Tata Nexon Price in India, Interior, Mileage, Specs & Colors

Tata Nexon is one of the safest cars available on the Indian market today. When it comes to safety, Tata has a reputation for maintaining the highest standards that stand second to none. One of the notable things about this car is that it is all made in India.

This safest car in our list has an engine displacement of 1198 cc which delivers an output of 108.5 bhp. The car is available in the manual and automatic transmission and the car can hold the fuel up to 44 litres. In addition to this, the car is loaded with safety features so, you are not just buying a Compact SUV but when you buy Tata Nexon, you are buying one of the safest cars in India. Tata Nexon starts at Rs 6.46 lakhs and the top of the line variant is priced at Rs 10.86 Lakhs.

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon Price in India

Let’s get smarter about the car. Get smart Tata Nexon price in India and other complete details that tells everything about this upcoming compact SUV. The Nexon India price will be different in various cities as there is no universal price law related to cars, it depends on various tax, duties and personal commissions. Sellers are seeking for their profit, while consumers are searching for the best price where they can save some thousands. This platform will tell you accurate Nexon Tata Car price in India, state and city wise so you can get the right deal at the right price near you.

Tata is home car maker and always offer the affordable price to the Indian car industry, and this time for Tata Nexon, the price in India will be likely 6.5 to 8 lakh. If we compare this price to other mini SUVs, it is obviously the right price tag because in return there are so many new things and technologies that other compact SUVs are missing. We asked some car enthusiasts in different cities of India if 7 lakh to 8.5 lakh price is the final price, do you buy this car or skip? In answers, they say, this nextgen Tata product is distinct than other Tata cars and cars by other manufacturers so they would like to go for a new concept car at this price range.  

After Feb Delhi Auto Expo, the most accurate Tata Nexon price in India may come, so stay tuned for the right cost and also we will provide you CSD price list when the car will be launched for the CSD stores of India. Contact your nearest Tata dealer or showroom for further inquiry or to book a test drive of sensational Tata Nexon.

Tata Nexon Interior

Tata Nexon concept mini SUV Car is just stunning in a matter of interior. When it displayed first in Auto Expo, so many car lovers were surprised for its interior, they could not believe that Tata Motors can provide such luxury and sporty interior, but you guys have to believe and once again you may view it in Delhi Auto Expo. This platform will provide you with some quality Tata Nexon interior pictures to get an overall idea. The layout of seats is distinct than normal seats and sounds sporty and unique with extra care of backrest. Due to sufficient wheelbase, you will get a spacious interior for all new Tata Nexon compact concept SUV car.

This concept car from Tata Motors is in the list of most awaited cars in India and herein we are talking about this stunning car’s awesome interior features. Its interior design is kind of the next generation and much different than typical Tata cars. It features futuristic lines, ConnectNext technology, wireless music system, floating looking consoles, full width instrument cluster, intelligent human interface system, simply awesome gear knob and dashboard with 5 inch Herman infotainment system, satellite navigation, internet connectivity, smartphone & Bluetooth compatible, sufficient boot space to store luggage, ample legroom, knee room, headroom and shoulder room.

Tata Nexon Concept Vehicle will come with the sporty steering wheel which is the best part of the cabin as per youth of India. Different style acceleration and brake pedal you will find inside and many more small details which leave a lasting impression on who enters in the cabin of brand new Nexon, a smart nextgen car by Tata Motors for India, and later on join the global platform. Book a driving test and realise its interior and power features.           

Tata Nexon Exterior

Tata mini SUV Nexon concept car exterior is simply stunning and gives a perfect match to make it fabulous product in its type. In, Feb Delhi Auto Expo we will see its exterior features once again with its production-ready version and after that Tata Motors may launch it in mid or end of during the festival season in India. No matters how much power the car, how’s inside the cabin, youth and new generation car consumers first give big importance to car’s overall look and it’s all up to its exterior design. This compact SUV is totally different than Tata’s other cars and the reason is that it is designed on particular Nexon concept which was well admired by car experts and by critics too.

