Renault Kwid Climber Price in India, Mileage, Interior & Colors

Renault India is all set to please Indian car lovers and buyers by new Kwid Climber. In very simple words, Climber model is a new Avatar of original Kwid hatchback and it presents all goodness in SUV image which will give top class off-road ease and performance. In Auto Expo, the concept of Kwid Climber has been unveiled and it has got the green flag for production, so very soon it will come in India for increasing fans of Renault Cars and for those who are planning a stylish compact SUV car.

There are chances to come limited editions of Renault Kwid Climber in India, so keep your eyes on its launching and bookings before others do. Due to amazing starting price range, Renault Kwid is doing very well these days in Indian car market, and Renault wants to continue the momentum and that’s why they are going to launch Kwid Climber for off-roading performance.

Renault Kwid Climber

Kwid Climber Car Release Date in India

In  Auto Expo, so many people have watched new Climber Kwid and they are waiting for the release. Though, there is no official launching date for India is declared by Renault India, but as per major sources and from opinion of car experts, this car maker will release its Climber SUV car in India at the end  or in beginning of the year. October or December is the most probable month where it can join the Renault Showrooms in India. Diwali, Navratri and Christmas are big festive season where so many people would like to buy new car in India, so car maker can take advantage of such period.

Kwid Climber Seating Capacity

India upcoming new Renault Climber Kwid will provide you 5-person seating arrangement in sporty, luxurious and spacious cabin. If you take a look on Climber’s interior picture, you will get the very clear idea about ease of seating for driver and passenger seats. Smartly designed cabin of this car holds just perfect position of seats to provide class-leading comfort inside through sufficient leg room, knee room, head room, and shoulder room. Five persons can enjoy this car together in city streets or unusual tracks of India. Also it provides remarkable space for luggage storage as it know you are going for adventure or other off-roading purpose where some stuffs are vital to carry with.

Kwid Climber Price in India

As an entry level hatchback, Renault Kwid is getting superb response and so far it has earned more than 1 lakh bookings and still continues. Kwid’s customisability we will see in Climber Avatar which is designed especially for off-road journey keeping SUV stance in mind. Everything is going right for Renault car maker in India, now they just need to set a good price tag for forthcoming Climber car. So many folks who are planning for a new car in India are now waiting for Climber’s launch as price tag of Kwid was affordable and reasonable enough. What kind of trust Renault earned in last few years in India car market will help them definitely for Climber Kwid. The most expected Climber Kwid car price in India will be around 4.5 lakh and for high-end AMT version, you have to pay around 6 lakh. In very few words, under 6 lakh price in India, now you can buy reliable small SUV with amazing off-road capabilities unlike other small SUVs. Due few month wait for the worth coming car.

New Kwid Climber Interior

However it is tough at outside to deal off-road conditions, but it is comfortable and enjoyable inside. This special edition car has special interior layout which gives ample of space and new kind of confidence. Car body colour you will find inside the cabin on gear knob, steering wheel (wrapped by Nappa leather), AC vents, control buttons, dashboard, storage cabin, foot mate, and gate open switch. It gives something like sporty look and feelings. Digital speedometer and Alcantara seat coverings also attract. Climber dedicated touch screen (displays telemetry data) you will find in dashboard where you can enjoy navigation, rear parking camera, audio-video touch controls and more. Also it offers few connectivity options.   

New Kwid Climber Exterior

Exterior of Renault Climber is appealing and shows its existence. It will come with White, Orange and Red Colours. Those who like new Duster and original Kwid car will definitely like new Climber Kwid as in good dimension it offering more features and perfect SUV stance with noteworthy off-road abilities. So many people these days do not want only city streets friendly car as they are extremely fond of travelling and you never know the new place and their road conditions. In such cases, if your car is capable enough to tackle rough kind roads, you will feel relax inside and can enjoy your voyage with family or friends. Many popular tourist places in India hold off-roads rather than simple highways. This car is suitable for both, so it will not disappoint you from any angle. It will come with very special 18 inch diamond cut alloy wheel, brilliantly higher rake at the rear, exclusive protective cladding on the headlamps, special fog lamps, larger bumpers, effective side protecting panels, exclusive low-profile off-road expert tires, wide air intake, spoiler, diffuser, attractive side, front & rear profile.

In few words, hatchback’s new Avatar with amazing stance, more power and off-road capabilities is new Kwid Climber.

Ground Clearance

Ride height is the plus point of upcoming Climber Kwid version and it shows the clear vision of why it is coming in Indian car market. The climber kwid car has been designed with help of Indian automotive suppliers and set brilliantly to offer incredible ground clearance like big SUV (around 200mm) which will let you take this car anywhere you like with peace of mind. No speed breaker worry, no height road worry, no desert road worry, no water and mud worry. Whatever the outside situation, you will stay up! Also it offers vintage point to driver and passengers to enjoy the road and locations coming on the way. In compare of upcoming concept Renault Kwid Racer, ground clearance of climber is high as it is for off-roads, while Racer model is for city streets to enjoy speed and sporty look.

New Kwid Climber Engine

Kwid Climber off-roader concept car will come with around 1000 cc powerful 1.0 L engine which is likely 200 cc extra than regular Kwid version to give extra power and performance for off-roading. Its engine is compact in size but more advanced to give sufficient power to this car on city streets and off-roads. Climber will come with 5-speed manual and AMT version. Kwid hatchback has become well known for its optimized performance and mileage, so company will try their best to give something extra than entry level hatchback in their upcoming Kwid Climber Variant. It may come in both petrol and diesel engine.   


Renault Kwid has become popular as baby Duster in India, but now it’s grow up time and it will be happen by Kwid Climber model which is coming with some significant features that converts normal entry level hatchback into a SUV kind powerful off-roader. Dimension of Climber concept SUV car will very similar to original Kwid model with minor changes in length, height and width. But it will give extra high ground clearance. Purpose of this new version of Kwid is off-roading ease in India and that’s why Renault India will do no compromise on safety features. It comes with all standard and several advanced safety features to make your family and friends secure while driving and riding. Also it is amazing in handling and braking and it must be because it is going to tackle usual & unusual tracks of India.

Mileage of Renault Climber

Not only off-roading, this upcoming concept small SUV car will offer remarkable fuel efficiency as it belongs from Kwid family which is mileage friendly from its origin. The base variant of Climber can give around 25 kmpl mileage. So it is happy news for those who are waiting for Climber version launch in India.

Are you ready to experience India coming Climber Kwid car? Book a drive test in advance and experience it thoroughly before drive it home. Contact your nearest Renault Showroom or Dealer in your city for further information, booking information, exact release date, most expected prices and many other details you must know as a smart car buyer.

Overview of New Renault Climber 

In few words, upcoming Climber of Renault sounds amazing car deal for India by its price tag, full specifications, standard & advanced features and look wise. This car is just perfect to continue Kwid series for Renault in India and it attracts by its high ground clearance, rear profile, side profile and cool Renault interior. We do not promote any car brand, but it sounds much promising and you must take a drive test to explore inside and its performance. As per car experts, below 7 lakh price range, this car will do solid practice and will give very tight competition to many other small and compact SUVs available and upcoming in India’s growing car market. Go for Next Generation Kwid Climber!

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