Mahindra e2o Plus – All you need to know

Mahindra e2o Plus – Mahindra is on the next stage of its journey in making of earth-friendly vehicles. Mahindra electric, an electronic car manufacture subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra group has recently press released it’s all new e2o Plus also known as e20 Plus by people. As the name suggest, this new hatchback is the enhanced version of its predecessor Mahindra e2o.

The official launch of this redefine e2o is expected by the end of this month, as an obvious to capitalize the Diwali. As a luring annotation, the company defines “Mahindra e20 Plus” as ‘energy to oxygen’ and the ‘Plus’ parts denote the positive ‘add-on’ that the car will bring in terms of being eco-friendly.

Live Update:21-10-2016 : Mahindra E2o Plus Launched with 4 Door Variants with 140 KM Mileage in 1 Charing

Live Update:21-10-2016 : Mahindra E2o Plus Launched Today. Starting Price is 5.46 Lakh. E2o Plus Will be Available in 3 Variants

Update:(20-10-2016): Mahindra E2o Plus Launching Tomorrow, Teaser released

Mahindra e2o Plus

The arrival of mahindra e2o Plus, especially with 4-doors and fast charging feature is surely rejoicing for the people who are looking for an eco-friendly commute. Here, you can embrace this next generation electric car to know the ‘What’s new’ in detail.

Mahindra e2o Plus Launch Date in India

OK, the First thing first. When is this eco-friendly car going to hit the Indian market? Though there is nothing clearly mentioned in the press release by the officials but a clear indication is there to showcase it by the end of October. As the company is targeting Diwali sales, it is expected to hit the ground most probably before the third weekend of this month. The actual release date in India is yet to be revealed. For those who are looking to pre-book or test drive this environment-friendly model will receive good news soon with the exact dates of its arrival. For a rough estimate, you can plan your visit to Mahindra electric showroom after 22nd of October. Hope it will be earlier than this. Keep checking for the update.

Mahindra e2o Plus Price in India

The Starting Price of Mahindra e2o plus will be 5.46 Lakh ex-Showroom Delhi. While many of you are ready to buy this one and the only eco-friendly car in India at any cost, some of you still have a price concern. Looking back at the price tag of its predecessor “e2o” i.e. 5-8 lakh INR, it is expected to be a bit more than this. It is obvious as Mahindra says it would come in addition of extra door, more space and increase driving range.

All these enhanced features surely contribute to the pricing factor. However, analyzing the competitive car market in India, Mahindra will surely take a fair price for Mahindra e2o plus consideration to appeal more customer and spreading awareness of electrified mobility. So, with the added advantage, you can expect its base variant ranging from 6-8 lakh. Rest is a mystery until the commercial market reveals. The price for Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai will be updated here after launching.

Mahindra e2o Plus Interior

Now going inside the car, let us see what e20 plus has new to offer. The best part of this new no-pollution car is extra space. Yes, the car is expected to be more spacious than its previous version and this will surely be a sign of comfort for Indian family. Mounted with the chiseled touchscreen interface, the dashboard is well integrated with digital speed information pod. The car is rumored to have a premium leather finish inside that give it more vibrant look. Moreover, the major change is now e20 is a 4-door vehicle with ‘Plus’ variant. This would give a drastic change in interior look than its predecessor. Other utilities like cup and bottle holders, seat pocket, and vanity mirror are still to be there in the enhanced version.

Mahindra e2o Plus Colors

Upbringing in the joyful festival of Diwali, color would be an important consideration in customers’ mind. Experts are expecting no different offering in this segment. Mahindra likely to be continue with its previously launched spectrum. With that reference, the e2o plus is likely to get painted in Eco Green, Sunfire Yelllow, Arctic Silver, Spanish Red, Coral Blue and Oceanic White. With the teaser, one can figure out a lavishing black color but nothing can be said. All these color variants were heart-fully accepted by the Indian audience at the time of e2o. Same would be an expectation this time even. Still, the potential buyers are always ready to welcome something new and try something out of the blue.

Mahindra e2o Plus Boot space

Bootspace is the point of discussion among people looking for covering some large distance with extra luggage. As an eco-friendly alternative in India and with distinctive fuel advantages, some features may be outrageous. This will apply to the e2o plus bootspace, which is expected to be in range of 150-200 liters. The previous version of the same had 150 liters of bootspace, which is quite descent but not competitive. The increase in space in the latest variant would give hope of some extra boot capacity that will be fine enough to carry light baggage and suitcase. However, looking at the current environment scenario, there is hardly any offering like Mahindra e2o plus at pocket-friendly budget. So, people are expected to compromise with bootspace in sake of other Plus features.