Nexon Tata compact sport utility vehicle holds attractive exterior with sporty profile and its rear side is something distinct than other same segment cars and people always give chance to the different thing in modern time. The exterior of the car features Nexon design concept, X1 platform, out of the box front mask, daylight opening, beautiful upper signature style grille, beltline fastener, LED headlamps, double sliding door system, floating console, next-gen human-machine interface technology, extra stylish side mirror, sleek headlight cluster, projector headlamps, bold front & rear side bumper, high ground clearance, and 17 inch alloy wheels.

Tata Motors has changed with changing time and it is all set to meet India’s new generation car needs. Up to 2020, Tata Motors will provide stunning nextgen cars in various segments and here it is for the compact SUV segment, all new Nexon model.

Tata Nexon Color

India is no more Black & White in many industry and segments. Herein we are talking about car colours of upcoming Tata Nexon. This city smart product by Tata will come with beautiful and trendy shades to meet colour choices of a new generation, sporty look seekers and corporate folks. To make your lifestyle colourful, stylish, and enjoyable Tata Motors India will bring its Nexon compact SUV car in likely metallic blue, pearl white, grey, silver, black, orange, and red colours. It was displayed in Auto Expo in blue colour and many became happy with its shade and shade matching interior.

5 years ago, in India people selected generally white, black, grey or silver colours for their car purchase, but the current trend is going to a new direction where young generation and smart consumers looking for different unique shades which can make their car distinct in the crowd of vehicles. Here what colours are mentioned are the most expected and Tata Motors is capable enough to such pretty shades to make new generation happy in a matter of colour range. All shades will come in standard quality, so no worry for direct sunlight and rain, they will last very long.   

If we want to live happily then we should forget the past. Forget old Tata cars and start to notice the car maker from with Lionel Messi and upcoming next-generation cars. Tata Nexon is simply awesome with basic and advanced first in segment features, concept design, and new aggressive look & stance like Range Rover Evoque car. Get more Delhi Auto Expo updates and latest news related to new Tata Nexon SUV car.

Tata Nexon Specification

Get complete India coming Tata Nexon Compact SUV car specification, pictures, reviews, features, on road price, variants, ex-showroom price, boot space, and many more things inaccurate manners, you should know before go for Tata India Motor’s upcoming product. It would love to discuss Nexon Tata Car specifications as it contains a real sense of new generation car that exactly modern Indian car buyers looking for and this venture will help Tata Motors to establish their reputation as a new generation India favourite car maker. Currently, many tentative information and rumours are avails over the Internet for this upcoming car, but it will be displayed as a production ready and launch ready version in Feb Delhi Auto Expo and then, more details and launch date will come the right way.

The all new Tata Nexon mini SUV India car will be powered by good quality 1.2 litre smart boosted petrol engine and 1.3 litre Quadrajet diesel engine with five-speed manual and automatic smart transmission gear system. Torque and horsepower are premium and the car sounds amazing in a matter of pickup, so the young generation would like to enjoy it with top speed and good pickup. Mileage is very important spec and again Tata will not disappoint India for the great mileage. From 2020, Tata is ready to give something great to changing India and this car is part of their new vision.

In, few specs came out for Tata Nexon and design concept was well admired globally. India will enjoy this car first in and the car maker will make it global with the help of its dynamic brand ambassador Lionel Messi. Smart length of Nexon car will help to cut the taxes and hence chance to get a highly comparative price tag for India.

Tata Nexon Features

A good car just not impressed by a good look, it also impresses by its features. With smart car features, brand new Tata Nexon is coming up in India to not just impress but to leave a lasting impression on Tata car lovers and potential car buyers of India. Nexon Tata is the smart output of Tata Motors’ advanced efforts to meet the next generation car requirements keeping Indian tracks and budget in mind. It is a distinct damn good dynamic compact SUV which is designed with new Tata concept to set it apart in cars crowd and it is a key feature of this car which you can’t say no or skip.

Let’s check out some details features of upcoming Tata Nexon mini sport utility vehicle. It will come with elegant colours, Nexon design concept, unique front mask, daylight opening, 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine with 110 PS and 170 Nm torque, five-speed automatic transmission, better fuel efficiency in its type, customization options, lensless LED headlamps, floating console, floating roof, full width instrument panel display, electric 4WD options, smart double sliding door system, 17 inch attractive wheels, 180 kph top speed, ConnectNext, 5 inch Herman infotainment system, airbags, anti-lock braking system, electronic stability, electronic brake force distribution, traction control , cruise control, HVAC climate control, simply stunning foldable rear seats, pillarless design, height adjustable driver seat, and lot more inside out.

