New Models of Releasing Maruti Dzire Variants

Maruti company has launched new car with the name of 2017 Maruti Dzire and it built with the amazing features than the old version car. It is new third gen Dzire in India and it less than 1,000 kg of weight. Here the variant weighting is of 990kg and the care has design with the large boot, which support to predecessor at 378 liters against the 316 liters. Here the third generation car engine is boosted with the 83hp with the 1.2 liter and it build with the four cylinder which transmit high speed.

New Models of Releasing Maruti Dzire Variants

 It transmit It is pure petrol engine which offered with the five speed manual gearbox and it help to control the speed of car as per the needs and wants of the customer. it transmit the high power up to 6000 rpm and torque at 4200 rpm but the diesel engine has 74 hp of power at 40000 rpm and 190 number of torque at rpm of 4200. The automatic transmission is available for the model of Vxi and Vdi onward but not for base of Lx and Ldi.

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New Maruti Dzire Variants Explained

Now the new launch 2017 Maruti Dzire variants explained below

  • LXi
  • LDi
  • VXi
  • VDi
  • ZXi
  • ZDi,
  • ZXi+ a
  • ZDi+

However, the LXi as well as the LDi is option of Amt gearbox hence the customer can go with the any option to buy as per the needs. It has common features of the dual interior color designs, LED tail Lamps and radio antenna. The variant in the car offer the more goodies that include front grill and ORVMS, tachometer, front doors, driver side, sun visor, turn indicator and much more.

New Maruti Dzire Variants Explained

Here the ZXi and ZDi version out with the alloy wheel and find chrome insert on the exterior of car. Here the variant of Z trims of the both diesel and petrol engine have precision Cut allow wheel, DRLS, headlamps and much more update features. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the driver to have safe drive for long distance. Here the Maruti Dzire is available with option of start / stop button, automatic climate control, auto down and up power widows on the Z trims so it will be deliver the additional luxury to travel. Then above variants has offer with tilt steering, bottle holder, socket, front charging and much more.



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