Hyundai Carlino Price, Specs & Features

Hyundai has shown the glimpse of its concept car, Hyundai Carlino HND 14 at the auto expo. The Korean automakers christened it as Hyundai Carlino. The newly designed concept vehicle from Hyundai looks completely different from its conventional predecessor’s design. And it is categorized under Sub-4m SUV offering from Hyundai.

Hyundai Carlino

Hyundai is expecting the all-new Carlino to compete against Ford Ecosport, Mahindra TUV3OO, and Maruti Vitara Brezza. Let us explore this newly launched concept of Hyundai and see what is expected in its production version. Read more Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Carlino HND Price in India

Though Diwali festival is down the line but Hyundai is in no hurry for its HND 14. Carlino needs to wrestle with next year’s Ford, Maruti and Mahindra SUVs and therefore Hyundai should definitely place a price-beating tag. Thus, based on the market experience, its base model should start above 6 lakhs. The customer can expect its top model around 8 lakhs. For such a classy look, the price window of 6-8L is definitely made it worth to consider.

Hyundai Carlino HND Release date in India

The all-new Carlino with HND 14 concept is rumored to come out for sale in the New Year. However, there is no official announcement from Hyundai regarding the release date of Carlino in India. However, for the people looking to buy a new SUV, the wait will surely be over by the first quarter of the next year. The whole new muscular look and promising features of Hyundai Carlino make it worth to wait for before rushing to buy other brands model.

Hyundai Carlino HND Interior

Hyundai makes a brief official statement about HND 14 Carlino concept’s design and exterior during the auto expo in Delhi. According to them, Carlino own multifunction lifestyle ability that creates an urban iconic statement with its unique design. Also, they talked about Hyundai’s commitment towards futuristic design to meet the aspiration of Indian customers. So, based upon above indication the interior of Carlino is sure to have a luxurious touch, ambient space, and electronically equipped dashboard.

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Hyundai Carlino HND Colors

The color of your car reflects your personality, profile and of course the choice. In auto expo, at Delhi, Hyundai displayed its HND 14 concept Carlino in metallic orange color. The color is quite vibrant and glossy, giving a cool blazer to its aluminum structure. The customer can expect the other color as shades of silver, gray, and copper from its production model. Black and white are suspicious. However, any color can be possible with Hyundai.

Hyundai Carlino HND Seating Capacity

As Carlino is sub four meter SUV, it can be assumed to carry 5 passengers at a time. As usual, two at the front and three at the rear side. The dummy model is a bit broad than other SUV at same segment. This probably for adding some extra space and comfort for backside passengers. The six or seven seater SUV is least expected in the production model of this concept car.

Hyundai Carlino HND Mileage

Mileage is never a concern with Hyundai. All the members of Hyundai car family have performed well in this section. With the introduction to concept HND 14 that also includes a clause about fuel efficient, the new Carlino is expected to be decent in terms of mileage. According to critics, the petrol version of Hyundai Carlino is going to offer a mileage of 17 KM per liter and the diesel version of Hyundai Carlino is set to 22 KM per liter.

Hyundai Carlino HND Features

The people who fall in love with the first look of Carlino are surely excited to know what all the features this SUV will have. As the Korean automakers are looking to beat many models in the same segment, they are expected to include all the essentials and first in segment features. Keyless entry, GPS-enabled touchscreen system, push start and stop, ABS, ventilated leather seats are expected to be integrated into all-new Carlino.

Hyundai Carlino HND Dashboard   

Ok so here comes the car driver companion. As discussed above that Carlino will embrace the latest technology, most of is applied to its dashboard. HND 14 concept is designed to provide all technical comfort and ease of driving from its creatively crafted dashboard. It will get a touchscreen system with maps, wireless reversing camera, power steering, interchangeable audio, LED visual units, push-button start and much more.

Hyundai Carlino HND Specification

As per showcased in Delhi Auto expo, Carlino will be designed in i20 hatchback platform and categorized under 4 meters long SUVs. The mechanical parts are enveloped based upon Fluidic 2.0 design philosophy. The car will be loaded with a number of high-ends technical, function and fashion specifications. Since Carlino is based upon HND 14 concept, it will get embedded with all the latest features available in the market.