In Tata Nexon feature youtube video we can see a lot more special and if all these features will come in new India Nexon car, it will simply rock and change the well-set game in Indian compact SUV segment. Be ready for the innovative in the trendy segment. Book your drive test to realise its innovative design and new gen power and other key features.    

Tata Nexon Review

It’s the review time, but for what? For upcoming new Tata Nexon compact SUV car. Read car expert reviews, user opinions, first look reviews and test drive reviews of Nexon concept Tata car. The car will be launched in the year, then this online car information provider platform will bring genuine user reviews to make the picture very clear. Currently, to judge the car, we can only take some words and details pictures of interior and exterior as well as details revealed in Auto Expo. Before launching, the production version of Tata Nexon mini SUV car will put open in Delhi Auto Expo where there are many chances to get the latest comments and opinions.

One car expert from Ranchi says, it is Tata’s something bespoken type of product and a new generation will welcome it without any doubt. A car user from Kanpur says, he has Tata Safari and whole 5 members family is happy with the car, but my 16 year daughter says me, papa, please replace it and bring something stylish, I heard about Nexon’s upcoming in India from my one friend and I saw her some pictures of the car to my daughter and without any question or argue she has become ready for it, so we both and our other family members are waiting for the Tata Nexon car’s launch. She has become impressed with its interior, seats, dashboard, looks, side mirror and door system and rear look. Thanks to my daughter to help me with a new choice and I fully trust on Tata Motors.    

Some car experts say Nexon by Tata is mind-blowing in mileage and pickup. Looker & Performer with the trust of Tata, then what else required. Prebook your new Tata Nexon car today!

Tata Nexon BHP

Compare Tata Nexon bhp and other power related features to other compact SUV cars and its rivals in the mini SUV segment. Tata is all rounder company and this time it is very serious about its upcoming car products in India and in other International countries. To make Lionel Messi global brand ambassador of Tata Motors is a sign of a company’s future planning and the time has come to enjoy their real next-generation talent. For, Tata Nexon will enter in India’s currently demanded segment. More Tata cars are coming in, but right now let’s discuss BHP (Horsepower) of Tata Nexon.

If we take a look at its 1.2 litre petrol engine, it produces 110 bhp (PS) with the help of its 3 cylinder design and 170 Nm torque power. It is indeed solid power in its type and it will attract many smart consumers who are seeking some good pickup and top speed. At another side, there are two chances for a diesel engine. If Nexon will come with 2.2 litre engine, it will produce 138 bhp with 320 Nm max torque power and also chance to come with 1.3 litre Quadrajet diesel engine of Fiat. In simple words, power specs are right for this smart compact SUV car, now it has to prove in other facets, and it will do, car maker sounds double confidence with their new youth made design concept and some first in segment features.    

Plenty of people are planning for the new car purchase in India daily as it is a big country with the population. They should take a look at upcoming Tata Nexon images, videos, and features before making any decision. This platform does not support any car brand, but Nexon is a good nextgen car with a smart concept.   

Tata Nexon Boot Space

Tata Nexon also called Tata X104 and Osprey is an upcoming compact SUV car with sufficient boot space where you will get luggage storage ease with remote boot release. As a next-generation compact SUV car, it will care for your booth space-related need. For this feature so far no confirmation comes, but as per few car experts, it will come with likely 350 to 380-litre boot space without compromising the seating room. In compare of many mini SUVs, the boot space of new Tata Nexon may little bit less as far more focused on passenger and driver comfort with ample legroom, knee room, head room, shoulder room, etc.

Seating comfort is very important than boot space, but we could not ignore this luggage storage option. Tata Nexon’s sufficient boot luggage storage space will able to store six person’s luggage with ease, so no way to the complaint, just enjoy the pure comfort and luxury inside. Around 350-litre boot space is not bad; in fact, it is good than many other hatchbacks but a little bit less than other compact SUVs. Wheelbase and seating arrangement is noteworthy in this smart mini SUV which will take extra care of your back and it is a good sign for a long journey.   

