Honda Civic Type R Price in India, Interior, Mileage, Colors & Specs

The Japanese Car giant is all set to launch its all-new Honda Civic Type R in the global market. Honda is eyeing to market this tenth generation hatchback of the Civic series in big markets like the USA, UK and India initially. Compared to the previous Civic models, Type R has an all-new makeover, which has surprised all the Civic lovers around the world. With improved features, Honda Civic Type R will give the world a whole new experience of a super-fast racing car.

Honda Civic Type R

#1 Honda Civic Type R Price in India

All the Honda Civic hatchback models are always priced in the mid-range in the Indian market. Over the years, the Civic models of Honda have been sold in large numbers showing a promising market for the Japanese automobile superpower. Though nothing has been said by Honda regarding the release date and price of the new Type R in India, we have collected information from reliable sources. If these facts are to be believed, it will be priced at between 13-15 lakhs in India.

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#2 Honda Civic Type R Release Date in India

As a rapidly growing market, India has always attracted automobile companies over the years. Honda has already launched its previous models including the Civic series in India. The sports car models of Honda are quite popular in India. Though the manufacturer of this hottest hatchback model of Civic has not revealed anything regarding its launch in India, we can expect it to hit the Indian market soon

#3 Honda Civic Type R Interior

Overhauling the interior cabin is never the nature of Honda. The conventional front seats have been replaced with high-backed, suede effect seats, which make it perfect for a sports car. The thigh support has enough space to let you move in and out very easily. The glossy dashboard, attractive switchgear and a plastic trim finish of the interiors of the new Civic Type R impart an impressive look. As always, Honda has managed to ensure comfort with an unmatchable look of the interiors.

#4 Honda Civic Type R Colors

Honda always offers unmatchable performance quality to back up the looks. Although it never falls back in the look segment, the available choices of colour for Civic models are always few. For the upcoming model of Civic Type R, Honda is planning to launch five colours. The colours are carefully chosen to satisfy various types of customers. The colours are Milano Solid Red, Sporty Blue Metallic, Championship White, Crystal Black Pearl and Polished Metal Metallic.

#5 Honda Civic Type R Seating Capacity

Honda has not done many changes in the seating arrangements in the upcoming Civic Type R models compared to the current and previous releases. The seats remain in the same format of 2 seats in the front and 2/3 in the back. The back seat of the vehicle comes with a single seat that can accommodate 2-3 persons easily. The leg space of the front and back seats are huge and let you adjust easily.

#6 Honda Civic Type R Mileage

Honda has always come up with engines, which are very fuel-efficient. It has never disappointed its customers in the Mileage section. Especially in a market like India, where a major consideration is given to the Mileage of a Car, Honda Civic Type R is going to offer a satisfactory figure. The all-new turbocharged 2.0-liter engine of Civic Type R is engineered to give a mileage ranging from 15 KM to 20 KM per litre in India.

#7 Honda Civic Type R Features

Looking at the popularity of Honda Civic models in India, we can say that Civic Type R will take the Indian market by a storm. Honda is aiming to give tough competition to other sports cars in this segment with many exhaustive and enhanced features. The new feature of this is a low front splitter, a towering rear wing, parking sensors, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, fancier audio, dual-zone automatic climate control, rain-sensing wipers and much more.

#8 Honda Civic Type R Specifications

The new Honda Civic Type R is powered by a 2.0-liter direct-injecting turbo VTEC, which is a four-cylinder engine. This first turbocharged engine of Type R is capable of spinning out 306 HP at 6500RPM. The engine has a maximum limit of 7000 RPM. This car comes with a four-wheel Adaptive Damper System (ADS). The whole Honda community has expressed its interest in the new specs of this car after its prototype display in the Paris Auto expo.

#9 Honda Civic Type R Engine

The upcoming Honda Civic Type R comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged VTEC engine. The first ever turbo engine of Honda civic models has four cylinders to ensure smooth suspension handling. Although we have seen the same VTEC engines in the earlier models of Honda, the power of this new engine is worth looking forward. It is said to be capable of generating 6500 RPM and move up to 7000 RPM.

