Mercedes-AMG Plans to Build a Project ONE 1000-Horsepower with F1 Engine

Yes, you read that right! The Mercedes–AMG is one of those brands, which succeed in making a mark and drawing the maximum attention with its announcement. The brand recently made a big splash across international media right from Detroit Auto Show. It has become the talking point. Yes, Project ONE will be their next big launch that shall be a race car for the street!

Mercedes-AMG is planning to build a powerful 1000-horsepower vehicle, the project ONE that will have all the F1 ready-engine but will be suitable for busy city roads as well! Wasn’t this your dream and haven’t you thought of being a racecar driver always? Probably, this is the reason; the brand is toying with this idea also.

From the powerful F1 engine, with strong electric motor, the car shall be one big tease of the year till its release for sure.

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Mercedes-AMG Hypercar ‘Project One’ To Arrive In September

However, one has to be alert for the Mercedes AMG is not going to produce the Project ONE in a large number. They shall launch just around 250-300 units of this hyper car. The production plan is still hush-hush and kept under the wraps and so one cannot guess the price. Even though, one can estimate the price to be around €2 Million and above or to say around Rs 12 crore.

The vehicle shall be the fastest two-seater and will be on the concept of the wheel-selective front-axle drive. This will also be their first street-legal car. When the company released the initial official image of the car, the representatives said that it was going to fill in the gap between a streetcar and a racecar. The image also shows the presence of roof-mounted air intake and a central fin that would help in gaining speed.

Aerodynamics shall play an important role in this hyper car for sure. The car shall have a slightly different battery, a lithium–ion which is common in F1 cars. The brand has gone for electric-powered engine, and they are quite sure and happy about it since it shall be helpful in making their vision a success. The electric engine is something that is common in most of the modern-day sports cars these days too.

The F1-Engined Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Will Make Around 1000 Horsepower

Besides all of this, one thing that also grabs our attention is that the Project ONE will be going at around 10000rpm. This is something that we are sure that you cannot really shake off and it is indeed a bit of news that shall spin your head. The turbocharged 1.6-liter engine will be something that shall be suitable to gain momentum and help you gain the speed on the road.

The car is also supposed to get a V6 Two motor generators for ultimate in performance besides every other accessory.

The launch of the car will be sometime during September 2017 at the Frankfurt Auto Show to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of AMG, for sure is what we have heard from the industry insiders.

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