By using the rear folding seat, you may get extra storage space and do not need to worry about small kinds of stuff, for it this car offers a small storage compartment. Inside the cabin, there are so many things which other mini-SUVs missing and it will help this car to impress more buyers. Go for the test drive, nextgen Tata car is all set to please your mind and soul. In, hot car segment of India will get something more impressive & innovative in the form of Tata Nexon.

Tata Nexon Battery

Tata Compact SUV India battery specifications and replacement battery options and many more details, in fact, complete details about new Nexon Tata Car through relevant updates, news, and pictures. When we talk about futuristic features of any car, we could not skip the battery as it is a vital thing to keep your car dynamic in the real sense. A good car battery means no more dull moments on the way and always a good start. Not just that, a fine quality battery gives the required power to the car’s electrical functions. This new generation Tata Nexon car sounds advanced with interior and exterior, so Tata Motors make it ready with long-lasting powerful battery specifications which will make you worry free at this facet.

Tata Nexon concept car much waits for one in India and lot of expectations are attached with this upcoming Tata smart car product for the young generation, the youth of India. Tata Nexon battery features 12 Voltage, BCI standard, extreme condition compatible, max number of grids & plates, performance improve ready, advanced vent caps, robust construction, great in starting power delivery, max cold cranking amps, and amazing reserve capacity. Tata Motors will give you few years’ battery warranties. On the whole, the battery of the new Tata Nexon India car model is a performer in its type and let you enjoy the original specs of the car.

This online car information provider cum car buying guide platform of India provides you with some reputed online car battery purchase sources near you, so in future, if you want battery replacement for Tata Nexon or other Tata cars or another brand car, you may get the right deal at the best prices in real time. Say bye to dead batteries, enjoy next-generation car batteries that last really very long.    

Tata Nexon Power/CC

Engine displacement matters when it comes down to the power of the car, herein it’s all about the power of all new Tata Nexon Car, coming in in India in compact SUV segment to give India amazing power packed performance in a new style, unlike other mini SUVs. The brand new Nexon will come with the 1.2-litre engine but engine displacement CC is not revealed by the Tata Motors, but as per experts it will come likely 1200 cc to provide some striking power with 110 bhp and 170 Nm torque. The electric 4WD drive system of Nexon Tata compact SUV is amazing and will give you new strength behind the wheel to enjoy both on roads and off-road with more traction.

The diesel variant will be avail for the new Tata Nexon in India, but car maker is doing more focus on a petrol engine as the future of diesel engines is in doubt in India and some cities of India want to ban diesel engines. So far, Tata Motors India gave more importance to the diesel engine but from the scenario will totally change. 1.2L petrol engine is indeed fuel efficient in its type and if it will give the expected mileage, India will welcome this stylish and rapid Tata car without more questions.    

India is no more easy car selling platform, of course, car buyers have increased but the other side their demands reach to new edge and that’s why Tata Motors move to their next step, next-generation compact SUV in form of Tata Nexon. Check out complete features of new coming Tata Nexon Mini Suv and stay tuned for the latest updates, on road price in your city, CSD price, and much more. Book a driving test to feel the real power of Nexon!

Tata Nexon Cruise Control

Tata Nexon, India upcoming car will come with cruise control or not is declared by the car maker, but as a nextgen car, we can expect the adaptive cruise control system in Nexon compact SUV car. In recent advanced car models, we can see automatic transmission and cruise control with speed limiter as advanced features. As the most awaiting car of, car lovers are expecting these features in all new Tata Nexon car and maybe Tata Motors India will not disappoint the youth and new generation car lovers as they are the real future business. In upcoming days, youth-centric cars will rule the car industry and Tata is all set for the next big move with everything advanced and youth-targeted, you will see in the new Nexon car.

Without any doubt, the forthcoming Nexon concept Tata car is good in pickup and top speed, so if it offers cruise control system, driver can enjoy prefixed constant speed on open ways by using speed limiter and follow the traffic situation smartly with radar system which let you follow the ahead vehicle and automatically move & stop with fixed speed, it means no more hassle of gear changing, break and clutch in traffic packed situation, just pure peace of mind. The purpose of the new Nexon is to offering a new edge of driving comfort and riding comfort to passengers whether it is a small journey or long trip.

