Skoda Octavia Price in India, Interior, Mileage, Colors & Specs

Skoda is all set to introduce its Octavia vRS in India which is much better than the earlier generation Octavia vRS model. In the International market, this product is doing very well, but now their eyes are on the Indian market where they must need to prove. The new Skoda Octavia vRS may continue the European market engine in India, means India will get 2 L turbocharged 220PS petrol engine, while 184PS diesel engine. In the matter of interior, exterior, top speed and pick up, the new vRS Skoda Octavia sounds very confident and that will delight the young generation of India. The base price will be around 18 lakh for this upcoming Skoda sedan.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia Price in India

From the Octavia that first launched in 2001, it has never ceased to amaze. With each iteration, technology and comfort came closer and synced in perfect harmony. The sleek and aerodynamic look is not just robust, but also stunning. A car is something that one drives to travel, but the new Skoda Octavia is an experience. The Skoda Octavia price in India falls rightly with the needs of the huge population India has. The Octavia offers different features with the choice of model one decides on. It comes in three variants namely, ambition, style and style plus which offer a wide range of technologies.

Cost is the one factor which governs the major deciding reason on what car to buy. But buying a car that meets your needs is an ideal decision. The base price starts from 15.71 Lakhs which is for the 1.4 litre engine TSI Ambition model (send a request for on-road prices). Octavia top model, the 2.0 litre TDI Style Plus model with Automatic transmission costs 23.69 Lakhs (base price). The other models that fall in this range are the 1.4, 1.8 and the 2.0 litres, style and style plus models. With these many choices in power and convenience, one can easily take their pick based on their budget and luxury requirements.

The Prices of CSD

The Canteen Stores Department is a part of the Ministry of Defence of India and hence the prices vary hugely. The end user prices for CSD for the Skoda Octavia start from 13.95 Lakhs for the 1.4 Litre TSI MT Ambition. Going up till the 2.0 litre TDI Style Plus AT which goes for 22.90 Lakhs. The prices are way less than the ones for the general audience which make it more appealing to the servicemen and women.

Skoda Octavia Specification

The new Skoda Octavia is truly a work of a magician. It has power, beauty, comfort along with unique features that amaze all. The aesthetic change from the previous iterations makes it unique. The one most prominent is the change to the headlights which gives it a sporty look. Even the interiors are beautifully made with a central system and wooden stylized décor. The Skoda Octavia specifications make sure that you feel the same level of convenience and comfort you feel at home. It is what makes Octavia so unique. The “simply clever” designs and the way it blends in with the feel of the car remains unmatched.

The USB and power outlets for passengers, mud flaps in the rear for the tires, waste bin at the back. A central infotainment system, fatigue detector that reminds you to take a break if you’re exhausted (names iBuzz). The automatic wipers at the windshield that turn on when it’s raining, armrest at front and back with a space to rest cups. And a storage compartment under the front seat and central armrest and the convenience of parking easily. The list does not end here and depending upon the model, you get the features that suit you best. The three models that make what Octavia is and makes it special are Ambition, Style and Style Plus.

Skoda Octavia Interior

With the amazing leg room, comfort, power and features, The Skoda Octavia Interior will blow your mind. The new look on the Octavia is enough to dazzle everyone. The revamped headlights and tail lights hold the same charm that made this car special. The new aesthetic appeal on the Octavia adds to the beauty it already had. After the launch, the people marvelled to the upgrade on the aesthetics as well as to the interior. The energy and environment efficient engine inside gives another reason for you to not miss out on the Octavia.

The 2x USB charging ports for the rear passengers, a central touch screen infotainment system (featuring a 6.5 inch or an 8-inch screen depending on the model of the car), a fatigue alert, a storage space in the rear, ample legroom both in the rear and front, are some of the many features that make Octavia a perfect choice for all types of people. According to the needs of the customer, you can choose from three models, namely ambition, style and style plus. Each of these features a different range of features suiting different personalities.

Get lost in the beauty of the cabin in Octavia

The interior of the Octavia boasts of beauty. The design of wood on the console and the door panels give a premium look. Height adjustment in the seats, upholstery of leather and armrests on the front and back. All these features give the ambience of a luxurious hotel room. The airbags at the front seats and also at the back near the doors make sure you travel safe and sound. The style plus model also offers the iBuzz technology that detects the lethargy of the driver during long drives and the hands-free parking give you the freedom of parking easily.

Skoda Octavia Colours

Skoda Octavia has marked its name since its launch in India from 2003. It has made a lot of improvements to the basic model with ambient features and better equipment. Octavia has made its mark in the car market with all the possible segments. It is one of the best cars for families who wish to enjoy and travel for longer distances. Skoda Octavia colours make the car more elegant with an option to choose from the wide range available.

Availability of 10 colours for Skoda Octavia

Octavia looks good with a sleeker look, classiness in its design and perfect colour availability. Its stylish shades have a great option for the younger generation to pick according to their choice. Have a look at the colour options of Skoda Octavia.

