Top 10 Best Sedan Cars in India Below / Under 10 Lakh Rupees

Car consumers in India are getting a lot of and a lot of liberal, as they provide priority to performance, safety, style, mileage and luxury for the cars they obtain than anything.

And to support that, the highest car makers are attempting arduous to bring a number of the most effective middle ranged cars ever within the Indian automobile market.

With here may be a list of ten best sedans in Indian automobile market that falls below Rs 10 lakh.

Best 10 Sedan Cars in India 2017 Below / Under 10 Lakh Rupees

#1 Hyundai Verna 2017 #6 Volkswagen Vento
#2 Honda City #7 Fiat Linea
#3 Skoda Rapid #8 Maruti Swift Dzire
#4 Ford Fiesta #9 Mahindra Verito
#5 Nissan Sunny #10 Tata Indigo Manza

#1 Hyundai Verna 2017

Korean automotive maker, Hyundai has been driving Indian car lovers crazy for years. It all started with Hyundai’s ever undefeated hatchback Santro and from that time forrader the numbers kept on growing and still is rising. Read full details here

Hyundai Verna Interiors:

The Verna is all about its interior. The interior really copes with its award-winning fluidic design and therefore the interior is especially accustomed with many gadgets to create the driving expertise lighter.

Hyundai Verna Mileage:

The ARAI numbers speak of 15.5 kmpl for petrol variant and 20.3 kmpl for the diesel variant. However, these numbers don’t stop Hyundai Verna in providing exceptional on-road expertise, because the petrol variant offers around 11-14 kmpl and therefore the diesel variant produces a mileage of around 15-19 kmpl.

Hyundai Verna Price in India:

Prices start at Rs 7, 11,000 for 1.4L petrol model and goes up to Rs 9, 10,000 for the top-end diesel version. The 1.6L petrol variant opens with a price tag of Rs 8, 48,000 and lands up with high-end diesel at Rs 10.54 lakh. The 1.6L petrol AT and diesel AT are priced Rs 9, 94,000and Rs 11.26 lakh respectively.

Pros: Out of the league appearance, partaking interiors, mileage, numerous selections.

Cons: Build quality, high-speed handling, ride quality, soft suspension.

#2 Honda City:

Next to feature during this list may be a true sedan with a real brand name- Honda city. With the third generation Honda city ruling Indian roads, the art movement styling at front and rear ends perpetually puts each alternative challenger out of the picture.

Honda City Interior:

This sedan holds an interior that is picture good. With wonderful provisions for leg and head space house, the Honda city is actually one in all the foremost popular sedans across the entire Indian automobile market.

Honda City Mileage:

Although the absence of a diesel engine has hit the Honda city sales, Honda hopes for a boost in sales with their recently launched CNG version. in keeping with the ARAI, the 1497cc, i- VTEC petrol engine variant provides a mileage of 16.8 kmpl, while the on-road mileage goes around 12-15 kmpl.

Honda City Price in India

The price starts at Rs 7,26,000 for the bottom variant and climbs up to Rs 9,78,000 for the sunroof model, whereas the AT version opens at Rs 9,15,000. The fresh changed V MT model, compliant for CNG kits, is priced at Rs 9, 03,000.

Pros: brand worth, safety features are standard across all variants, refined engine

Cons: limited options, no diesel alternative.

#3 Skoda Rapid

Skoda rapid may be a subcompact sedan engineered by Skoda india, completely for Indian roads. The Czech manufacturing business launched this beauty on Indian market in november 2011. The Skoda rapid is additionally the essential model from the Skoda Company.

Skoda Rapid Interior:

The interior of Skoda rapid shares a striking similitude with its relative Volkswagen Vento. rapid comes with luxurious interiors that comprises of dark and beige dashboards in conjunction with advanced utilities like instrument cluster, glove box, music system and air conditioning. Another notable feature is that Skoda Rapid’s center console is placed slightly aslope towards driver.

Skoda Rapid Mileage:

Skoda rapid comes in both petrol likewise as the diesel variants. The diesel Skoda rapid is powered with 1.6 litre of TDi with 1598 cc displacement unit that produces 105 ps of power in conjunction with 250 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the petrol variant of Skoda rapid comes with 1.6 litre-1598 cc of MPI unit. The petrol variant boasts of delivering 12-14 kmpl from the automatic version whereas the diesel version is claimed to provide mileage of around 13-16 kmpl.