In, many new cars are arriving in India and Nexon is one of them with all city smart features, four-wheel drive power system, amazing bhp, torque, pickup, mileage, interior and exterior which you wouldn’t skip. Check out the latest news and updates about Nexon concept car and other new arrivals cars in India. Are you ready to move with next-generation Tata Car?    

Tata Nexon Dimensions

It’s a Tata Nexon! Meet Tata’s upcoming futuristic product with a smart concept and ideal dimensions. This online car information provider cum car buying guide platform will help you for it by telling you Tata Nexon compact SUV car’s exact dimension, features, tech specs, engine specs, pickup, top speed, average, variants, on road price, ex-showroom price, and many more you should know. Length, height, width, wheelbase, ground clearance (ride height), and turning radius of the car are very important things which modern car buyers give high priority like other car features and it is a good thing to be choosy for the car because it is not a vegetable that we purchase frequently.

Terms of dimensions are as per smart and concept design in new Tata Nexon mini SUV. It measures 4m in length, 1.6m in height, and 1.73m in width. Don’t think you are going to purchase an SUV car and it is hard to drive in traffic and tough to park in short space. Not all these things with new Tata Nexon. It is very easy in handling plus its city smart dimension will let you park it with easily with the help of clear rear parking cameras. It holds wheelbase of 2.54m and higher ground clearance to tackle Indian road conditions with great confidence.

Enjoy the new style outside and unmatched comfort inside. Don’t you trust, then just put your Tata Nexon cabin selfie on your Facebook or WhatsApp, you will get solid comments and compliments. Simply, India is going to get India making concept nextgen car in form of Nexon mini SUV which will give tough competition to current big players in the segment. Take a big move for your future happiness!

Tata Nexon Dashboard

Get Tata Nexon car dash detail and dashboard pictures to get an idea of how its control panel looks like. In the car cabin, dashboard plays a big role and Tata Motors doesn’t want to compromise from any angle in this Nexon concept compact sport utility vehicle. The Tata Nexon Dashboard is designed as per its awesome interior keeping smart functions and easy to access in mind. If we check Nexon dashboard images we can see a very simple dashboard concept but sounds sporty looking with great simplicity. Unlike other cars, no tall dashboard, just three segments in the row and full-width instrument panel display with distinct A/C vents. No cup holders and small storage compartment. The driver will get massive leg room, knee room and shoulder space to enjoy the driving.

Three spoke sporty steering wheel and small yet innovative sports type odometers where the driver can get essential car information easily. The gear knob is the other thing which gets the attention in the cabin and also the car holds impressive break and accelerator pedal. The dash layout is indeed inspiring and the youth of India will love it surely. What unique efforts are made in new Tata Nexon car are noteworthy and testing of the car remain successful on Indian tracks. In Feb Auto Expo we will see a production-ready version of the car and then the countdown of launching will begin.     

The Tata Nexon dashboard design will inspire other car makers. Corporate and high-profile and young generation potential buyers it will get in India and if the price tag of the Nexon stay little bit low than current big players, it will get new success edge with good units sales.

Tata Nexon Engine Specification

Customization ready all new Tata Nexon is also a good car in a matter of engine. Find Tata Nexon engine specifications and other important details such as fuel efficiency, highest speed, and tech specs. There is no wonder for the powerful engine because Tata Motors is going to present its unique concept car with next-generation features in India’s hot cum trendy cum competition packed segment where there is no space for mistakes and missing features. For some serious power and to give more importance to the petrol engine, Tata bringing advanced & powerful 1.2 L turbocharged petrol engine. Due to heavy pollution in India, at many places diesel engines are catching back, it is just for your kind information.

The brand new Tata Nexon 1.2 litre engine produces 110 PS (bhp) power with 170 Nm maximum torque power to give extra power to its all four wheels and you will enjoy the 4WD driving ease on city roads and for offroad where the car needs more traction. Engine displacement will be likely 1200 CC and it is really good engine capacity. Having such engine specs, the owner of this car will be worry-free as they are getting a long lasting engine which makes the car indeed value for the money car. Indian car buyers will also get Nexon variant in 2.2 litre or 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine for better mileage.    