  1. Candy White – It gives a metallic effect to the car and is a perfect choice for older couples.
  2. Black magic pearl effect – The name itself indicates that it gives a pearl effect to the black color with glossiness on the car.
  3. Rallye green metallic – This is one of the vibrant colors with a different look.
  4. Sprint yellow – This color will be the best choice for the people interested in sports.
  5. Steel grey – It is another standard color that is available in various cars.
  6. Brilliant silver metallic – This is a metallic color and is the standard one.
  7. Platin grey metallic – Platin grey metallic color make car look more elegant.
  8. Corrida red – It is a non-metallic color which gives a special attractive look to the car.
  9. Race blue metallic – Race blue metallic is a metallic color that gives a sporty look to the car.
  10. Rio red metallic – Rio red metallic color look’s dynamic and richness when travelling in it.

Colourful experience in Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia offers a range of colors to pick with vibrant lifestyle. This wide range of colors allows choosing as per the lifestyle instead of traditional black, grey, white or blue cars. Octavia colors selected keeping the views of the younger generation in mind, who likes distinctive color shades. These colors are resistant to both direct sunlight and rain and will not have any dullness. Travelling in Skoda Octavia is a colorful experience which can never be forgettable.

Skoda Octavia Exterior

Skoda Octavia one of the luxurious car manufactured by Skoda auto, to produce a classy family car in the market and attract everyone’s attention. Octavia is one of the popular models of Skoda, ever since its launch in 1996. It has undergone many improvements since its launch. It entered the Indian market in 2002 and hit the market with huge success. Skoda Octavia exteriors make the car look superior and play a major role in attracting everyone.

Attractive exterior styling of Octavia

Exteriors made the car more attractive, apart from its interior styling and its mileage. It is designed with wide and angled edge grills. It includes Bohemian glass tradition in its exteriors. The side view of Skoda Octavia is in a crystalline design. On the front of the car it as included crystal glo LED lights that run in daytime. Its unique style and aesthetic appeal makes it perfect. Bumpers of the Octavia are in full width chrome that is running around the air dam. Bumpers on the rear side of the car replaced with that of LED tail lamps that include new graphics in it. The adaptive lights of Octavia allows in controlling light beam automatically

Exteriors that save Octavia

People are fed up with the dust and mud that covers the cars making it look worst. But now there is no need to worry about it in new Skoda Octavia. So it as included mud flaps in the design of Skoda Octavia exterior. It is specially used to protect the car from the dirt while travelling, especially the lower parts of the car surrounding its tires. Apart from the dirt, it also protects from the small stones or debris that hit the car while travelling in polluted and dust areas. Skoda Octavia with its improvised exteriors wins heart of its customers and remains all time favourite.

Skoda Octavia Mileage

The first taste of luxurious German cars that were introduced to the Indian market was the Skoda Octavia. The classy brilliant looking sedan has been the talk of the town ever since its German-owned Czech company introduced the car to the audience around the turn of the decade. Along with marvellous looks, superb built quality, Bi-xenon headlights, royal seating arrangement, impressive speeds and the patent Skoda Octavia Mileage, this car is an elegant beast in its entirety.  

The beauty of the beast

Outer beauty is often subjective. What stands in the face of odds is the quality inside and that is true of this car as well. Other than having a brilliant look, the car has quite an impressive mileage for its price. For the ones who are not aware of the term, mileage is basically defined as the number of kilometres a car can run in 1 litre of fuel. Basically, it defines the fuel consumption or fuel efficiency of the car. It is generally found that a car is more fuel efficient if it’s has a diesel engine than when it is has a petrol engine.

This car can go miles!

Skoda Octavia has many variants and hence the mileage varies accordingly. The 1395cc petrol engine in the Octavia with a manual transmission delivers an impressive mileage of 12kms per litre in the city while 16.7kms per litre while running on the highway. The traffic, frequency of signals and the ever moving population causes a slight increase in fuel consumption while inside the city. Ample space on the highway allows the car to move faster using less fuel. The 1968cc diesel engine with manual transmission is more fuel efficient and has a mileage of 17kmpl in the city and an extremely impressive mileage of 21kmpl on the highway.


Mileage in the city Mileage on the highway
Mumbai 12 13
Pune 12 18
Chennai 15 18
Hyderabad 20 25
Kolkata 18 23
Mysore 16


Skoda Octavia Boot Space

Skoda knows what it means to have a family car with ample space. There are families of various sizes -big or small, joint or nuclear- family cars should satisfy any and all needs of the family. Ever since its release twenty years ago, Skoda Octavia has become the go-to preference for many families around the world. What sets this car apart is its ample space and novel design. The Skoda Octavia Boot Space has been the talk of the town for quite a while now, and for good reason.

What’s so special about the car’s Boot space?

