The Chevrolet Beat Hatchback 2017 India Testing is Going on

General Motors India is soon going to launch 2017 Chevrolet Beat. 2016 Delhi Auto Expo 2017 reflects the Chevrolet Beat was a while. Such testing is ongoing in India these days and past its many spy photos have also been raised. Recently seen during testing this car again.


 Active Chevrolet Beat 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show preview of the production model has been observed. However, this car in the US has launched Chevrolet Spark name. The US launched several cosmetic changes have been made in New Beat.

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Chevrolet Beat Hatchback 2017 Caught Testing In India

The car’s exterior styling is given as the crossover. Car interior is also designed a premium than the previous model. Kile’s car remote entry, cruise control, rearview camera and also have such features.


Chevrolet Beat in India to be launched will be prepared on the same platform and is believed to be several features that will be available in the US model will not be available in the model. However, the company has not announced any official in this regard, so the car’s too early to talk about features and design.

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