Sensors are going to be must for Safety Reasons

The Government of India is going to be strict for Safety Reasons. Due to heavy road accidents, Government wants to prevent the problem. For added safety, the government is going to add some changes and modifications. The cars are going too compulsorily too furnished properly with back view mirrors. This thing designed to help to identify and see the different vehicles that are riding behind the car and help to take reverse parking judgments. But still, this effort was going fail at some points.


One major issue with the mirrors was that it fails to recognize articles or little children behind the vehicle while moving back. Keeping in mind the end goal to lessening such threats, the legislature was giving endeavors. The Government has thoroughly considered it and takes a choice that each and every new vehicle will be required to be outfitted with back halting sensors or inverse cameras as necessary rigging.

India Government Going to be Strict for Safety Reasons

When media has asked to the authorized person from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway he told that, however, the rear view mirror which equipped in all cars, but it’s not proven as complete safety or precaution, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway will very soon make a noticed public regarding the rear view parking sensor, that will help to people. So, we are hoping that all cars might be equipped with the new facility of rear parking sensor, well it might increase a minor in the prices of cars but still, safety is the first principle.


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