India is leading in Road Accident Deaths

India is now having one of the big automobile industries in the world. Giant Automobile companies are having their good Profit center in India and rest are seeking for it. India is having around 10 per cent of all the road accident deaths happening around the world.


India road crashes kill 146,133 people in 2015

In India around 1.46 lakh people are losing their lives in an accident occurred by automotive in single year shockingly which highest in the world. In the last year 2015 about 1, 46,133 people have lost their lives in 5, 01,423 reported road accidents and many others go unreported.


By accepting some precautions we can prevent the Road Accident in India, some are below here, as they say, speed thrills and also kills. Keep a rein on your speed, Obey traffic rules, Wear seat belts, Pedestrians and children come first, Read caution signs, Adopt anti skid brake systems in the cars, Airbags in vehicles, Reflectors, Vehicle must be in good working condition- there should be no compromise on the quality of brakes and tires.


Further, it is imperative to inflate tires with the right air pressure to avoid tire bursts on road. Roads should be in good condition, Avoid drugs and alcohol while driving, falling asleep behind the wheel has led to many grave mishaps on the road.


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