The boot space for Skoda Octavia is definitely one of its key attractive features. The Czech company sure knew what it was doing when it decided to add a 590-litre hatchback to the car. If that gets you drooling, then my friend, you are in for a ride. The ample boot space can expand up to 1580 litres when the rear seats, which are split folding, are lowered. Still it is too less? Don’t worry, because if you are willing to shell out a little more, you can get your hands on a more superior model of the hatchback, which has, even more, room to its credit.

The Boot Space for this car is quite hefty when you compare it to a hatchback golf car. A regular hatchback golf car will have anything between 380 l to 1270 litres of space. Here, instead, you can store up to 1580 litres of luggage. This is pretty impressive as far as hatchback cars are concerned.

Is space all that it has to offer?

You wish. Skoda has not gotten its reputation from some shabby effort. Their attention to the details is what really catches the eye. From hooks to hang shopping bags to a 12 v power supply cables – it is these minuscule aspects of the car that sets it a class apart.

Skoda Octavia Dimension

The Skoda Octavia has remained a favourite among family buyers for more than a decade now. This car, which provides ample space, and top of the line features like a chrome-ringed speedometer, and even a rev motor. This car, which has so much to offer, is not only big but also is practical. This article will go on to tell you all that you need to know about the fabled Skoda Octavia dimensions.

  • Exterior Dimensions

The car is 1461 mm high. It extends 4670 mm from the front to the back. The width of the car is 1814 mm in the front, which extends to 2017 mm when the exterior mirrors are unfolded. Due to its large size and length, the car is classified as a family car.

  • Other dimensions

The car has a ground clearance of 155 mm, with a wheelbase of 2688 mm. The front tread, which is the distance between the centres of the left and right front wheels measures up to 1539 mm. Similarly, the rear tread is 1514 mm.

  • Weight capacity

The Kerb Weight of the car is 1340 kg while its gross weight (the total capacity of the car when it is fully loaded with passengers and luggage) is 1895 kg. The laden weight, or passenger or luggage holding-capacity of the car is 555 kg approximately.

Apart from this, the car has an ample boot space of 590 litres which is expandable when the rear folding seats are lowered. This clearly shows that the car has a lot of space to offer, making it the perfect vehicle for a family. Grab it today and make this your best buy ever.

Skoda Octavia Seating Capacity

When you buy a car, you buy it taking all factors into account and the most important of that is your family size and purpose. Not many family cars have been around for the Indian masses to move around in comfortably. When we think of a family car, what immediately comes to mind is Maruti Vans that look like tin boxes or large SUVs that are able to fit a family comfortably. But nothing has the classy look or comfortable feel of a sedan and the Skoda Octavia Seating Capacity is here to change all that! It is a car that does not look hefty like an SUV, does not have massive fuel consumption and is able to fit your entire family giving them the comfort you always strive to provide.

The inside beauty!

The car is very spacious. A rather tall driver can very comfortably sit for a long stretch of time without having any discomfort. Enough leg space allows free movement and an enjoyable ride. The side pockets are big enough to hold the 750ml bottle and ideally placed glove compartments are also very useful.

Ample space to keep you comfortable

The car has a seating capacity of 5 people including the driver. A little scooting can even accommodate a 6th passenger without much discomfort. There is enough leg space for a tall person to sit even when the seat in front is drawn at the back. The rear space is perfect to fit in a family. The passenger in the middle, however, has to put his leg on both sides of the raised car tunnel. There are enough head and elbow room in the car as well. There is even an option of a central armrest with cup holders in the lower model which is an inbuilt feature in the higher ones. The armrest also doubles up as a storage space.

Skoda Octavia Top Speed

Who does not want a luxury sedan to ride on in the city? Often the most desirable ones are also the costliest ones. With the introduction of the new Skoda Octavia in the Indian market, the rules of driving have seen a change of scenario. With the availability of the car to the Indian masses at the turn of the decade, people have realized that luxury does not require unimaginable costs and that they do not have to settle with fewer features anymore. Due to the abysmal condition of roadways in India, driving high-performance cars was merely a dream. With the improvement in technology and connectivity and roadways, Skoda Octavia Top Speed cars are nowhere to make that dream come true.

Let Skoda Octavia speed your dreams into reality!

As the consumers are more open to buying more expensive, high-performance cars, Skoda has efficiently captured the market with its high-end motors bringing mere dreams to reality. With power packed engines, sleek design, mesmerizing interiors, efficient mileage and a royal seating arrangement, this car also gives you the feel of speed. The high-performance motors take you to places at speeds you could only imagine in your dreams even a few years ago. What is even more impressive if that there is no exhaustion and you travel in complete luxury. No bump jump or even tremors can be felt while inside the care in spite of rough road conditions making your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as you would expect it to be.

Top notch Top Speed

The top speed of the car varies with the model as there is a variation in the engine power. The Skoda Octavia that has a 1.8L TSI motor can reach speeds of up to 210kmph. The other variant with a smaller 1.4L TSI motor can hit speeds up to 170 to 180kmph. The diesel variant of the car can reach speeds of 180 to 190kmph.

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