Honda Accord 2018

Honda going to launch Honda Accord 2018 facelift version in india in comming year. Honda Motor President & CEO Mr Takahiro Hachigo announced at the Honda Meeting 2017 today. The platform would be use in new accord 2018 will borrowed from Honda Civic and Honda CR-V.

Honda Accord 2018

Honda Accord 2018

Honda Accord 2018 will carry 1.5 Litre turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine. Honda may replace the new accord engine with honda civic type r engine which is 2.0 litre turbocharged. In Asia, honda may offer a  naturally aspirated engine.

According to news, hynrid version will be continuee in upgraded honda accord 2018. The hybrid version will have MMD petrol Electric dual motor ssytem.

Honda Accord 2018 Price in India

The new accord may launch in coming year and go on sale at the mid of 2018. the launch date is yet to release, it will be early to comment on price, but seeing competion and engine specs we guess the price of honda accord 2018 in indi will be arround 15 Lakh to 18 Lakh. While the top model will cost you arround 19.80 Lakh.

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The Platform is derived and inspired by Civic, the interior has touch for the same as in Civic. inside cabin, in increase the overall comfort for the psassengers. Interior will be updated and highly inspred by the combination of Civic and old accord.

2018 Honda Accord engine

not expecting major changes in engine side, new accord 2018 will come with 1.5 l turbocharged4 cylinder engine which is same as it in CRv and Civic.  The engine will able to produce 200 Hp power. The new Accord will have standers 6 Speed manual and Amt option.

Honda Accord 2018 Release date in India

Honda Accord 2018 relaese date is not revelaed but only announcedment by Mr Takahiro Hachigo  Honda Motor President & CEO. As the person speking with plan left us to guess that new accord will launch soon in coming 2018 year.

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