Tata Working on Plan B for Nano

Leading automobile manufacturer Tata Motors is now working on alternative plans for its small car Nano whose sales have fallen making its production not a viable proposition, an official of the company said. Asked about the future of Nano,

1 Lakh Rs Car Tata Nano’s production seems not a viable proposition as the sales have fallen. Leading Automaker of india, Tata is working on Alternative plans for Nano. The Statement came while asking about the future of Nano.

COO of Tata Motors Satish Borwankar said

“Going forward, alternative plans for Nano is being considered. Like the electric version of the small car, production of Nano is no longer a viable proposition”.

There are no plan to close down the production of Tata nano as there are some sentimental reasons attached and sharer of the company also wants production of Nano should continue. And for that, after Singur plant closed, Tata moved its production line to Sandan Plant in Gujarat.

Further revealing Sales figure, Official said, “Around 1000 Nano cars are being sold every month at the moment”. Also gives detail about Sandand plant producing PVĀ  like Nano, Tiago & Tigor. Where Production of Tiago and Tigor is more than Nano. Mr Borwankar also said they are working on the issue of the customer which detaching them with the brand and which is now being addressed. They have visited the dealership and now are able to understand customer issue and that is the reason the sales of June, July and August are bounced back.

Tata may start working on Tata Nano Electric for an alternate plan for Tata nano to increase the demand and sales.

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