Tesla Model 3 – Production will start in July 2017


Ar 1st april the Tesla founder Elon Musk Announced Model 3 Car and Said in Tweet that they will be adding more countries to sell tesla model 3. Below is Tweet

The Announcement was kind of April Fool Pranks but it was not and People have started booking the model 3 car with $1000 Booking Amount and so far 1,15,000 order has been generated within 24 Hours which are more then 3 time tesla production last year.

Tesla Model 3 in India

Tesla model 3 car in india

Tesla Model 3 Release / Launch Date in India

This has been confirmed by Tesla CEO , Elon Musk, the production version will appear after july 2017. so expected release date would be early or mid 2018.

Tesla Model 3 Car in India Specification

Engine 60kw hour lithium-ion battery pack
Range 300kms per charge
Acceleration (0-97kmph) 4 seconds
Drivetrain System RWD & AWD

Check out spy video of Tesla Model 3 Car

Tesla Model 3 Car Price in India

The base model price would be $35000 which will be 23,30,000 Lakh INR base on $ price on 1st April. The price is Half of the Model S and Model X Which have the price tag of $70000 (4644111.5 INR).  Its is Important to State here that recently government announced a policy for electronic car & according to policy you can buy electronic cars with 0 Down payment. Musk move to launch model 3 in India will certainly help the sells go on high and will have tough time for local car players in india. though Mahindra is launching is Electronic Cars soon in India

Expected Price  Rs 37 lakh (approx.)

When Will you get the Car After Booking?

Well You have to wait for while as the model is yet go on floor. They Said The Model will be in Market in next year.

Tesla Models 3 Mileage and Seating capacity

Model 3 Will run 215 Miles Approx 346 KM once Fully Charged. Also Seating capacity would be 5 people in it.

According to buzz going on, the car will be certainly made mark and it will be important to see how it will change the old age fuel oriented car market with clean energy.

Tesla Model 3 Wallpaper, Images and Pics



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