Skoda Rapid Price in India

The Skoda rapid price at Rs 6.75 lakh for the bottom petrol model while the diesel variant starts at Rs 8.15 lakh.

Pros:  durable built, top class in-cabin material and exteriors, refined engines, availability of diesel version, competitive worth.

Cons: Extreme similarity to Volkswagen Vento, lack of innovation in design.

#4 Ford Fiesta:

Although the previous Ford fiesta continues to be doing pretty well in Indian automobile market, the new Ford fiesta is entirely built on a different platform. Targeting the young and enthusiastic audience, the new Ford party is Ford’s mid-sized sedan and was launched in 2011.

Ford Fiesta Interior:

The new Ford fiesta possesses it all to be ensuing huge issue within the Indian market. The sedan clearly may be a substitution for Ford’s motto ‘Feel the difference.’ The automobile comes with plush and rich interiors along with some exciting features to boost the driving experience. The car has also got a speech recognition system that can manage from the cruise power to the climate management.

Ford Fiesta Mileage:

According to ARAI the new Ford fiesta Diesel offers 17 kmpl mileage while the petrol variant offers mileage around 12.5 kmpl. ARAI also has recommended that the automatic version, out there solely on the petrol variant, offers mileage of about 16.97 kmpl.

Ford Fiesta Price in India

The base petrol variant falls around 7.43 lakh while the diesel variant starts around Rs 9 lakh. The automatic version, exclusive for the petrol model, costs around Rs 9.23 lakh.

Pros: first in class voice controlled AC, multimedia and phone access, cruise control, commonplace safety features in all models.

Cons: Expected to be priced less.

#5 Nissan Sunny:

At number five, its Nissan’s base valued sedan- Sunny. Certainly a ‘caaaarr’, the nissan Sunny possesses everything what an average desires for. Some of its features range from giant exterior dimensions to prime quality driving expertise.

Nissan Sunny Interior:

One of the notable features of this sedan is that the leg space and therefore the head space within the automobile. nissan also has incorporated the sedan with many convenient options like start-stop ignition and keyless entry, to higher the driving experience.

Nissan Sunny Mileage:

According to the ARAI, the fuel economy is 16.9 kmpl, while on-road, the petrol version offers mileage between 11-15 kmpl. The diesel variant offers 14 – 19 kmpl whereas the ARAI figure claims of about 21.6 kmpl.

Nissan Sunny Price in India

The petrol model starts at Rs 5, 93,000 and the entry-level diesel is tagged at Rs 8,11,000 and climbs up to Rs 8,93,000.

Pros:  Engine refinement, drivability, interior house, finish.

Cons: Service network, no AT on offer.

#6 Volkswagen Vento:

With Vento, German automobile maker Volkswagen has well-tried their sheer capabilities in Indian automobile market. The Vento offers its owners with sensible driving experience along with sensible mileage.

Volkswagen Vento Interior:

The interiors are simply gorgeous. With all the latest features incorporated, the Volkswagen Vento offers high comfort along with pure richness and elegancy.

Volkswagen Vento Mileage:

The new Vento comes in both petrol and diesel models. With a similar engine because the Volkswagen Polo, the petrol variant from Vento promise mileage around 11.2- 15.8 kmpl. On the other hand the diesel variant offers 15-20.5 kmpl of mileage.

Volkswagen Vento Price in India

Another exciting feature of the new Volkswagen Polo is its pricing. The petrol variant comes across Rs 7.18 lakh whereas the diesel variant is labeled atRs 8.43 lakh. On the other hand the automatic version, out there just for petrol variants, starts at a value of Rs 9.38 lakh.

Pros: Spacious, sporty and trendy look.

Cons: A few added features should be there to set it aside from others within the segment.

#7 Fiat Linea:

With mind-blowing appearance and a strong build up body, the fiat Linea is actually a car that every Indian should watch out for this Diwali. fiat also has balanced the performance dead among both the variants. The sedan comes up with each petrol and diesel variants, as well as a multi-jet diesel modification.

