Top 5 Latest Bikes in India 2019 – Upcoming Models in India

Another year has passed by and like any previous year, many kinds of stuff around us got updated to the latest variant – like the best bikes, best cars, best scooty; everything has a new improved version now. In terms of vehicles, the latest ones usually bring lower fuel consumption, better driving or riding properties and lesser maintenance involvement. The 2019 models of motorbikes in India has risen to a more mature state than it ever had been, thus these bikes also deserve to be in the top 5 list for latest bikes in India.

5. Honda CB Shine SP

In a world of motorcycles, Honda from Japan has set the footprints before many of the companies have even thought about producing motorcycles. This vintage company has introduced Honda CB Shine SP not so long ago, and it’s a commuter motorbike with greater mileage, lower riding and maintenance cost etc. There are five colours for this variant. The front brake is either drum or disk, and the rear brake is a drum.

Engine displacement: 124.73 ccs.

Maximum torque output: 10.57 bhp at 7,500 rpm.

Transmission: Manual, 5 gears.

Mileage: 65 kmpl.

Price: Rs. 63,713.   Also, Check Best Bikes Under 60000 in India

4. Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer, but they have set up a motorcycle manufacturing plant in India since a long time ago already, and the units this factory produce are just as good as the Japanese ones. YZF-R3 belongs to the sports bike category with faster engine pick up and a higher top speed, yet the mileage is satisfactory.

Engine displacement: 321 cc.  Also, Check Best 300cc Bikes in India

Maximum power and torque output: 41.40, 29.60 Nm.

Transmission: Manual, 6 gears.

Mileage: 22 Kmpl.

Price: Rs. 325,000.  Find more Bikes under 3 lakh in India

3. Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo is a sports bike, could even be used as a grand tourer – the way the user prefers it. Mojo is certainly one of the latest bikes with such engine potential, and striking design and outlooks. Seating arrangement for the pillion isn’t very comfortable, but Mojo isn’t supposed to carry one because it’s a sports bike in the first place.

Engine displacement: 295 cc.

Maximum power and torque output: 26.45 bhp, 30 Nm.

Transmission: Manual, 6 gears.

Mileage: Unrated.

Price: Rs. 165,500.

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2. Bajaj Avenger Street 150

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 will certainly confuse people a commuter bike with a grand tourer. Though Avenger isn’t a GT, yet the design strikes as if it is one. The seating arrangement is fantastic yet the engine capacity is moderate enough to keep a perfect balance between performance and cost.

Engine displacement: 150 cc.

Maximum power and torque output: 14.30 bhp, 12.50 Nm.

Transmission: Manual, 5 gears.

Mileage: 65 Kmpl.

Price: Rs. 72,901.

1. Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda CB Hornet 160R is a commuter motorcycle with sports bike like outlooks and engine performance. The chassis is diamond type and the color schemes for the Honda CB Hornet 160R are – pearl, white, sports red, nightstar black and pearl siren blue.

Engine displacement: 162.71 cc

Maximum power and torque output: 15.44 bhp, 14.76 Nm.

Transmission: Manual, 5 gears.

Mileage: Unrated.

Price: Rs. 84,469.


Among the whole segments of Indian motorbikes; these five was released in different periods of last year and this year and they offer an excellent spec sheet to be worthy of your hard earned money.

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