Mahindra e2o Plus Best Speed

This battery-powered vehicle has some of its own technical limitations in terms of speed but it would not let you down. In an air-conditioned cabin, you can achieve the top speed of 85 km/hr with this utility vehicle. And to be fair with an electric motor, the speed and pick up would be enough to get a comfortable timely ride for your daily city commute. You can also top gear it up to 100 km/hr without AC and this would be maximum you can get out of it. It is not intelligent to expect more with this fuel saver and environment-friendly vehicle. Moreover, by committing to low-speed vehicle, you are saving many lives on the road and fuel for next generation.

Mahindra e2o Plus Mileage

By referring to its earlier base version, the car takes almost chunks 4 hours for a full charge, which delivers the mileage of around 80 kmph. With invent of new variant along with extra loaded features and technical enhancement, the car is expected to touch 140 kmph in the base range. The other top variant of this car takes a bit less time to charge as it is introduced with fast charging features this time in its ‘plus’ model. And this let the eco-car to deliver maximum mileage of 120-150 kmph, which will surely be impressive to the audience. As an economic and eco-friendly car, the above mileage would be sufficient to reach out destination on time and saving the environment from pollution and heat at the same time.

Mahindra e2o Plus Seating Capacity

Mahindra e2o Plus is spaciously designed to accommodate 4 adults comfortably in a go. This would be considered as handsome seating capacity especially in the tag of small family car or friend’s car. The pair of seats in front designed ergonomically to align with dashboard and give enough vacuum to stretch near vicinity of interior. The two on the rear side has the folding feature to enlarge the boot space when not in use. Ultimately, an eco-friendly car with descent seat capacity is nowhere less than expectation. And, with stylish interior, its worth comparing with other models of the same seating capacity. The actual seats dimension and fabric quality will come into picture only after official release.

Mahindra e2o Plus Engine Specs

Beneath the bonnet of this electric power car, we have 3 phases, 19kw induction motor energized by a 48V free lithium ion battery. With the above measures, the car is designed to produce 25.4bhp power at 3750 revolution per minute. This will result in generating a peak torque of 53.9Nm, which is a really good figure for this class device. The engine is coupled with fully automatic transmission system that gives it an edge over the competitive car market in India. The Li-ion battery inside the car is expected to come with fast charging feature than its earlier version. As usual, it can be charged through a 220 V, 15 A input supply with a universal plug-in socket that allows it to get fueled anywhere, a positive ‘Plus’.

Mahindra e2o Plus Dimension

Mahindra e2o plus is expected to get some extra metal on its body in comparison to its predecessor. This is primarily because of adding some extra space to this car. The earlier versions are measured to be 3280 mm in length and whooping height of 1514 mm. This surely gives enough headroom and standard length for this small hatchback. In the new variant, the ‘Plus’ prefix also indicates the addition factor on the car dimension. The new e2o would surely get some extra length, breadth and height that is advantageous in terms of both comfort and price. The vehicle is expected to get decent increment in ground clearance, which is just 180 mm in earlier e2o. The wheelbase is expected to improve with more turning radius.

Mahindra e2o Plus Exterior

Mahindra e2o Plus

Let us discuss about the show off part of the car. The brand new exterior of “e2o Plus” carry a major change in the form of 2 extra rear doors, which tag it as a 4-door car now. Previously, e2o was launched with only two front doors. This would receive positive response from the customers. The design update in e2o plus will offer chrome finished front grille with the straight slats downwards. The teaser of the car showcase the tweaked front and rear bumpers with striking change as vertically placed rear LED lamp cluster. The car is expected to come with stretched wheelbase and more chiseled body that enhance its look and appearance.


Mahindra will simply bring up a fantastic electric car for India this Diwali. The previous variant holds good reputation in the market and the same is expected with “e2o Plus”. The competition for this 4-seater and 4-door model is not easy when comparing to other brands model. However, the thing that stand it out from the crowd is being eco-friendly. The car is coming through lot of modification, best in class features and especially with fast charging functionality that sets the ground for its official launch. Nowadays, people are more aware about the environmental condition and increasing rate of pollution. This cognizant will surely help Mahindra to reserve place for its hatchback both in market and heart of Indian people.


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