Hyundai i20 Active Along with Six Airbags

Hyundai has presented new Hyundai i20 Active available with 6 airbags. The price, Hyundai has decided for the Hyundai i20 Active six airbags is around 8.30 lakhs (Petrol model) and 9.70 Lakhs (Diesel model). These prices are gathered about Ex-showroom Delhi. Well, Hyundai has made this choice available in top end model only. There is a price rise of around 14000/- due to adding the additional airbags, but on the subject of safety, everything is okay.

Hyundai i20 Active along with six airbags

Hyundai i20 Active Side & Curtain Airbags


Actually, i20 Active is already in a transaction, but before Hyundai was giving 4 airbags, within the new model there is the addition of 2 airbags. This time, the two airbags are on side part and curtain part. This is how it has arranged 6 airbags in i20 Active of Hyundai. Another additional function in this car is about ABS, plus impact sensing auto door unlocks system. It is defiantly very true that these new features and additional two airbags are added by Hyundai for increasing the safety features.

Hyundai i20 Active Side & Curtain Airbags

We wish that this car would be popular because Hyundai has concentrated on the safety this time.I20 Active along with six airbags is opening new doors for the safety, and other car makers will take a lesson from it. Stay tuned here for moreā€¦


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