Mahindra XUV 700

Mahindra XUV 700 – At the last year Motor show conducted in Paris, a subsidiary of Mahindra, which is popularly known as SsangYong showcased a very new concept known as Limitless Interface Vehicle (LIV-2). It is not anything but a base of which will be afterwards called upcoming Rexton SUV. Because of being officially revealed soon, the first images of this brand new Rexton vehicle have currently leaked online. Much similar to Tata taking benefit of technologies build at the JLR platform, Mahindra is striving to force the upcoming version of a well-received model named Rexton exactly at the Seoul Motor Show of 2017 in only two days of the period in front of Anand Mahindra, who is a chairman of Mahindra.

Mahindra XUV 700

It is vital to note that the front fascia of this brand new model embellishes a symbol tooth grilled along with emblem of Mahindra embossed at the heart of an extremely solid chrome line which links the bright headlamps. They are the specially designed headlamps that come with LED daytime running lights. Its bonnet includes many famous character lines as well as there is an enormous bumper protecting the black skid plate and horizontal fog lamps hiding below the large air intake option for emphasizing this SUV character. If you desire to learn the useful details of new SUV, you can visit the right and reliable online website where you can see the unique features, safety options, engine performance and other vital information about Mahindra XUV700. These are the most significant details that will surely bring you an overall idea of this new SUV.

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It holds lots of importance for the present Indian market when the brand new vehicle to anticipated to bring a sample of how the premium flagship of Mahindra will appear. With official pictures revealed yesterday, how you have the digitally imagined halo SUV of Mahindra which is also codenamed as a Y400. Along with this, it can also be rolling out of the manufacturing lines hauling XUV700 badge.

List of 10 Things You Should Know About Upcoming Mahindra XUV700

#1 Mahindra XUV 700 Price in India

Especially, both the SsangYong and Mahindra are using the same code name as Y400 for a new seven-seat luxury SUV. The Mahindra could name a luxury SUV as the XUV700 on keeping with its flagship status. The Mahindra XUV700, starting Price in India, will be eighteen lakhs for base petrol 4X2 Manual trim.

#2 Mahindra XUV 700 Interior

The interior portion of this new SUV has also been released that is declared to be an incredibly huge step up above that of its predecessor as well as crafted around the driven concept of chauffeur. It comes with a tan interior dashboard made of leather upholstery and dual-tone black with wood, chrome, and black detailing for the premium look. When comes to the dashboard, it comes with an active touchscreen infotainment device of 9.2 inches along with the Apple Car Play, GPS-guided navigation and Auto Connectivity of Android. Along with this, the new SUV will come with the third-two seating as well.

#3 Mahindra XUV 700 Seating Capacity

The new flagship SUV of Mahindra will lie over the XUV500 present in a line-up of this company as well as could be properly christened as XUV700 upon its launch. It is one of the full-size premium SUVs that come with three rows and comfortable seating facilities for seven will be properly positioned in a manner that is available in the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner. In reality, the report includes that this new Mahindra XUV700 or Rexton will challenge these two rivals by roughly about four to five lakhs.

According to the concept of LIV-2, the brand SsangYong Y400 or Rexton will calculate 4.85 meters long, 1.8 m tall and 1.92 meters wide. As mentioned above, the wheel of this new SUV will measure 2865 mm, that is truly 120 mm extra that of Fortuner, thus resulting in massive interior space. In short, it will not only beat the rivals in forms of space but it in the forms of the features as well.

#4 Mahindra XUV 700 Specifications

Ssangyong has not revealed the lineup of an engine but the dropped information while the new LIV-2 Concept is unveiled. The new SUV will be actually on both in the diesel as well as petrol guise. Apart from that, it also comes with the 4×4 and RWD option as well. Everyone can anticipate this Indian version or model to arrive with the 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine that has the capability to make 420 Nm as well as 184 Bhp. Mahindra decided to the petrol engine facility to all of the new vehicles. For this reason, the 2.0 turbo petrol engine is also anticipated with this new SUV.

