The Mercedes Benz GLA gets a New Makeover – At a Glance

Mercedes Benz needs no introduction and its GLA model too is quite a popular one among four-wheeler fans. Since its launch in India in 2014, the compact crossover or entry-level SUV, has been around for a while, before the makers decided to pack in some more punch.

The Mercedes Benz GLA got a makeover that made it sassier, and has given it a new look once again. The automobile company has given a sneak peek at the vehicle at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which has piqued the interest level in people globally.

Mercedes Benz GLA Features

What are the new features and what minor or major changes did Mercedes Benz give to its baby that they are going for a re-launch soon probably in 2017 or 2018? Let us look through them.

Mercedes Benz GLA Features

The GLA gets standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. On looking at the vehicle from the front, you would notice that the vehicle has become wider and the bumper and LED headlamps are also few things you would notice.

The vehicle makers have promised higher speed, with lesser noise and even superb aerodynamics. This means that they have taken steps to put all of those features and gears to get it running. Alloy wheels remain as before and the rear bumpers will now feature stark and stylish changes that are going to surprise you the first time.

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Mercedes Benz GLA Interior

One thing that shall resonate with this brand new and comfy looking SUV from Mercedes Benz is that the German carmakers have taken extra steps to make subtle differences here and there. The interiors get the 8.0-inch touchscreen and a sporty looking red-trimmed instrument cluster.

Mercedes Benz GLA Interior

The Smartphone Integration Package will have Apple Carplay along with Android Connectivity, that also promises standard rearview camera and 360 degree view besides many other features.

Mercedes Benz GLA Specs

Now talking about the engine and the powertrain, not much of change is visible there since the vehicle gets new variant and works on petrol and diesel engines.

Mercedes Benz GLA Engine Specs

Talking about the other good things that come with this latest version of GLA is its brand new variant that the carmakers have added to the existing list of variants – the GLA 220 4MATIC. The GLA gets AMG Studio Performance Package too, which gets the AMG Night package too.

The fuel efficiency and the new smarter technological tools are going to be the highlights in this 2017 end or 2018 launch vehicle.

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