Revealed! Jeep’s Upcoming SUV to Hit the Indian Markets by June 2017

Jeep, the stylish and very reputed automobile maker is all set to make a splash this year in the SUV Market. They are coming up with a brand-new SUV model, the Jeep Compass, which is going to get its release not just in India but also across 100 countries in the world!

The SUV gets 1.4-liter multi-air turbo petrol engine and 2.0-liter multi-jet turbo II diesel engine. The carmakers know one thing for sure, is the need to come up with the most powerful powertrains and features that would make your jaw drop.

jeep’s Upcoming SUV to Hit the Indian

Jeep Compass would get a six-speed manual transmission, and the automatic transmission gearbox could be up to 9-speed! The SUV will be surely affordable since price is also one aspect that the automobile makers are looking at while pitching. In fact, the buyers can get the vehicle in a price range of Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 25 lakhs only.

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Jeep Compass India Launch in June 2017

The SUV’s production is taking place at Pune’s Ranjangaon plant of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The car got its big thumbs up at the preview it gave globally at an event in Brazil.

These days the crossover vehicles are aplenty and SUVs are a dozen. Surely, it is a matter of great concern for the American automobile makers to ensure that it withstands competition. It gets competition from the likes of Honda, and Ford in terms of performance and looks too.

Jeep Compass India Launch in June 2017

In terms of looks, the exteriors are just right, and we have to give it to the automobile makers to give a rough look to the vehicle. It also gets big bumpers, dual tone exteriors and contoured hood. Further, the automobile company has kept the interiors also just packed in with features, which might urge you to go for a test drive soon in June when it hits the Indian market.




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