Hyundai Celebrates Glories 20 Years in India

In 1998, Korea-based vehicle Maker Company has debuted in India and today it has completed its 20 glories years. The company has celebrated this event with warm,

Santro – The First Car Made By Hyundai

The first car venture of Hyundai in India was Hyundai Santro, for his company has established its production unit in Chennai. Hyundai Santro has captured sufficient market. From the warm response of Indian car buyers, Hyundai got to trust that they can be top on Indian auto market once. Hyundai Santro was the first car itself in its segment to replace the multi-port fuel injection engine based Carburetor (MPFI) engine was fitted in it.

hyundai santro 1998 model

Hyundai Celebrates – On Completing 20 Years in India

On this event, the Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s Managing Director Mr. Young stated that It is one of the greatest achievements for us. 20 years ago we dreamed of changing the Indian auto industry and today we have fulfilled that dream with the help of different products i. Make in India campaign by joining our global face-to-face with India’s potential is made. We’ve had tremendous support from the customers and I am sure that in future we will strengthen the faith of the customers. “

hyundai celebrates 20 years in india

Hyundai India’s 20-year anniversary celebration is going on and soon will launch the company’s new exclusive logo. The factory employee special program will also be held soon. Hyundai India plans for the future, we also congratulate them and wish them glories journey ahead.

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