Datsun Go Cross Price in India, Mileage, Interior & Specification

Amazing yet affordable all-new Datsun Go-Cross car is all set to please India and improve its brand value in the Indian car market. Concept of Go Cross Datsun has got an awesome response at Auto Expo. So many car buyers are waiting for this dynamic yet sporty car’s launch in India and they are not wrong, their wait will be worth very soon. We do not promote any car brand, but if new Go Cross hit the Indian car market smartly then it can affect to sales of Mahindra KUV100, Ford EcoSport, and Renault Duster. Let’s explore the much appreciated upcoming car of Datsun!

Datsun Go Cross

With us, you can check out price, full specifications, launch date in India and many more vital things for the forthcoming Go Cross Datsun concept car. Of course, it’s a good looker and as per major car experts, it also provides good comfort and safety features keeping the next-generation in mind. So far, Datsun had launched several car models in India, but they did not go success to attract more buyers, thus this car is their big hope and we wish that they get success through this product in competition packed car market of India. The Datsun Go Cross Unveiled, let’s explore it thoroughly.

Datsun GO Cross Launch in India

The growing Indian car market is Nissan’s fully focus now and after GO Ready Car, they are all set for new crossover concept and it is a good thing for the car maker. In Auto Expo, this concept crossover upcoming Datsun car has got a brilliant response from global car experts and visitors and this thing will inspire to car maker to launch their product as early as possible in India car market to get a quick response of buyers. Some sources are saying that it will come in Indian showroom in 2019, while some are saying it will join Indian tracks in early or mid-year. There is no official Indian release date available yet, but the most expected duration of launching will be 2016 ending or starting months of 2017. So many buyers are not ready to wait till 2019. Now it’s all up to car maker, they should bring it as quick as possible because so many potential car buyers like it and want to purchase.

Go Cross Price in India

Datsun India is bringing Go-Cross Crossover with quality features and specifications. Datsun Cars in India are not so much popular, but the right time comes for everything and now it’s their turn. Gradually, so many car enthusiasts and new car buyers are taking interest in this product. It offers something good to drive and enjoy at some reasonable prices unlike others and that’s why so many eyes are now focusing on the price of Datsun Go-Cross Car in India. Concept, look, and other things are liked by so many people. Now the second important thing is the price tag. If they offer believable cost for this new product, there are chances for their best selling in India so far. The most expected price for Go Cross is 5 to 10 lakh. Under 10 lakh price range, there are so many cars are avail in the market of India. For base variant 5 lakh cost is affordable and it will work surely. On the whole, if you are planning a new car between 5 to 10 lakh budget, then you should not miss to check out or test drive all-new Go-Cross!

Datsun Go Cross Seating Capacity

All-new Datsun Go Cross car will come with 5-person seating capacity and ample boot space. That’s not over. If car maker will get good response in this crossover, they will plan for Go Cross MPV variant, yes, you are thinking right. They will add the third row for 7-person seating ease. Datsun India sounds damn serious this time and this will help them to set new standards in the Indian car market as well as improve their brand name and sale. Major cars come with 5 or 7 person seating capacity, but they are focusing on the seating arrangement, maximum driver & passenger comfort and luggage storage space. Simply, it gives assurance for enjoyable seating whether you are driving or riding.

Datsun GO Cross Engine Efficiency

What engine will give power to new Crossover Datsun Go Cross? Yeah, it is mandatory to know about the power of the engine when you are buying a new or used car as it all depends on the engine’s efficiency. India coming to new Go-Cross will be powered by 1.2 L Petrol engine and there are also chances of 1.5 L dCi diesel engine. The petrol engine come with 68 bhp power, 104 Nm torque, 12-valve motor, 3 cylinders, and remarkable rpm. This crossover is designed to deal with the urban area. Its off-road capacity is average, not great, but in city streets, you will enjoy amazing handling, power, grip and driving ease.        

Mileage of Datsun GO Cross

This car is dedicated to middle range folks of India. Its price tag will be in between 6 to 9 lakh. Those folks, who are planning to purchase a new car under 10 lakh, do care for the mileage of the car. Because just buy a new car is not everything, to run it, you need petrol or diesel and here the average of the car comes in. You will not disappoint with a mileage of new Go-Cross car as it will provide around 18 kmpl mileage in the city, while 21 kmpl on highways, isn’t it great! In very few words, this upcoming Datsun crossover is very good in a matter of look, price and mileage. What else you want? Be ready for the driving test and drive it home before others in society and town!

Datsun GO Cross Dimension and Boot Space

Whether we purchase a smartphone or a car, we do focus on the dimension, and we should as it matters! Some people like a small car, some like a lengthy car, while some like mid-range car. What about you? All-new Datsun Go-Cross measures 3999mm length, 1685mm width and 1550mm height. In short, it is a sub-4 metre crossover and due to its dimension, the price will remain attractive. It will offer 347-litre boot space where you can easily store luggage of 5 persons. There is no luggage storage issue in this crossover. Nice seating arrangement, nice interior, nice boot space and just perfect dimension to enjoy an urban area.

Datsun GO Cross Interior

Interior of all-new Datsun Go-Cross is average, but you could not consider it poor or weak. In compare to the luxury interior, it is average, but in its type, it offers almost everything to deal inside the cabin. Interior layout of this car offers sufficient leg room, shoulder room, hip room, knee room, etc. This concept car’s interior features are not out now, but it will provide things like USB port, AUX port, other connectivity option, smart dashboard layout, leather seats in high-end variant, cruise control, smart AC vents, rear parking camera, touch screen display, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and more small details.

Datsun GO Cross Exterior

It offers a bold look with high ground clearance. The exterior layout is the plus point of this car and it sounds brilliant and appealing. The young generation is very happy with its stunning exterior design. The not only front fascia, but it also sounds promising for side and rear sporty profile too. New Datsun Go Cross Exterior features chrome bezel ready hexagonal grille, LED fog lights, LED headlamps, silver chromed bumper with black plastic extensions, high bonnet line, attractive auxiliary circular lamps, silver lower body cladding, chrome finished roof rails, 15 inch chrome finished alloy wheels, and many more small details which give big impact on this car’s muscular stance.

Datsun Go Cross Colors

Exterior of Go-Cross Datsun is remarkable. The carmaker will provide a good range of colour in India to justify the brilliant exterior. They will focus on sporty colours-shades so that the young generation can enjoy something different than others. White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Green are the most expected colours which may come for new Datsun Go Cross Crossover car.

Go Cross Features 

Below 10 lakh car price range, you can consider Go-Cross, a feature-packed crossover car. It will come with features such as 5 speed manual & automatic transmission, automatic climate control, power windows, 2 airbags, ABS, audio system, steering audio controls, improved cabin, roof tray, appealing exterior, remarkable boot space, spacious interior, sub 4 metre dimension, attractive roof rails, silver bumper, pseudo air intakes, C-shaped LED taillight, silver diffuser, small rear spoiler, projector headlamps, LED DRLs, and active & passive safety features.

In very few words, what kind of thinking Datsun India is going to present in the Indian market is absolutely perfect. They are a little bit late, but no issue. Exterior of Go-Cross will easily attract plenty of eyes, minds and souls. As per Indian car experts, this car will get remarkable success due to its solid look, stance, sporty colour range, and last but not least, price. If you are planning a new car above 5 lakh and under 10 lakh, then you must check out this Datsun product. It will not disappoint you and your family. Ask your nearest Nissan Datsun Showroom or Dealer for further information or to book a test drive.

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