Hyundai Carlino HND Models

According to the experts, Carlino get launched in two models. One is Hyundai Carlino Compact SUV base model, which is going to receive a minimum specification from HND 14 concept and also a sale at low price tag. The other one is Hyundai Carlino Compact SUV Best model, which is preferred for all high-end specifications and features aligned with HND 14 concept. The other variation models based upon transmission system, fuel type, and engine power is yet to be revealed by Hyundai India.

Hyundai Carlino HND Boot Space

The Hyundai Carlino, which is still in the concept has not revealed much about interiors in the auto expo showcase. But as the cat got inspired by the bigger version Hyundai Creta and need to compete with Ford Ecosport, you can expect a decent proportion of boot space. For a 5 seater Carlino, 400-500 liter boot space is an optimum inclusion.

Hyundai Carlino HND Best Speed

This compact SUV from Hyundai is going to receive many inputs from its predecessors – Creta and i20. Therefore, you can expect it to gear up to 5 transmissions and touch the peak speed of 200-230 km/h. The concept car is expected to easily pick the speed of 145 km/h and can maintain around 165/h in its base variant.

Hyundai Carlino HND Engine   

The drive train of HND 14 concept car is not disclosed yet. But it is expected to use the same engine of Hyundai Elite i20. But instead of embedding 1.2 liters 4 cylinder kappa petrol engine, Carlino will drive its power from small capacity turbo petrol engine. The diesel variant will probably receive the 1.4-liter diesel motor. Both engines are expected to couple with 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.

Hyundai Carlino HND BHP

The output shaft of Hyundai Carlino engines will receive more Brake horsepower this time. The concept Hyundai is reported to generate an 118bhp with its turbo petrol engine. Since the car will borrow most of its feature from i20 hatchback there is no wonder if the motor and measurement remain same. For i20, the petrol engine can produce 82bhp and the diesel engine can chunk maximum 89bhp.

Hyundai Carlino HND Cruise Control

The Hyundai Carlino will incorporate the automatically driving servomechanism Cruise control system. This will maintain the constant speed of your car without paddling accelerator. The cruise control in HND 14 concept car is expected to design with precision to function above 25mph or 40 mph. The delay time to energize the control will be scale down to hand over an instant control to your car and maintain a precise speed.

Hyundai Carlino HND Dimension

The new concept car of Hyundai India is categorized under sub four meter SUV. Therefore, the dimension of the car is within the set standard limit. The close look at its dummy model in auto expo gives some rough estimate about its dimension. Experts believe that the production version is around 3997 mm x 1775 mm x 1690 mm in dimension, which would be a decent size for the SUVs in this segment.

Hyundai Carlino HND Ground Clearance

Hyundai Carlino is screw down with high wheels and elevated body. This gives clear indication of high ground clearance in the concept car. The production version is expected to measure 190-195 mm of Ground clearance, which is decent cut off for Indian terrains.

Hyundai Carlino HND Exterior   

The build of a Hyundai Carlino is based on Elite i20 and undergird their new member Creta. The production version of the HND 14 is expected to be in the same silhouette as showcased in ongoing Delhi auto expo. But unlike its predecessor, this car show very aggressive and butch look. It integrates an elevated front with large grille and scuff plates under the chunky bumper. It has muscular bodyline with large wheels. As showcased in the auto expo, the futuristic head and tail lamps get a unique geometrical shape or a hexagonal one. Dual tone finish bumper and chiseled side body are running across the Carlino flesh.

The HND 14 concept embracing Hyundai Carlino sounds impressive and looking promising to its customers. The first look and official statement about futuristic features in new Carlino making it a top town talk in Indian motor market. With Carlino, Hyundai is going to make the first step in sub-4m compact SUV and the completion is really tough because many giants are already there. Hyundai India has to plan accordingly to provide product and features that can attract the buyers and conquer the battle of bestselling SUV



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