Skoda Kodiaq Price in India, Specs, Mileage, Interior & Exterior

India, get ready for the Skoda’s new SUV offering! Let’s explore Skoda Kodiaq SUV car in detail by getting the complete information of its features, full specifications, price, release date, and many more you need to know as a car enthusiast or a keen car buyer. All-new 7-seater Skoda Kodiaq is named after the Alaskan Kodiak Bear and is based on Sokda’s latest Vision S Concept and Volkswagen’s popular MQB platform. Concept of this car has been unveiled at Geneva Motors Show and this SUV will be unveiled at the October  Paris Motor Show. First official picture of this upcoming car has impressed many SUV lovers in India and in many other countries where the demand for SUVs is increasing day by day.

Skoda Kodiaq

Simply, a fantastic and dynamic seven-seater SUV is coming for India by Skoda which release very fewer models in compare of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Toyota, Honda and other car makers. But Skoda has a good reputation in the Indian market and holds several typical fans. But that’s not enough. Now they are eyeing on a huge market of SUV and this car is their new hope and that’s why they do not want to take any chance. They are going to provide best-in-class features, technical specifications and reasonable price in comparing other successful or rival full-size SUVs available and upcoming in India. Interior designs, exterior layout and powerful engine are the key points of this car.

If we check out about the key features of this car, it will come with best-in-class boot space (storage space), long roof rails, advanced transmission system, crystal glass artwork, awesome lines, noticeable interior space, overall package kind cabin, advanced functionality, Vision S Interior, high driving position, brilliant infotainment screens, ultra-minimalist dashboard, glove box, 3 modes of driving, more aggressive angles, sharper creases, sleek design, contoured bonnet, stylish air intakes, Angular wheel arches, LED brake lights, around 7.5 seconds to reach 0 to 100 kmph, around 200 kmph top speed and many more features that can impress you and your family.

For Test Drive, bookings or further inquiry, you should contact your nearest Skoda Showroom or Skoda Dealer in India.

New Skoda Kodiaq Release Date in India

Initially, the new  Skoda Kodiaq SUV will be available in the UK in early. This mid-size SUV will join Indian Skoda Showrooms in middle of. The carmaker will not take Indian car market easy, because India is rapidly growing in matters cars and major car makers launch their product in this populated market where SUV is the current trend. Production ready Kodiaq’s sketch image has been revealed and it gives a clear idea about the final version of this Vision S concept car which will give solid competition to Nissan X-Trail. Of course, you have to wait for it but sometimes waiting is a good as in return you are getting something worth. If you can wait for, then you will get a powerful and future-ready SUV in the second quarter of. Skoda needs to improve its market and brand value in India and this all-new SUV may help them.

Skoda Kodiaq Price in India

20 Lakh Indian Rupee will be the most expected starting price for upcoming new – Skoda Kodiak SUV car. India entry of the full-size Skoda SUV will affect the particular SUV and MPV car market. There are so many Skoda fans are avail in India, while so many people are ready to pay for a powerful & stylish SUV. In what price range this forthcoming car is going to launch is beyond mid-range, so buyers will be rich and have no price issue. But they strictly demand active safety, passive safety, stylish look, luxury cabin and utmost comfort for driver and passengers. Many big players are already available in India in segment of compact SUV, mini SUV, and crossover SUV cars. Now, Skoda has to set a believable price for this new coming product to attract the customers. The high-end variant of Kodiaq will be priced around 25 lakh.      

Skoda Kodiaq Seating Capacity

The full-size new Skoda SUV is a 7-seater SUV which sounds just perfect for big families and corporate use. It will come with a smart seating arrangement where 7 adults can easily enjoy the ride. Also, one kid can join the ride. Means, 8 persons can enjoy this SUV car without any kind of seating compromise and another good thing is that it offers ample space for luggage storage. So far, Skoda India had released few models in compare of other car makers, but good models they are. Now, their eyes are on growing SUV market and that’s why they are coming with full 7-seater SUV, Kodiaq which is all about strength & protection. Major car experts consider this forthcoming car as a safe & stylish seven-seater SUV, while some consider it, a just perfect family companion. In upcoming days, there is a chance to get a 5-seat variant of the Kodiaq.     

