Mahindra has Launched Family Electric Car

In India the one and only electric car maker Mahindra is going to present e20 which is also called Energy To Oxygen Plus. This car is having three variant, the starting price of this car is 5.45 lakh rupees. And additionally, it will receive the discount benefits which are going to be available on Electric cars.

Mahindra has Launched Family Electric Car

In the Best variant of this car, there are 41 Ps of power and 91 nm of torque. The company is claiming that this car will run up to 140 KM.  Its top speed is 85 kilometers per hour. 0 to achieve a speed of 60 kilometers per hour takes 9.5 seconds. However, due to the large battery to full charge, it will take nine hours. Mahindra E2o Plus (E 2 O)five hours of charging time is Mahindra is offering the quick charge feature. This feature can charge the battery in one hour, 90 per cent will make.

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Mahindra e2o Plus : Official Review

The car is technically quite advanced. With the help of an app sitting in the office – sitting can be cool. This app will tell you about the health of the car. Advanced infotainment system, for easy driving in hilly region Hill, hold Control, automated messages, and the central charge and also have features like Rijeneretiv braking.

Mahindra e2o Plus : Official Review

Let me tell you a very small electric car Reva Mahindra came before and after he came with two e2o doors. The (e2o) Size Reva was slightly larger than the previous seats and can seat two children. But now the company Plus has launched e2o place as any small hatchback. The mean size of the car is already big enough. The length, width, and height have been increased for all three. So now the car is made by the company in keeping the family class.

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