Fiat Linea Interior:

Fiat Linea certainly possesses some proud owners as the award winning sedan is famous for its interiors. Even the corporate boasts that the sedan has enough space for accommodating 5 individuals. it’s pleasant options as well as the BLUE&ME technology and the recently introduced ABSOLUTE edition possesses some mind-blowing additions without any additional value.

Fiat Linea Mileage:

The 1.4L petrol variant returns actual city-highway mileage of 11-13.5kmpl, whereas ARAI certified potency reads nearly 14.6kmpl. On the other hand, the 1.3L diesel version delivers overall fuel economy of 14.5-18.5kmpl, however, as per ARAI commonplace check it’s nearly 20.4kmpl.

Fiat Linea Price:

The petrol variant is priced at Rs 6, 96,000 and the diesel variant prices around Rs 7, 98,000.

Pros: Peppy however refined engine, drivability, apt pricing.

Cons: After sales service, lacks interior features.


#8 Maruti Swift Dzire:

India’s favorite manufacturing business, Maruti Swift Dzire is ready to bag Indian minds because the most most well-liked sedan of the season. The sedan has made mind-blowing sale numbers because the current waiting amount is of about 7 – 8 months.

Maruti Swift Dzire Interior:

When it involves interior, the Maruti Swift Dzire extremely stands out. With lots of head-room and leg-room compared to its previous version, the seats conjointly has undergone a significant makeover.

Maruti Swift Dzire Mileage:

The ARAI certified mileage is of 19.1 kmpl for petrol Dzire, whereas diesel variant gets a big 23.4 kmpl. however recent studies have bought up the overall mileage of sedan 14-18 kmpl and 17-21 kmpl for petrol and diesel versions severally, that still may be a respectable mileage.

Maruti Swift Dzire Price in India

The base petrol model costs around Rs 4, 91,000 while the top-end diesel variant prices around Rs 7,40,000. The automatic transmission petrol variant costs around Rs 669,000.

Pros: Well-designed interior, marvelous fuel economy, affordable ride and handling.

Cons: Small-sized impractical boot, rear seat space, and long waiting period.

#9 Mahindra Verito:

The next to come during this segment is that the latest avatar of Mahindra’s first sedan, Verito. Earlier known as logan, Verito is popular among Indians with its low maintenance and decent service availability across the nation. The new face lifted Verito is additionally being valued as an average Indian’s car.

Mahindra Verito Interior:

Mahindra Verito comes with boxy interiors and pretty tight interior that actually at present is gaining popularity among common Indians.

Mahindra Verito Mileage:

The ARAI certifies the petrol variant to deliver 15.7 kmpl and the diesel variant has the capability of providing 21.03 kmpl severally. However once it return to real-time mileage, 11.5 kmpl to 14 kmpl is that the expected numbers for petrol model and around 15-19 kmpl for diesel variant.

Mahindra Verito Price in India

One of the most highlight points of the most recent Mahindra Verito is its price tag, that is an inexpensive number for a mean Indian. Rs 5, 28,000 for the petrol-run version and Rs 6, 26,000 for the diesel variant is pretty catchy.

Pros: Solid built, full on space, fuel economy, and reasonable proper-size sedan.

Cons: Safety features, less interior features.

#10 Tata Indigo Manza:

The Tata Indigo Manza is Tata’s entry level sedan. Another interesting feature of the Manza is that it runs on fiat engine. Overall the Manza has been credited as a good car with good economic features along with an impressive driving experience.

Tata Indigo Manza Interior:

The Tata Manza may be a vehicle that’s extraordinarily spacious due to the large size of the vehicle. The interiors are extremely plush and well designed and it comes with a leather upholstery which any adds up to the premium appearance of the car.

Tata Indigo Manza Mileage:

The certified mileage of the Tata Manza petrol variant is 13.7 kmpl, whereas the diesel variant offers around 21.02 kmpl.

Tata Indigo Manza Price in India

The petrol variant of the sedan starts at Rs 5.7 lakh, whereas the diesel variant is tagged at Rs 6.93 lakh.

Pros: Engine, Power output, mileage, space.

Cons: Brand image.

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