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Honda has forever been a favourite for those who wish to travel with their family or to work in the spunky Honda Civic or the Honda City. Honda, the brand also acknowledges this fame and therefore they have come up with the latest Honda Gienie on the same lines of the City. at the Chengdu Motor Show, along with a host of other hatchbacks and sedans, was the Honda Gienia.

Honda Gienia

The brand has decided to launch this stylish hatchback, which has a few trims and creases along the side and a profile to suit a semi-formal you as you drive to work or after-work party in it. The Solid wing face, headlights, the interiors, the safety tools and everything is here for you to make a go for it before you sit behind the steering wheel and go for a test drive in it when it comes to India soon.

Honda Gienia Price in India

You shall be able to get the Honda Gienia at the price of around INR 9 lakhs, which is reasonable considering the features and specifications.

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Honda Gienia Release date in India

Honda has decided to release Honda Gienia next year though the tentative date is not yet certain. When this Honda Gienia came to the Chinese market and ever since, has created a wave of excitement among the hatchback lovers in India as well, where the brand has its presence. Honda’s Jazz is a big hit and yet, there is high chance of Gienia also taking up great space in the heart of the potential drivers or buyers of this vehicle.

Honda Gienia Interior

Once you enter the hatchback of Honda Gienia, you shall get to view a big dial on three-spoke steering wheel. The front seat and the electrically adjustable and foldable wing mirrors, look so good. The digital driver information display and tachometer in the black interiors give it a classy look and feel. Leather upholstery adds to the beauty of the car too and shall give you ample comfort for journeys long and short. The car gets air conditioner and pollen filter in it. The car has ECON mode in all the variants. The car gets dual front airbags, and dual front side airbags, along with side curtain airbags, along with ABS-EBD. The Gienia comes with Electronic Anti-Theft system, childproof door locks and other such features.

Honda Gienia Seating Capacity

The five-door hatchback is an ideal family car that shall comfortably accommodate five people altogether giving everyone sufficient headroom and leg space. The leather upholstery and the really good arrangement of the seats make the passengers relax and sit back.

Honda Gienia Colours

Honda Gienia comes in the same colors as the Honda Civic like Aegean Blue, Crystal Black, White Orchid, Polished Metal, Rallye Red, Sonic Gray and Lunar Silver. So make your choice from one of these and take home one that suits your personality and your style.

Honda Gienia Mileage

Honda Gienia comes with a fuel tank of capacity of 40 liters, and shall achieve top power of [email protected] rpm. This said, the car shall cover 0-100km between 9.6 and 11.3 seconds.

Honda Gienie Features

One of the most striking features of the upcoming Honda Gienie is its sporty look. It is very unlikely of many hatchbacks, and though it is slightly shorter than a sedan, by about 22mm, it is nevertheless a stunner in terms of looks. The Honda Gienie would be on the popular Concept B design that the brand collaborates with Dongfeng for the sake of the customers. Those who have used or test driven the Honda Griez sedan shall find the familiar Solid Wing face dominating on the front façade giving it a look of sophistication.

Chrome fringes, frames and door handles are everywhere giving it a very cool look and feel. While the front of the car might give you sedan’s looks, the rear shall remind you of the spacious boot area of the Honda Civic. Honda Gienia flaunts the electric sunroof, and various other safety features too that shall make the car worthy of your look.

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Honda Gienia Specifications

As said earlier, Honda borrows to some extent a few features from the models like that of Honda City, Honda Griez and Civic of course. The Solid Wing face and front lamps shall bring you memories of the sedan Griez. The rear taillights, fog lights, the chrome trims, and exterior shall be similar to the Honda City FC or Civic models. The car has an electric sunroof, and keyless entry features too and comes with an optional CVT gearbox for those who shall be going for it. Do not miss out on the rear spoilers, and really stylish rear lights, that shall give it a sporty look and feel.

With such features, you should definitely try to go for a test drive once when it comes to India.

Honda Gienia Models

For quite some time, the Japanese automobile maker had been going on about borrowing a little bit from the other popular models like City, Civic, Griez or even Jazz. It is ready with this hatchback Gienie that has many components, which might remind you of the sedans or hatchbacks that had hit the market previously. The Honda Gienie will come in one primary petrol model of 1.5 Liter I-VTEC, engine with impressive power and torque output.

Honda Gienia Dashboard

The infotainment system and the central HVAC vents shall make the driver and the front passengers store in amply. Honda has borrowed the touch-operated climate control features from Griez. Honda has installed the LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system, and satellite navigation features to add to the comfort. Reverse camera and one-touch entry and exit is there in the luxury variant of the vehicle. The higher variant might even have four speakers and the big seven-inch touch infotainment screen shall be able to offer great connectivity. You may be able to connect to your device using GPS, Bluetooth, and HDMI.

Honda Gienia Boot Space

The front-wheel drive Honda Gienia is one of those hatchbacks that have taken lessons in increasing comfort to all the users. This is why where the Honda City has an amazing capacity of over 500 liters in the boot, the Honda Gienia does not fall short in this area at all. Rather, the buyers shall get ample space to load a lot of luggage in the cargo area and with great depth too.

Honda Gienia Best Speed

Honda Gienia is a front-wheel-drive hatchback that shall offer an outstanding top speed of anything between 185km/hr and 188km/h. This depends on whether you go for the in-built Manual transmission or for the CVT transmission gearbox.

Honda Gienia Engine

The Earth dreams 1.5-liter petrol 1498cc engine guarantees smooth drive on all the city and highway roads. The engine from Honda is one of its priorities and since the firm takes great steps to win new customers, it does not go about risking much. The five-speed manual transmission is in-built and yet one might go for the CVT Transmission too.

Honda Gienia BHP

The 1.5-liter petrol engine produces 128BHP of power on a given day and that too on a five-speed manual transmission.

Honda Gienia Cruise Control

Honda Gienia will be offering smooth drive, and since this is one of the facelifts that Honda is giving to the existing hit Civic or City, it shall be offering all of the ease. This can be just because the company wants many new users to pick this up in the coming year.

Honda Gienia Dimensions

Overall length of Gienia will be 4517mm, and a width of 1705mm, which means it is quite spacious and yet, not be too inconvenient for busy city roads. The height shall be between 1477mm and 1489mm and the wheelbase shall be 2600mm as said earlier itself. The turning radius is 10.8m.

Honda Gienia Ground Clearance

Honda Gienia will have a ground clearance that is quite sufficient to keep you safe and provide you a smooth ride on rough roads too.

Honda Gienia Exterior

The exteriors are very sporty and they do not have unnecessary trims or grilles besides the Solid Wing Face. The projector headlights, foglights, halogen headlights, are the things that shall appeal you. Further, you shall get five-spoke alloy wheels that give a super-stylish look and added to that, the chrome finish makes the car very appealing. The car shall get Daytime Running Lights and powered windows and even rear window wiper.

When the Gienia hit the Chinese market firstly through the Motor show and then the markets properly through showrooms, it quickly picked up sales. The amazing features and stylish exteriors and of course, the fuel efficiency of this modern version of Gienia will be a big hit and the most anticipated vehicle in India even. 

Among the notable features and specifications that might attract the potential buyers, the most alluring ones would be those of Airbags, and LaneWatch Blind spot monitoring system. Besides these, the close semblance to the top-notch sedans of Honda shall also win bonus points for the car and the company in a nutshell. So go shopping for some real hatchback, which shall help you sail through busy city roads with super powerful engines and that too at affordable priceSave

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