Tata Motors give their best in Nexon to make it errorfree car and as per experts, it is! Let’s wait for its launch, don’t do hurry, check it out this car’s details thoroughly and take the future decision about your first or next car purchase. Schedule your drive test to realise Nexon concept car!

Tata Nexon Facelift

Tata Nexon Facelift is a future thing, come or not, let us enjoy the brand new model in India. For India, Tata Motors bringing all new Tata Nexon Concept compact SUV in with next-generation high-tech features which will leave a lasting impression. After India launch, Nexon may hit the global platform and if need, then facelift version may come in the market. Without market research and new model response, no car maker launches the facelift model. Wireless music, smart innovative ConnectNext technology, automatic transmission, top speed, great mileage and good petrol engine all these things are ready with luxury cabin, so very fewer chances seem for Tata Nexon facelift version launch.

Major carmakers have two options. They can give updates to their good running or dull model with missing or new small changes, or launch the brand new version rather than facelift one. For example, Maruti had launched the facelift version for its Ertiga, while Toyota has launched new Innova in Indonesia and going to launch in India too. Even Tata Motors also know this kind of strategy. In, India will get Tata Safari Storme Facelift version.

In a matter of features, upcoming Tata Nexon is futuristic, while its exterior is stunning for the front, rear and side profile, also the engine, ground clearance and dimensions sound perfect, so facelift chances are not for India, let India enjoy brand new concept car with the new stance of mini SUV. Stay tuned on this online car information cum car buying guide platform to know more about upcoming facelift car models in2017 in India. Good car at a good price is like an opportunity, Nexon is the same, be ready to grab and drive it home!    

Tata Nexon Ground Clearance

The new height of pride and new height of ride is ready with a new stance. With high 200 to 205 mm ground clearance, brand new Tata Nexon compact SUV is coming up in Indian car industry in to leave a new impression in well set trendy car segment where Tata Motors’ presence is necessary. Keeping current competition and youth choices in the centre, this Tata product is exclusively designed on Nexon concept with the X1 platform with higher ground clearance. If it will provide 200mm to 205mm ride height, it is sufficient to deal with Indian city roads and off-road as well.

Many racer and sporty cars come with low ground clearance, but their purpose and ways are very clear, so no issues, but when you are planning a family car, you must think about the GC (ground clearance distance between car’s lowest part and track). Before a few years ago, SUVs were considered only for more passenger purpose with boxy profile, average look and good ride height, but today the scenario has changed. In current, compact SUV trend, smart mini SUVs are avail with higher ground clearance, extra comfort, good interior and sporty kind exterior. New upcoming Tata Nexon is one of them with brand new concept design, extra mileage, noteworthy top speed & pickup.

There is no worry space for ground clearance in new Tata Nexon, so just be ready for the pure performance with its 4WD driving option, unlike interior, and sporty steering wheel with the automatic transmission system. Join the latest car trend with the trust of Tata and features of the next generation. Think smart, drive smart!

Tata Nexon  Highest / Top speed

Due to some interesting features upcoming Tata Nexon car has become the talk of the town before its launch, and top speed is one among those features. Top speed of the Nexon Tata mini SUV will be 180 kph, dedicated to next generation and youth of India who loves speedy cars. It is not just perfect for the highest speed; at top speed, you can enjoy the ease of handling and noticeable stability. Not over here. India Nexon Model sounds amazing in a matter of pickup. It will let you reach 0 to 100 kmph with just 9 seconds, isn’t it great! This pickup is indeed marvellous and will beat the other compact SUVs in comparison.    

Tata Motors is only for passenger purpose; now need to change this typical mentality with new Tata Nexon. Along with top speed and smart pickup, the new Nexon offers sporty exterior design for the new generation look which other plus point of this car which you can’t say no to. A speed test of Tata Nexon had done in several cities successfully and came positive reviews for it so be ready to enjoy Tata’s nextgen fantastic product which is smartly designed with innovative concept and platform to provide pure performance and unmatched driving ease in different conditions.

