Nissan Micra Cross Price in India, Mileage, Interior, Colours & Specs

Nissan is a top brand automobile company and it brings out a number of update automobile by every year in the current market. At present, it is planning to launch the Nissan Micro Cross and it will be sure to hit the market in a fine manner. On the other hand, this car is expecting more sales over the market during the launch. Because it is a plan to sale with the low-cost price with the high-end features and other innovative design that bring out more traffic to own such a new car.

Nissan Micra Cross

Nissan Micra Cross Release Date in India

Presently, this car is out for sale in Europe and it is planning soon to sale in India so the people are waiting to book such the brand car to enjoy luxury travel with more comfort. on the other, the Nissan is not yet providing the exact date of release so the customer is eagerly waiting on such the brand car.

Nissan Micra Cross Price in India

Now this car is sale in Europe but in India, this car is out for sale by the next years and the price of the car is not exactly determined. Hence I customer have to update the official website to get details of the car price.

Nissan Micra Cross CSD Price

The CSD has taken special steps to announce the price in India to sale over the markets and it is under process so the customer needs to wait for finding the major ideas about the price of the car. Once it updates the price, they just upload over the official website so it will be more comfortable for the customer to get CSD price of this car.

Nissan Micra Cross Interior

It built with all sort of update features, which increase the look of the car. It has filed with the number of electronic security system that remains to make engine safe and are notified for the low fuel and much more. It has a large capacity to seat which let to bring additional comfort to travel for long distance with no risk of it. Even you can find out the entrainment to enjoy a lot during travel so you can go with such brand cars in a fine manner.

Nissan Micra Cross Exterior

It has black cladding flows from the front side bumper approximately the wheel arches as well as the side profile to the rear of the car. On the other hand, it has an air dam at front for the car and black roof rails and much more additional features. Hence, the customer has stayed back with the official website and it lets to enjoy a safe drive for a long time with no risk of it.

Nissan Micra Cross Mileage

When you look of the mileage, the petrol engine delivers between 18 to 20 Kmpl and for the diesel, it provides 23 kmpl to 25 kmpl. Then it has a chance to minimize the KMpl insider the city. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to go with this type of car for the millage.

Nissan Micra Cross Specification

This new brand car will be filled with the advanced technology that remains the customer to enjoy travel with the luxury and move a step forward with the special look.

  • Hexagonal grille with chrome bezel
  • LED fog lights
  • Auxiliary circular lamps
  • Chromed finished wheels
  • Silver chromed bumper with black plastic extensions
  • LED headlamps
  • Silver lower body cladding and roof rails
  • Rear bumper with pseudo air intakes
  • Silver diffuser and LED taillight
  • High ground clearance

Nissan Micra Cross Engine Specification

This engine is boosted with the three options and A 1.0 liter three-cylinder aspirated petrol engine which deliver the 73 ps and 95 Nm torque so it let to transmit high speed. The engine is petrol model with a choice of 0.9 litre IG-T with the turbocharged with the three cylinders for the 66 KW and it transmits the 140 Nm of torque. On the other hand, it is available with the 1.5 liter dCi turbocharged with the 4 cylinders which develop around 66kw and 220 Nm of torque so the customer can go any thereof the engine according to their needs and wish.

Nissan Micra Cross Top Speed

It is expected to deliver high speed, which brings high comfort to travel for a long distance. On the other, this sports car is SUV, which remains the customer to transmit to the high speed from the start off the point.

Nissan Micra Cross Seating capacity

This car is expected to come out with the five-seater design but it expects to sit up to 7 members so it will be more comfortable for the customer to travel in a fine manner. On the other hand, you can have space for foot and it will be more stress-free for the customer to travel to long distance.

Nissan Micra Cross Boot space

This car has not yet given the exact space details for the boot so the customer has to wait for a new update of upcoming car and other features in a fine manner.

Nissan Micra Cross Ground Clearance

It is well planned to design with a high ground clearance that let to drive the car without meeting any risk over the space. With the experienced engineer, this designs the car with the right ground clearance, which brings out a number of additional support.

Transmission Automatic or Manual

It is five high levels transmit speed with the automatic so it customer have to go such the new upcoming care to have a safe and comfortable drive for long distance. Though it built with automating which remain the driver to move forward in a fine manner.

Alloy Wheels

It builds with the right size of the alloy wheel, which transmits which deliver much comfort to turn the car. There is a small difference between front size and rare size of the wheels and it is well equipped with a disk brake system to stop the car at high speed also. Therefore it increases the look of the car which trend to bring more number of the customer to access such the car.

Nissan Micra Cross All models

  • Basic Models

This company delivers the basic model cars with a low price so it will support for the customer to meet who expect for the low budget. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to go with this sort of basic model cars.

  • Top Models

This car company is well planning to design the top model cars, which let to bring a number of buyers on such brand car. This car is guaranteed to hit in the markets hence it will be more comfortable for the customer to check out all update features to drive in the same manner.

Nissan Micra Cross Review

On this car, you can collect the major updation and new features so it receives a positive comment regarding the features and looks. hence the customer so the client need to go with the reviews about the car and it lets to collect the major details of the car and also the customer reviews will be true to follow and get the best message on this car.

Nissan Micra Cross Dimension

The dimension of the car is not yet declared officially so the customer who want to collect the emission details, they are requested to update the website which brings out the all update the information about the Nissan Micro Cross.

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