#10 Honda Civic Type R Models

The upcoming models of Honda Civic Type R will be completely based on the tenth generation Civic specs, as revealed by its manufacturers in the Paris Automobile expo. All the new models of Type R are different from its previous ones in terms of both features and look. According to the sources, the new Type R will be released in two models: Civic Type R and Civic Type R GT. Both the models are looking promising enough for the global market.

#11 Honda Civic Type R Dashboard

Honda has retained the current Dashboard style of the Civic series. Although we were not expecting a makeover in the already futuristic dashboard section, Honda has polished it to give a sporty touch to the new model. The glowing red start button and Type R’s trademark +R button are placed on either side of the instrument cluster, which looks classy and attractive. The central console proudly displays a Type R badge in front of the gear lever.

#12 Honda Civic Type R Boot Space

In the upcoming model of Honda Civic, the automobile manufacturer has cleverly packaged the interiors to ensure a larger boot space. Much attention has been given to the placement of the fuel tank to increase the boot space. The fuel tank has been moved to the centre of the vehicle, as opposed to the rear placing, to leave the boot space to occupy up to 498 litres of the luggage.

#13 Honda Civic Type R Best Speed

The direct-injected turbocharged 2.0-liter VTEC engine is designed with a six-speed manual transmission. The brand new Type R is expected to give a torque of 295 LB-FT at 2500 RPM. Much attention has been given to the engine performance to enable this new sports model of Civic to give tough competition to its competitors. The car can accelerate up to 100 KMPH in the first 5.7 seconds. The estimated top speed of Honda Civic Type R is 270 KMPH.

#14 Honda Civic Type R BHP

Honda often uses a mono scroll unit and depends on the valve control of i-VTEC engine to ensure higher Breaking Horsepower. In this new models of Type R also, Honda is using 2.0-liter direct injected four-cylinder VTEC engine. The petrol VTEC engine is capable of generating 306 BHP at 6500 RPM. The red line will be shown at 7000 RPM. The BHP is never a problem with Honda’s Civic models and this time even, the BHP specs look promising.

#15 Honda Civic Type R Cruise Control

The Honda Civic Type R upcoming models use an Adaptive Cruise Control system with low-speed follow. Honda has polished the new cruise control system as a response to the low performing cruise control system in the previous civic models. The vehicle can maintain an optimum speed of 25-40 mph in the auto-pilot mode. The new models come with a forward collision warning which can alarm you well in advance in case of expected mishaps.

#16 Honda Civic Type R Dimension

Though much detail has not yet been revealed by Honda about the dimensions of the Type R models, the dummy showcased in the Paris Auto expo gave many ideas about it. It falls in the category of hatchback sporty cars. The expected dimension of the Civic Type R will be around 4390 mm * 1765 mm * 1610 mm which is satisfactory for a hatchback sports car. The new Type R will surely turn heads wherever it goes.

#17 Honda Civic Type R Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of the to-be-released Honda Civic Type R model is one of the key parameters to look for in India. Most of the sports cars often fail to capture the Indian market due to low ground clearance. The bumpy roads of India often demand high ground clearance for four wheelers. The new Type R has a ground clearance of 118 mm or 4.64 inches with the driver. This measure is fine for India if we compare this to the running models now.

#18 Honda Civic Type R Exterior

The exterior of Honda Civic type R is designed with utmost care to impart a cool and refreshing look. The aggressive fascia on both the front and rear of the car are impressive. The wheels are arched and the over-the-top rear wing suits the vehicle perfectly. The 20-inch black alloy wheels and the carbon fibre side skirts are a treat to the eyes. The tri-exhaust design and five variants of polished colour make the exterior of Civic Type R look amazing.

Honda Civic Type R Concept (2014 Geneva Motor Show)

Undoubtedly, a huge fan base of Honda Civic cars in India is eagerly waiting for this hot hatchback to arrive. The prototype of the vehicle has already created much buzz about it and in the coming days, we will see how far Honda keeps the promises it has made. Honda seems to be all set to get an edge over Ford Focus RS, Subaru WRX STI and Volkswagen Golf R with its all-new Civic Type R.

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