When a consumer buys a car above 5 lakh, he or she has some expectations from the car and at present, with lots of new car models, such expectations are increasing. To meet such rising and modern car needs, Tata Nexon is just perfect car with solid style, better comfort, top speed, good mileage and enhanced safety. Stay tuned for more Nexon details, bookings open, launch date, on road price, latest news updates and pictures.  

Tata Nexon Mileage/Average

Is Tata Nexon mileage is India-friendly? Let’s check out the average and other details of the upcoming Nexon concept car by Tata Motors. It is a very common thing, 90% people in India are capable enough to purchase a car in the range of maximum 10 lakh with the help of car loan EMI system, while 10% people are very wealthy and capable to buy above 10 lakh price luxury cars. This 10% folks do not care much about the mileage of the car and prefer petrol engine generally, but 90% folks do care for the car mileage and Tata Motors can understand this thing as an Indian car maker.

Tata Motors is all set with its future planning for the Indian car industry and its new way is for the next generation. In, Tata bringing new generation concept car, named Nexon in India and will launch it in other countries later on. India Tata Nexon model is mileage-friendly without missing the styling, stance, and the features what exactly youth of India looking for. This dimension perfect car is fuel efficient and its 1.2L petrol engine will provide you likely 18 kmpl mileage which is amazing in its type. From the Diesel engine, you can expect 22 kmpl average. It is the big reason to grab this car and also it offers nextgen key features to lead through all the way in India’s hot car segment.

On the whole, Tata Motors planning for the big moves in the upcoming days. To select Lionel Messi as a global Tata Brand Ambassador is one big move, ConnectNext technology is another one, Nexon concept is next one, just wait and watch. Don’t skip this car; book a driving test to decide.      

Tata Nexon Models

Get complete details about Tata Nexon variants and models with the essential information you and other car enthusiasts should know. To feel the gap of Tata Motors in the compact SUV segment, a brand new Nexon model is coming up in India with many first in segment features and innovative technologies to leave a lasting impression in the segment and on the mind of potential car buyers.  The all-new India Nexon model will come in both petrol and diesel variants with stunning power production capacity. Very rare mini SUVs in India offering 4WD drive option and new Nexon model is one of those rare.

Many people consider this upcoming Nexon model as a compact crossover, but we would like to call it pure compact SUV as it deserves it. India coming Nexon model will come with 17-inch alloy wheels, higher ground clearance, sufficient wheelbase, eye-catching floating console, mind-blowing front and rear, fully sporty looking steering wheel, sophisticated dashboard and many other special things that current compact crossovers and mini SUVs are missing. Major car experts say the Nexon concept model will run in India successfully because it meets stylish exterior, super top speed with great stability, mind-boggling pickup, and pocket-friendly fuel economy. All these things will come with a new stance, so there is no way to skip it.

India is going to get a very first model of Nexon by Tata Motors, stay tuned for more variants and models details, there are many chances to launch it in different countries after India and in future, it may pass through facelift model. Tata Motors’ new vision and the concept are almost productions ready and India will enjoy it in with new proud.  

Tata Nexon  Seating Capacity

With many new capacities, new Tata Nexon Car also cares for the seating capacity, which matters! New Nexon is a 5 seater compact SUV car and ready with a spacious interior to give extra comfortable seating capacity whether it is a short trip, routine trip or long trip. Five adults and one kid can easily enjoy the ride in roomy Nexon car by Tata Motors, a concept car which is admired worldwide. The rear door opening is distinct than many other cars, it will give you great entry ease. Also, the car holds the finest sporty looking front and rear seats with back friendly shape, isn’t it great!

When you pay your valuable money for the family car, the seating capacity and room you must check out, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable inside and regret comes out from the mind. Upcoming Tata Nexon is concept based car by Tata Motors and designed precisely keeping driver and passenger comfort in the mind because comfort comes first, then luxury matters. If you are uncomfortable how you can enjoy the car luxury?     

Driver and passenger seats are impressively adjustable. Furthermore, the car offers sufficient legroom, knee room, head room and shoulder room. Be worry free for your luggage storage as it provides sufficient boot space too where you can easily & safely store your family’s luggage. Auto climate control will adjust the inside temperature of the Nexon, just be relax and enjoy the journey with wireless music. Not only comfortable seating, but the car is also smart in a matter of safety with its standard no-compromise safety features.    

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