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Nissan is all set with its all-new global compact crossover car, named Nissan Kicks. During T20 Cricket world cup, Nissan was the official partner and also it is going to be upcoming Rio summer Olympics games where this car brand does marketing for its brand new Nissan Kicks in the global compact SUV market. Maruti Suzuki S Cross is not doing well in the Indian car market and Nissan Kicks can get the advantages of it by providing indeed premium crossover in India. They are targeting so many countries, not only India and that’s why they choose the upcoming Rio Olympics Games to promote Kicks all over the world.

Nissan Kicks

It’s all started from Sao Paulo Motor Show 2014 where the concept of Kicks was revealed first and now the time has come, to enjoy stylish and dynamic crossover.

Nissan Kicks Price in India

Urban lifestyle is improving day by day and cars too in order to meet the growing urban lifestyle of India. So many people choose the new car extremely carefully because it becomes their statement of lifestyle. Many folks are ready to pay a high price but in return, they want something worth and stylish car. In India, many companies provide car loans which make easy for also mid-range people. The most expected price in India for Nissan Kicks will be INR 7.50 Lakhs to 11.50 Lakhs. It is not the exact cost, but starting price you may consider around 7.50 to 8 lakh. This price is good for what they are going to offer in Kicks.

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New Nissan Kicks Interior

The cabin of all-new Nissan Kicks car is pretty impressive. The car will come with a stylish interior as it was designed with comfort in mind. You will get ‘Gliding Wing’ dashboard which is ready with very attractive gauges giving the high-class and futuristic feel. Also, the flat-bottomed steering wheel catches the attention. The car offers best-in-class passenger space in the rear. 7 an inch Infotainment full-color display screen system will let you get easy street navigation, view of rear parking camera and provide audio-video controls by simple touch. Yes, it also provides smartphone connectivity. Driver’s seat is smartly adjustable and provides a perfect road view to the driver. The room is sufficient to enjoy the driving and riding in Kicks.

Nissan Kicks Mileage

About upcoming Nissan Kicks’ mileage, there is no accurate information available yet. But this car is going to challenge Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster means its powerful engine should give mileage around at least 18 to 20 kmpl and major car experts are agree with this mileage. 20 kmpl is a good mileage in the city area where you have to face traffic-packed roads.

Nissan Kicks Dimensions

Upcoming Kicks car is just perfect in a matter of length, height and width. It will come with 1590 mm height, 4295 mm length, and 1760 mm width. When it comes down to wheelbase, it contains 2610 mm wheelbase. Turning radius of this car is also impressive. It sounds slight differ than its original concept but looks amazing so not an issue.

Nissan Kicks Engine Specs

Want to know what kind of engine will provide ultimate power to new Kicks. Here you go. They are going to set future for the small crossover and for it they will provide indeed powerful engine. The Kicks will come with 1.6 L Flex-Fuel Petrol Engine in left-hand drive market, while India bound Kicks model will chance to come with 1.5 L dCi Diesel Engine. Probably, a car maker can provide both engine options in India. Delhi is not ready for a diesel engine. As per car experts, the company will surely provide both a petrol and diesel engine. In starting, only a petrol engine may come and later on diesel engine will.

Nissan Kicks Exterior 

In very fewer words, we can say, this new crossover provides an outstanding look which is worth crowd pleasure. Exterior shows this car’s expressive and unique design which contains signature V-motion Grille, floating roof, boomerang headlights & taillights, high ground clearance, unmatched dynamic flow, voluminous body shape, sharp edges & details, and many segment first features make it unique in its type. Exterior design is a kind of ‘Emotional Geometry’ and very appealing. This kind of exterior is much loved by the young generation. Distinct roof rail and roof colour will give the company to dashboard’s colour and colour’s of seats.

Nissan Kicks Features

When you are going to buy a modern urban car, your features expectations remain high. New Nissan Kicks will cater all just perfectly as it is a feature-packed crossover. Kicks features start-stop button, automatic climate control, beautiful speedometer and instrument cluster, leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls and adaptive cruise controls, ample passenger space, beefier wheel arches, blacked-out A- and B-pillars, coupe-like roofline, spacious boot area (to store passenger luggage), Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection. It is an innovative blend of comfort, style, technology and safety. What kind of features this car is offering shows that it will give very tough completion to current big player Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster in India.

Nissan Kicks Other Goodness

We do not promote any car brand, we just provide genuine car information so that one can choose the right car. You must compare new Nissan Kicks with Creta and Duster to get a perfect difference and to know the pros and cons. It is versatile and dynamic and the best way to know it in details is a test drive. Find nearest Nissan Showroom in India or Nissan Dealers in India for book your Kicks car or drive test. The highest speed of this car will be likely 180 kmpl and it will touch the 0 to 100 speed in around 13 seconds. Pick-up wise it sounds good enough!

We all know that driving car in the city is rapid and spontaneous. This car offers an advanced navigation system, high ground clearance, best visibility for driver and high stance as well so that you can easily navigate the obstacles.

Nissan Kicks Safety

New upcoming Kicks by Nissan is safe enough for you and your family. It comes with class-leading technology and world-class car safety features which keeps the car steady on high speed while taking a turn and while climbing. It offers advanced cruise control which will give you best comfort through speed fix ease and traffic auto drive ease. Along with Airbags, child door lock and best safe design, it also provides ‘The Around View Monitor’ and ‘Moving Object Detection’ on a 7-inch display with an alert to make your driving safer and also reduce the driving stress on busy city streets. India will enjoy such kind of innovative safety features in new Kicks.

Global Car experts appreciate the design of this car, exterior and interior of this car. One car expert considers it the future of small crossovers and indeed its features sounds future-proof. Plenty of space in the roomy interior is the plus point of this car and it also lets you store luggage with ease in spacious boot space. One car expert considers it just a perfect car model for global crossover leadership. If you are planning a new car purchase in India or in another country, you must compare price, features and specifications of this upcoming crossover with your car choice to say no to regret. Inside-out, Nissan Kicks sounds just perfect to cater to urban car buyers. Let’s wait & watch!

Words of Nissan Kicks Makers

Nissan Kicks is a car made to take on the city with confidence. At first, we designed a concept car to meet the demands of an urban lifestyle. This was our inspiration. Now, we have a production car that is stylish and versatile. We are proud to give you the Nissan Kicks.

We are India based leading latest car news provider online platform helping so many potential and perceptive car buyers of India. Herein, we would love to introduce the all-new Nissan Kicks. Get Nissan Kicks on road price in India, key features, full specifications, engine details, mileage, performance, power, interior, exterior, dimension, expert reviews, safety features, segment best things and many more essentials which you must know for this forthcoming car in India. Nissan brand has come in focus in India due to Nissan Terrano and now car maker can move ahead with best of kind products to get best advantages of the large Indian car market which is growing day by day. This car will play a vital role for the company in India and if it goes successful, they can sale remarkable units in India.

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