It will generate approximately 349 Nm as well as 225 Bhp. The new 2.0L GDI turbocharged engine (petrol) of this new SUV is available with the six-speed automatic or six-speed manual when the last is a recognizable 2.2L turbo diesel unit obtainable with seven-speed automatic and six-speed manual. The new SUV will be provided in automatic and manual guise both, for suiting all needs and requirements. You can also anticipate the brand too heavily limit the SUV to keep its pricing competitive. Particularly, the Q502 and Q501 luxury SUVs of Tata Motors will be probable rivals to this new Mahindra SUV. Read More about Mahindra XUV 500 2018

#5 Mahindra XUV 700 Features

For example, this new LIV-2 concept or model is considered, this SUV gets these below mentioned features that include individual seats, ultimately linked heart console for the back seat occupants and much more. Along with this, it also comes with the seats recline options that feature an excellent massage function. There is an effective and integrated communication device available in this new SUV that features a middle 9.2″ monitor as well as 10.1″ monitor in every headrest.

While speaking about the connectivity facilities, it is nicely boosted via the above-mentioned facilities such as Wi-Fi, Android Audio, and Apple CarPlay. In addition to that, the new SUV also illuminates the way for passengers leaving or approaching this SUV at the night time. It is very vital to note that the luxury is one of the highly preferred things for the chauffeur driven and limousine experience.

#6 Mahindra XUV 700 Dimensions

The brand new Rexton has these following dimensions: length of 4,850 mm, width of 1,920 mm and height of 1,800 mm, along with 2,865 mm wheelbase. The new SUV will be built using the Quad frame structure by using giga-steel of 1.5 Gpa, something which has not been done earlier. For improving strength and reducing weight more, the brand has included highly advanced and reliable steel to its body.

With these details in place, anticipate the luxury SUV or vehicle to be vast, along with an immense street presence. When Mahindra may elect not to utilize the great tensile steel material in its product range to keep prices low, what you learn is that this will use the steps frame chassis.

The surface profile of this SUV includes muscular diamond cut wheels made of an alloy as well as lower part skirts when its body-coloured arm mirrors with the turn indicators that can be adjustable electrically. Simply as a LIV-2 concept that gave increase to the upcoming Rexton, this Mahindra XUV700 model is possibly going to be the seven-seater as well as may lie on the body-on-frame construction.

#7 Mahindra XUV 700 Safety

On the safety front, this concept is fully loaded with lots of specialized and latest features such as nine airbags that includes a curtain, rear & front side, driver’s knee and front. Apart from that, it also includes the highly advanced emergency braking device or system otherwise named AEBS and much more. The new SUV will also anticipate coming with the blind spot detection, lane departure warning, traffic safety assist, high beam assistance and much more. These are the most essential and helpful safety features that clearly show security is the major focus of this new SUV. These are the anticipated details of this brand new SUV, so you can use it for getting a proper idea of this new SUV.

If you desire to know the new updates regarding the new SUV, you can keep watching the trusted online website which will upload all new notifications regarding the Mahindra XUV700 on a regular basis. The online site not only provides you precise details, but it also brings you an excellent opportunity to know about the release date of this new SUV. Mahindra will possibly give the new SUV to the Delhi Auto Expo in the year of 2018.

#8 Additional facts about Mahindra XUV 700

The new SUV include silver lining above its window surrounds as well as durable roof rail. They are anticipated on the developed model has appeared in the representation when a small rear profile may cover the outer portion of this premium SUV. Comes with a large profile, the inner part of this SUV is anticipated to be high or minimum as roomy as its contest considering the wheelbase of 120 mm the new LIV-2 Concept had more than the Fortuner.

Remaining assured, this will truly have the latest infotainment system include touchscreen facility with Auto connectivity by Android and CarPlay by Apple, a multi-spoke steering turn with driver assistance facilities and mounted controls assisting every off-road capability. The power component could be an incredibly new 2.0-litre motor equally developed with a SsangYong. This Mahindra XUV700 or new SUV will also come in four-wheel as well as two-wheel drive configurations along with automatic transmission and manual transmission options.

Mahindra XUV 700 Images 

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