Skoda Kodiaq Mileage

We can expect 15 to 20 kmpl mileage from this upcoming powerful yet stylish Skoda SUV car. In the segment of 7-seater SUV, this mileage is just perfect. So, there is no average issue with it. It must focus on segment first features and tech specs to attract maximum SUV buyers. The whole family can go for a long journey. It holds a big fuel tank and its mileage is also a good one in its type. Car experts consider around 20 kmpl mileage, a good one for big size SUV and that you will get with a powerful engine and world-class comfort inside.

Skoda Kodiaq Engine Details

New – Skoda Kodiaq will be powered by either 1.4 L Petrol engine or 1.8 L Turbocharged Petrol engine. In the diesel category, it may come with 2 L Turbocharged Diesel engine. It will come with 6-Speed DSG Automatic Transmission or 7-Speed DSG Automatic Transmission. Around 155bhp power is noteworthy and can give you a powerful ride every time. Skoda India gives assurance for brilliant handling, an incredibly gripping and remarkable top speed which you can enjoy on highways with maximum safety. For Skoda, this forthcoming car is very important and that’s why however they take time in the launch, but will not compromise in engine power, interior and exterior anyhow.

Skoda Kodiaq Dimension

Let’s check out new Kodiaq SUV by dimensions. It measures 4700mm length, 1680mm height and 1910mm width. Its wheelbase is 2790mm, while it is ready with a 168mm ground clearance which is sufficient to tackle city streets and highways of India. This Skoda model is designed very carefully keeping every inch in mind as a car maker wants to leave a lasting impression in full-size SUV global market where mistakes can spoil the game. Its unmistakable design is impressive and in Paris  Motor Show, the more things will come out to surprise you. Not extra long and not extra short, Kodiaq is just perfect mid-size SUV with the feature-packed cabin.

Skoda Kodiaq Stunning Interior

If you take a look at interior design picture of new Skoda  Kodiaq, you will realise that it is indeed a perfect seven seater car with premium class luxury in the cabin. The cabin of this SUV is very different than typical SUV cabins. Inside this SUV, you will get utmost seating comfort in the first, second and third row, get advanced connectivity options, powerful AC and smart vents placement to make every corner cool, so no more complaint from third-row passengers. Also, it offers sufficient room to put your leg, head, knee, and hands. Using ample boot space, you can store your luggage with great ease. Awesome cluster, brilliant dashboard, attractive steering wheel, highly adjustable driver and passenger leather seats, awesome audio system, power windows, advanced touch infotainment system, and many more small details that make the cabin of this car enjoyable, every time.

Skoda Kodiaq Exterior Layout   

In compare to many full-size SUVs, the exterior design of new Skoda Kodiaq seems different and gives an appealing look. Not only European markets, but even Asian markets are also waiting for its launch. By brilliant sketch, the car maker has to give an idea about the exterior layout and without any doubt young generation, corporate and wealthy folks will love it. Also, this SUV has caught testing on the road for the first time. It will come with new muscular front grille, clean lines that create three-dimensional shapes, traditional crystal glass artwork, air dam in centre, plastic cladding, long yet attractive roof rails, body toned bumpers, dual exhaust system, attractive alloy wheels, top-class yet modern looker headlights with cut-glass and fog lights, rear spoiler, flush ready door handles, and many more modern details that makes it differs than other typical big SUVs. Even critics admire the look of this upcoming car. On the whole, the exterior is a plus point of this car and it will help the Skoda to set new standards in what they are going to launch this smart SUV.

There is no official information related to shades (colours) of Skoda Kodiaq yet, but the company will try its best to provide a wide range of colour to attract young generation and corporate folks of India and other countries. White, Green and Blue are the most expected colours and can’t say anything, what new colour joins the list. It’s all up to you what shade you choose for your new Kodiaq!

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