Tips to Drive Low Ground Clearance Cars

Having a Low Ground Clearance Car can help you in several ways and this is especially true for the cars that can reach high speeds. The ground clearance impacts the stability of the car to a great extent. If you live in India and if you have a car that has a low ground clearance then you must also be worried about scratching the bottom of the car every time you go over a speed breaker or an imperfection. These are the things that can cause the underbody to scrunch easily.

Even the potholes come with own set of challenges and if you have any pothole on the road then you again have a risk of scratching your car. The repairs can be really expensive and moreover, this may also risk the damage to an important part under the car.

A lot of people ask about the ways to increase the ground clearance and about the tips to drive the car with low ground clearance so we decided to research about this and come up with a solution for you. In this article, we are first going to talk about the tips to drive low ground clearance cars and then we are going to discuss some of the fixes to raise the ground clearance for you. Let us now have a look at all of these.

Tips to Drive Low Ground Clearance Car

Go Slow

The first key to saving your car from scratches is to go slow. As soon as you notice a bump or a pothole, go slow. This will not only prevent the underbody from touching the speed breaker but it would also ensure that if your car touches the speed breaker, the damages are not significant. It is always the key and even if you are going on a ramp or on a driveway, ensure that you take your car slow enough to prevent damage.

Use Angles

The second tip that we have for you is to take angles while you are going on an irregular service. This means that instead of driving straight on speed breaker, take a steep angle. This will ensure that you just have one tyre on the speed breaker at once and it will help you in saving yourself from any damage. This is the most popular way to drive on the speed breakers in India. Also, remember to go slow while you are taking angels and watch the traffic as well.

Skid Plate

This is another option that you have. You can get an aftermarket skid plate installed on your car. What this does is that it will act as a barrier between your car and the road. Even if the road touches the car, it will only scratch the skid plate. This skid plate can be installed as soon as you buy the car as it prevents you from potential damages that may occur.

Tips to Raise the Ground Clearance of the Car

We have talked about the tips to drive the car with lower ground clearance but again, some of you might want to raise the ground clearance of the car. In this section, we are going to talk about the ways to raise the ground clearance of your car.


Coil Spring Assister

One of the ways to increase the height by 10 mm to 15 mm is to install a coil spring assister to the suspension of all the sides. What this does is that the assister will reduce the travel of the coil spring and eventually raising the ground clearance of the car. This hack works on all the cars with the coil spring suspension and it would not work on the cars that have leaf spring. As per some of the sources, you will need to spend anywhere between Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for a set of 4 coil spring adjusters.  


Stiffer Suspension

You also have an option for choosing aftermarket suspension kits. They allow you to adjust the stiffness of the suspension and they are surely a great thing to have. You can raise the ground clearance of the car without having to worry about comfort. Now, this mod is also a little expensive and a decent suspension kit will cost you around Rs 50,000 or more.

Tyres with Large Diameter

Another option that you have is to change the Rims and the Tyres of your car. You can get the taller rims or you can simply change the tyres without changing the rims. Now, the choice is dependent on the change in ground clearance that you are looking at. While getting the new tyres, you also need to ensure that it is a proper fit and the tyres are not scrapping the locks or the car fenders. This option can be a little expensive and the price depends on your choice of rims and tyres.

These were some of the ways to prevent your car from skidding if it has a lower ground clearance. You might be surprised to know that the new generation cars are also coming with the adjustable suspension which can raise the height of the car with just a single touch of a button. This is surely one of the best use of technology and it eliminates the need for driving carefully on bumps or any aftermarket modification.

You can start by using the tips and if you think that the tips are not helping you much then you also have an option to opt for stiffer suspension, coil sprint assister or new tyres and rims. These tips will surely help you in resolving the issue completely.

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