Tiago has ABS with EBD and Corner Stability Control or CSC and dual airbags too which are not there in the base variants. So, Tiago ranks a little higher on this parameter.

Both the vehicles have front disc and rear drum brakes. Even the front suspension is that of McPherson Strut with Lower Transverse Link and the rear suspension is that of Twist Beam Suspension with Coil Spring. Tiago comes in six different colors whereas Kwid is available in five colors.

Tiago comes with parking sensors that make parking easy even in very limited space.

Safety Features & Exterior Design Renault Kwid Tata Tiago
Front Suspension McPherson Strut with Lower Transverse Link McPherson Strut with Lower Transverse Link
Rear Suspension Twist Beam Suspension with Coil Spring Twist Beam Suspension with Coil Spring
Front Brake Disc Disc
Rear Brake Drum Drum
Anti–lock braking system No Yes with EBD
Airbags No Yes. Dual in higher range
Child Safety lock Yes Yes
Parking Sensors No Yes

Compare the Comfort and Infotainment Features of Renault Kwid and Tata Tiago

Renault Kwid has Touch screen media and is a highlight along with the digital instrument cluster. Sound quality though is not superb and has no music system or player. You shall however, get digital clock, digital tachometer, front cupholders and door pockets. The music can be played via Aux-in, USB and through Bluetooth. However, speakers are not really international in appeal.

Tata Tiago scores really well here with Multi-information display and the infotainment unit. There are eight front and rear speakers. The infotainment system by ConnectNext is superb and you shall play music using the Aux-in and USB and even via Bluetooth. The steering wheel-mounted phone and audio are also classy.

Interiors and Infotainment Renault Kwid Tata Tiago
Speakers Four Eight
Connectivity Bluetooth, GPS Bluetooth, GPS
Audio system ConnectNext
Aux-in, USB Yes Yes
Steering wheel mount audio/ phone No Yes

Verdict: In terms of major features, looks and even specifications, Tata Tiago wins by a grand margin. The company has come up with two engine types, Revotron and Revotorq and both are doing wonders. Amply aided with amazing features, the car is surely a winner here when set in comparison and asked Which is Best? Tata Tiago or Kwid – our vote would go for Tata Tiago! Do you agree with us?

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