Year Ending Extendable Offers on Chevrolet Cars

Chevrolet India has extended its year ending offers on some of its models with the enormous response from the Indian market. These offers will now run until January 31, 2017, and the customers can purchase the cars at great prices. Most of the customers can enjoy the cash benefits or the lucky ones can also get the 100% cash back from the automobile giant.

Year Ending Extendable Offers on Chevrolet Cars

Moreover, customers can get the car finance option too. The company took this step as they have received a positive response from the customers across India. The VP Sales and Network of Chevrolet India, and the VP of marketing and customer experience announced the benefits and exciting offers.

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Offers On Selected Chevrolet Car Models

The automobile giant Chevrolet has provided the offer on the chosen models that are readily bought in India by the consumers. These models are in demand in hatchback and normal models of the Chevrolet cars that provide good mileage and are available in petrol and diesel variants. Here are some of the offers released on some of the models for the New Year for the January month:

  • The company has fixed the Chevrolet Beat model at a special price of INR 3.69 Lacs.
  • The best offer has been provided on Tavera with saving up to INR One Lac for the consumers.
  • Chevrolet Cruze LTZ that is a top variant manual edition has been priced at INR 13.95 Lacs.
  • The Trailblazer is provided at a special price of INR 23.95 Lacs for the adventure lovers.
  • Other Chevrolet models like Sail and Enjoy are also on the list that is also offered at great prices. The Sail model is offered at 4.99 lacs, and the company is dealing the Chevrolet Enjoy at 5.99 lacs.

Lastly, the company has kept the customers as the focal point of the business and is providing the above-mentioned models at exciting prices and giving great customer experience too.


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